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  1. Wow that's a steal of a deal my friend. I think this would make a perfect starter blade.
  2. Good call, alot people will have you take pictures send this send that. In the end they just wanted to tell you what to do, not really interested.
  3. Hello NMB members. Another rainy day here in New England, so stuck inside doing some Nihonto research. Not able to find to much info on the Horii school. Wondering if any members have any info on the matter. Picture just for pleasure 😜.
  4. For 699$ you made out really good.
  5. Very reasonable price for a nice Gendatio presentation. Edward
  6. I feel you'll have better luck selling it with some more pictures. Edward
  7. Just jealousy, simple as that. Edward
  8. @nickm I find it kinda of ironic. People would rather have currency that's loosing value as we speak, over items that don't really budge.
  9. The condition of @DickH's blade you can grind that one haha just joking. That blade is not even remotely repairable. I guess if you were gonna try some at home polishing have the blade confirmed to be dead by a trained eye. At that point it's gone anyways so do what you want with it. The damage that can be done to a ancient piece of art by a amateur polisher is very underrated.
  10. Thank you guys for answering my question, I always really appreciate it. @cju777 thank you for sharing that article that was perfect, just what I needed :).
  11. How does one determine if a blade is a Tachi or a Katana without a signature? Just by length and over all shape, sorry if this is a stupid question.
  12. The 16th photo looks like someone put a good amount of heat to it.
  13. I know I've been following his ebay page for along time now. From what I've seen, always has really nice Nihonto's with decent price tags.
  14. I recall seeing a member trying to sell a Shinto katana a few weeks ago. He bumped his one ad a few times, everyone was on him for that. Your ads have literally "filled" the forsale section for weeks now. Just found it funny that some can do whatever they want, and others are under strict rules. FYI I'm not saying any of this because your ads are bothering me at all. I'm bothered by the members who feel the need to basically bully new members for no reason at all @PNSSHOGUN.
  15. @Yama Arashi you should definitely try Facebook. I think you'll have alittle better luck on the Facebook Nihonto page.
  16. Definitely a older blade not WW2, may have been shortened at some point. Seems like a good quality set from what I can see in pictures. Suguha hamon is a very sought after hamon.
  17. @vajo I agree, I'm sure slight differences from stamp to stamp is excepted. I'm sure it's not a 100% perfect process every time. But... I'm also a child in this realm so haha.
  18. @Stephen what a shame right, really wanted to see the blade. Judging from the saya I bet it wasn't in all that bad of condition.
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