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Found 210 results

  1. Just a quick notice about the update of the business inventory. Feel free to discuss politely and enjoy. https://www.raindragonfineartandantiques.com/so/89NhtimHv?languageTag=en
  2. I have some books I am looking to sell so I can fund another project. All Pages are in good condition, without issues. Pictures are available. All prices include UK Postage. Books available are; Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £45 (Dedication written on inside page) Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £140 Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 Cyclopedia Edition- Jim Dawson- £140 Japanese Sword Surrender Tags- R Fuller- £80 The Yasukuni Swords, Rare Weapons of Japan 1933-1945- Tom Kishida-£45 The Japanese Sword, A Comprehensive Guide- Kanzan Sato- £30 (Some fading to the spine) Modern Japanese Swords and Swordsmiths 1868 to Present- Leon & Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara- £30 (some fading to spine) Lethal Elegance, The art of Samurai Sword Fittings- Joe Earle £15 Facts and Fundamentals Of Japanese Swords, A Collectors Guide- Nobuo Nakahara- £30 The Craft Of The Japanese Sword- Leon & Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara- £25 The Connoisseurs Book Of Japanese Swords- Kokan Nagayama- £30 Samurai, A Military History and Samurai, The World of the Warrior- S.R Turnbull- £25 (Selling as a pair) Thank you.
  3. Just a topic about the super sale of a Boy's Sword in full late Edo Period mounts. The asking price is $1,000 USD. As this is a super sale item already discounted $600 USD there are no additional discounts, returns or exchanges and all sales are final. Feel free to discuss politely. Check out the website for additional photos, information, and to order: Boy's Sword in Late Edo Period Style Mounts | Rain Dragon Fine Art (raindragonfineartandantiques.com).
  4. Just wanted to create a topic covering this fine signed and dated katana by Hamabe Toshinori. This sword is made swordsmith (Jōsaku) Hamabe Toshinori who worked in Inaba Province.The temper pattern (hamon) shows a (gunome) reciprocal elements composed of whitish fine martensite crystals (nioi). The forging pattern (jihada) is a fine random pattern (ko-itame). Please refer to the fourth photograph for reference. The unaltered shape of this long sword has a ridgeline on both sides of the blade and a defined tip (shinogi-zukuri). The sword is also dated a day in the third month 1796 CE, the year of the Dragon. The asking price is $7,500 USD but I will be open to consider reasonable offers from NMB members. Feel free to discuss politely. More photos and information can be found my business website here: Long Sword (Katana) by Hamabe Toshinori (1796) + NBTHK | Rain Dragon Fine Art (raindragonfineartandantiques.com).
  5. Just a quick notice about the update of the inventory of Rain Dragon Fine Arts. Feel free to discuss politely and enjoy. https://www.raindragonfineartandantiques.com/so/bdNfXXBQV?languageTag=en
  6. I'd like to present this Type 98 Near Mint Gunto Koshirae for sale. I am asking 1800 CAD SHIPPED which is less than what I paid for it, however, I am flexible on price. All parts are matching #10, and it includes an imitation general tassel. This item is near mint with a few paint marks on the lower end of the Saya. The Saya length is about 74.5cm , and the Tsuka measures about 24.5cm, total length is 101.8cm. The silver Mon belongs to the Mori Family. All productive comments and offers are welcome.
