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  1. The saya has dents from time in combat. The tsuka/handle is perfect. The blade is in wartime polish with no nicks. There are very occasional light surface finish changes on the blade from just the very beginnings of past oxidation. The blade is perfectly straight. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. Was $6400--now $5760 through Sunday. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-yasukuni-shrine-sword-yasuyoshi-antique-ww2-samurai-wwii-army/ --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  2. That's $300 of THE General's tassel pictured in Jim Dawson's Military Swords book. $440 off the Masanaga gendai sword recently discussed in the 'Translation Help' section on the nmb. Masanaga was also a Minatogawa Shrine swordsmith. $22.50 off a Company Grade tassel. $5.90 off a sword care kit. And $640 off! a Yasukuni Shrine sword by Yasuyoshi. Come take a look and the new prices. Sale ends Sunday night. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/ --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  3. 14 New swords, tassels, etc. just listed. …plus, it’s another ‘Make An Offer Weekend’ on the site! Contact us to make an offer. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/ —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  4. Hi Thomas. All I had available to me as a non-Japanese language speaker was google translate. The translation I received there was: Nanao Sword Training Dojo. So reconciling with the Seven Lives Forge alternative explanation--the inscription either refers to Seven Lives Forge...or, to the Nanao Sword Training Dojo? If the inscription does refer to the sword dojo--was the sword likely made as a Special Order for the sword training dojo? --Matt
  5. If anyone would like to see the other pictures of this sword, here is the link: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/masanagajapanese-ww2-samurai-army-sword-1944-mounts-type-3-gendai-ties-to-m/ —Matt
  6. You have all been so helpful. Thank you! Ok, so to summarize, Tosho smiths who worked at the Minatogawa Shrine when making Naval swords worked at a nearby forge to fulfill special orders. This nearby forge was called 'Seven Lives' Forge? Or was the forge called 'Seven Lives Dedicated to Country' forge? I certainly may not have this correct--so seeking a clarification if you guys can weigh in. Thanks again gentlemen! --Matt
  7. Hi Bruce. Yes, it is dated. I have attached a photo. --Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  8. Hi Thomas. Thank you for the translation help! Using Google translate, it appears that 七生刀鍛錬道場 translates to Nanao Sword Training Dojo. Is that what you read, Thomas? As to your question, yes, I just looked at the mune. The arabic number '17' is stamped there. I have attached a photo. Thank you for your help, Thomas! --Matt Brice
  9. Hello. I could use some help with the extra kanji on this sword if someone has time to take a look. Thank you! --Matt
  10. Desirable Japanese WW2 Yasukuni Shrine sword by Yasuyoshi available. This Yasukunito would make an important acquisition for any collection. The blade measures 65 cm (25 5/8") from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. CONDITION: This sword is in wartime polish with not a single edge nick. Thw saya has dents from time in combat. The tsuka/handle is perfect. There are very occasional light surface finish changes on the blade from just the very beginnings of past oxidation. The blade is perfectly straight. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-yasukuni-shrine-sword-yasuyoshi-antique-ww2-samurai-wwii-army/ $6500 obo --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com (If paying via credit card or PayPal, 4% credit card fee/PayPal fee added to the purchase price). Overseas customers--contact me to get an accurate shipping quote for your address.
  11. SOLD! (That was quick). Thank you. —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  12. I have just listed a hard to find Late War Mounts Mantetsu. Here is the link: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/rarest-late-war-mounts-mantetsu-Japanese-army-officer-shin-gunto-sword-th/ $4500 (if paying via regular Paypal or credit card, add 4% PP/cc fee). Kind regards, --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  13. Hi Bruce. I have listed a rare Late War mounts Mantetsu. Posting the link here so you can use it for reference. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/rarest-late-war-mounts-mantetsu-Japanese-army-officer-shin-gunto-sword-th/ --Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  14. This sword is available again. The sword sold while I was on vacation for 2 weeks. The buyer knew I was gone for 2 weeks--no problem it seemed. My return flight was cancelled--I got home 24 hours later than planned. And as a result I was...dog tired. Short on sleep--so Wednesday I was beat, and wasn't able to get enough shipping done. 28 items sold while I was gone (28 items is 2 days of shipping anyway). I kept him informed of the delay in shipping along the way. The buyer of this sword was the only person with no patience among all the buyers, and with no understanding that we are all still human. He cancelled his purchase on me. Even after I tried to preserve the sale by offering him a free Company Grade tassel for the sword. And in case the 'buyer' is prowling this site, I made a mistake because I was gone on vacation--highly distracted of course with family time. I missed that he had actually paid the extra for FedEx shipping (I offer free USPS Priority shipping). Because I hadn't noticed he paid the FedEx shipping after all, that was the 'last straw' apparently for an impatient person. What a guy. And 'guy', no need to launch a slanderous attack at me here, I have not named you here so your reputation among others is untarnished. On the upside, and back to positive thoughts , this sword is available again. It's a beauty! Here is the listing...picture it in your mind with a high condition Company Grade Officer's tassel now, on me! https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-ww2-shin-gunto-army-sword-gendaito-rare-blade-shape-w-silvered-mou/ Kind regards, --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
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