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  1. Thank you, Steve. I appreciate your help. It is very kind of you. —Matt
  2. Thank you, Steve. Right. The thread had gone stagnate for 24 hours. So this gave the topic new life. Your translation is very helpful, Steve. Thank you. Can I ask—do you fee as well, that the signature says that it was from an order of 5 guns? And second, do you know if this gun was in fact made by the son of the great Ikkan-sai Kunitomo smith? Looking forward to hearing your comments, Steve. Thank you. —Matt
  3. Hello. I would be very appreciative if someone could read the kanji written below the date on this signature. Thank you in advance! —Matt Brice
  4. 😁. Thank you for your help at this late hour. —Matt
  5. Thank you so much, Bugyotsuji. Can you tell what is meant by the 1 of 5 reference in the signature? I hesitate to guess—did the daimyo order 5 of these guns at the same time? —Matt
  6. The barrel measures 69.5 cm long. Here are a quick couple snapshots—the overview photo on my exercise room carpet rug photo doesn’t due it fair justice. The other two photos more fairly represent the gun.
  7. It’s inner muzzle diameter is 1.9 cm. Sure appreciate your help with this! —Matt
  8. Not the regular musket or carbine type. Double or triple the weight.
  9. Oh—well, are they referred to by some as ‘temple guns’? The large barrel tanegashima. Weighs about 15 lbs.
  10. The two photos of the signature loaded onto this thread in reverse order—so the third photo is the top part of the signature, and the second photo is the bottom part of the signature. —Matt
  11. Hello. I picked up a Kaei period wall gun. I could use help translating the signature. Hopefully someone here can assist. Thank you in advance! —Matt Brice
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