  7. Dear NMB members: I am offering for sale three (3) very large Japanese arrowheads for sale. One is a much sought after "rope cutter" blade , and the other two have sukashi blades with cherry blossom and/or boars eye design. The tangs appear to be intact and original. The heart shaped arrowhead with the boar's eye appears that it may be signed. All three could use a finger stone polishing, and have been displayed in my office for years in an arrowhead rack (rack not included). I am down sizing my office, so here's your chance to add these to your collection. Time to let another collector enjoy them. Buyer pays all shipping and insurance (if any) costs. Payment by Paypal by "friends and family." Email me with any questions. PRICE: $785 for the group of three, or $300 each if purchased individually. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  8. An important and sought after WW2 smith ISHIDO TERUHIDE, is usually on the must have list of gendai-to collectors. The sword listed here ticks many boxes for collectors. There are no stamps, and no date, and is signed in the short mei, ISHIDO TERUHIDE SAKU, usually a sign of his better swords. The blade has no defects, and any spots you can see is surface staining. In fact this sword is in war time polish, evidenced by being "UBUBA". I am sure if the lucky owner decided on an inexpensive SHIAGE polish, a stunning sword would be revealed, as there is only very light stains and scuffs. These days many gendai-to are showing up in shirasaya only. Not this one! It is in WW2 koshirae, with premium, complete matching fittings, and the sword as a whole is in an as found condition, with the patina of war and age, not perfect, but shows the honesty age and use. Just a couple of things that make this sword so enjoyable, is the premium pierce tsuba and sarute, complete seppa set, undamaged ito, and the beautiful longer KISSAKI. At just AUD3000, delivered express with tracking, there is a lot to enjoy.
  9. Just wanted to create a topic covering this fine signed and dated wakizashi by Sukesada with NBTHK Hozon papers. I really love the style and shape of the hamon which is called "koshi-no-hiraita midare" in Japanese and is associated with the Bizen Tradition. I also like the tobiyaki near the kissaki on both side of the sword. Here is some photos and direct link the sword on my business website for more information and how to order. The asking price is $3,850.00 USD, but I am open to reasonable offers from NMB members. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to discuss politely. Antique Japanese Short Sword (Wakizashi) by Sukesada | Rain Dragon Fine Art (raindragonfineartandantiques.com)
  10. I'm joining the shingunto for sale bandwagon with the twist that it's holding a shinto period blade. I'm pretty sure this is a Kanbun era mumei with a 66.7cm nagasa, in old kesho polish. I would like to ask for 2600$ USD + shipping. 100$ will be donated to NMB out of that; this place has been a great help so might as well share anything sold here. I would like to use paypal for the transaction. And since I'm in a place full of expert collectors, I think it's better I post as many decent photos as I can and go light on descriptions apart from a full disclosure of flaws: it's got a field leather covered saya that's in good shape apart from some cracks in the mouth and the leather chords being tattered but the lock mechanism doesn't work and the knob on the ashi that would have suspended the sword is broken. Blade seems to be okay but there are some shallow scratches, mostly on the shinogi and more towards the monouchi, absolute ugliest scratch would be the one in the lone picture (located in monouchi): I checked with good lighting, nitrile gloves and a jewelry loop and made sure that it's an interrupted, shallow scratch, mostly on the shinogi that does not extend to the edge (nor is there any abnormality on the other side's edge) so I'm sure it's not hagiri but instead a scratch, probably an ugly scar from the war but a superficial scar nonetheless. Apart from that there are a couple of spots where the forging seems coarse in the shinogi of the tsubamoto. Also the gunto gilding/silvering seems to be nearly 100% intact, the company grade officer tassel looks good to me, and the gunto parts all have matching numbers and the Torokusho is in the attached image. I've uploaded a high resolution video of the nagasa part of the blade here: it'll need to be viewed under high quality since the default omits all the details.
  11. Here is a notice about the inventory update for Rain Dragon Fine Arts. I have attached a few photos of the new inventory highlights. Take a look and enjoy and feel free to discuss politely. https://www.raindragonfineartandantiques.com/so/cbNd7uw96?languageTag=en
  12. Dear NMB members: I am offering for sale a great looking "Nara Toshimitsu" kozuka done in various metals, shakudo and nanako. This has a custom fitted box with pillow. I purchased this in 2010 at my first Dai Token Ichi in Japan. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Payment by Paypal ("Friends and family"). Thanks for looking. PRICE: $1,000
  13. #1 good old authentic 16th 17th C HINENO-ZUNARI style kabuto. don't know a whole lot about it - bought at estate auction here in the Midwest back in the 80's. Silk thread has deteriorated so neckguards are loose but complete- heavy 8 lbs. this is a real samurai head gear - either died from the sword or bow/arrow or a broken neck ! According to booklet by Louis & Kei Chappelear " The Evolution of the Samurai Helmet" old Ieyasu Tokugawa in his youth wore this type kabuto BUT his was a brilliant golden color. asking 850$ #2 32 plate helmet believed to be early-mid Edo period. Again the neckguards are loose as the silk threads have deteriorated. This helmet is also fairly heavy just under 7 lbs. Has the mons on the fukigaeshi. Most all lacquer is gone and light overall oxidation but definitely can be restored or leave it as I have for over 30 yrs. This is what happens when a metal item sits in a Midwest barn with NO humidity control. asking $850 #3 or $1550 for both ! probably list them on ebay tom w
  14. I was happy to study this fine Japanese long sword (katana 刀) which is the oldest such sword I have been able examine in detail. Based upon an analysis of the workmanship details I think it dates from the late Kamakura Period circa the Showa Era (1312-1317 CE) and a product of the Ko-Mihara (古三原) School of Yamato Tradition (Yamato-den 大和伝). This does not preclude the possibility that the sword is an (utsushi 写し) made during the early Muromachi Period about 1336-1400 CE. Basically, a utsushi is a faithful copy made of an earlier style out of reverence for the original. This is a common thing when it comes to Japanese fine art and sometimes makes accurate dating difficult. This fine Japanese art sword with NBTHK appraisal is for sale check out the website link below for more information about how to purchase. The asking price is $4,000 USD, but I am open to reasonable offers from NMB members and feel to politely discuss. Upon sale I can provide an English translation of the NBTHK appraisal paper if required. Enjoy and thanks for reading my topic. Long Sword (Katana) Attributed to the Mihara School | Rain Dragon Fine Art (raindragonfineartandantiques.com) SOLD!
  15. I offer for sale, a Spring 1943 Koa Isshin WW2 officer sword. They are rarely found in the original leather combat covers these days, which I have left on to preserve its originality. I have slightly peeled back the leather, and looks like the painted metal saya is immaculate underneath. The blade is in as found condition, no rust no pits, no chips. The features of the blade are there for the eyes to appreciate. As expected there is very slight staining with age and combat use. I love the patina on these swords that show that they have been taken to war, and not left in an office or cupboard. The mei is well cut, and the nakago is in very nice condition. To further prove its originality, the MUNE stamps are evident, and not obscured by rust that so often happens. At AUD3150, I will express post with tracking and signature any where. These swords are now very collectable and sought after, not often does an original example that hasn't been monkeyed with come up.
  16. For sale a type 98 in very good condition. Signed and dated Masayuki (Miwa), Nov. 1943. Priced at 950$ shipped CONUS, for outside the U.S. I'll pay half depending on where it's going. A very nice example of a signed and dated type 98. Machine assisted blade, proper with only two small black marks which don't ruin the appearance of the blade. No nicks and no chips with a straight line hamon. I also included a picture of a small dent on the saya which does not impede the blade from being sheathed. Tsuka is in excellent condition with some nice larger nodules on the lower portion. Overall a very nice piece that has two seppas per side and a chuso, that all lock up very nice and tight with no play when moved. For additional info or additional photos please PM.
  17. Dear all I would like to part with parts of an old yoroi which came as a pair. Description: Suji-bachi kabuto with 52 plates with a matching five part shikoro imitating hon-kozane laced in murasaki and orange odoshi-ito. Both fukigaeshi are missing. It looks like someone has lacquered the bachi with a thick black color. The helmet comes together with a matching yokohagi okegawa-do made from iron. The helmet weighs roundabout 2.6 kilograms and is approximately 17 centimeters high with a diameter (including the shikoro) of about 28 centimeters. The do weighs about 4.2 kilograms and is about 40 centimeters high. Please take a close look at the pictures for the condition. It seems to me like this set is rather old (early Edo or maybe even Momoyama period). The stand is not included. Asking price: EUR 2,600.00 plus actual shipping costs (will be something between EUR 25 and EUR 120 depending on where you are located including an insurance up to an amount of EUR 2000 and tracking) Kind regards Chris
  18. This a long sword (katana) by the swordsmith Sukekuni who worked in both Kii and Settsu Provinces. The temper (hamon) consists of large undulating pattern of gentle waves (ō-notare). The base of temper is a fine martensite crystals (nioi) with larger visible martensite crystals (nie) mixed in. The forging pattern of the steel (jihada) has a fine random wood grain pattern (ko-itame). The overall shape of the sword has ridgeline with a defined tip (shinogi-zukuri). Sukekuni worked around the Kanbun Era from 1661-1673 CE. He has an excellent rating in Fujishiro Index as Jo-saku. In Japanese Swordsmiths Revised by HW Hawley, page 764 index number SUK709 this swordsmith is noted for producing sharp swords. The NTHK apprised this sword to be the work of (Hanafusa Sukekuni 花房祐國) and authenticated the signature. The cutting-edge length (nagasa) of this sword is 61.2 cm (24.5 inches). The overall condition of the sword is excellent in a good art polish. There is a small flaw (kizu) and few fine scratches that do not detract from the beauty of sword. The asking price is $2,500 USD, but will consider all fair offers from NMB members. For more photographs and additional information check out my website: Long Sword (Katana) by Sukekuni | Rain Dragon Fine Art (raindragonfineartandantiques.com). Feel free to ask questions and politely discuss. Thank you. SOLD!
  19. Here is a topic post about fine antique sunnobi-tantō (i.e. ko-wakizashi) by Kanefusa. This sword dates from the late Edo Period circa 1840 CE by Kanefusa of Mino Province. The blade shows a nice mixture of clove shaped reciprocal elements (gunome-chōji) temper pattern (hamon) done in a fine (nioi). The forging pattern (jihada) shows a fine random flow of the grain (ko-itame). The sword has an inscription on the scabbard by co-founder of the NBTHK Dr. Kanzan Sato attributing the sword to the 25th generation Kanefusa of Mino Province. The blade has been authenticated and deemed to be of good quality and worthy of historical preservation by the Japanese Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Art Sword (Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai). The dagger is signed Kanefusa (兼房) and authenticated by the NBTHK. The cutting-edge length of the blade (nagasa) measures 12.5 inches (31.8 cm) long. Overall, the condition of the blade is fine, the art polish has only a few very minor scratches. The asking price is $3,000 USD, but I am open to reasonable offers by NMB members. More information and photograms are available on my website here Large Antique Japanese Dagger (Sunnobi-Tantō) by Kanefusa | Rain Dragon Fine Art (raindragonfineartandantiques.com). Thank you and feel free to discuss politely.
  20. 1 antique Japanese WW2 Yasukuni Shrine sword by Yasushige available. This fine antique Japanese Yasukunito sword would make an important acquisition for any collection. The blade measures 66.8 cm (26 5/16") from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This sword is mounted in shirasaya. There are no longer any army mounts with this sword. This Yasukunito sword has NBTHK papers already—a nearly $1000 cost (when sent from the U.S. to Japan), and a many months-long process. Condition: This fine Yasukuni Shrine sword is in original, very fine WW2 polish. There are no nicks, and there is no pitting of any kind. In fact, the blade only has a very occasional micro finish scratch. The blade needs no polish, which is a significant savings in time and money as well. $6500 obo
  21. 1 antique Japanese WW2 Yasukuni Shrine sword by Yasushige available. This fine antique Japanese Yasukunito sword would make an important acquisition for any collection. The blade measures 66.8 cm (26 5/16") from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This sword is mounted in shirasaya. There are no longer any army mounts with this sword. This Yasukunito sword has NBTHK papers already—a nearly $1000 cost (when sent from the U.S. to Japan), and a many months-long process. Condition: This fine Yasukuni Shrine sword is in original, very fine WW2 polish. There are no nicks, and there is no pitting of any kind. In fact, the blade only has a very occasional micro finish scratch. The blade needs no polish, which is a significant savings in time and money as well. $6500 obo
  22. Dear Nihonto friends, to free up space for new additions to my collection, I would like to part with 4 very nice iron Tsuba. 2x Higo, 1x Myochin, 1x Chōshū Please find detailed information in the attached PDF below. Tsuba.pdf I will gladly consider reasonable offers. Don't hesitate to contact me. In case of a successful sale, I will donate some proceeds to the forum. Thank you for your interest!
  23. 1 antique 18th century Japanese wakizashi available. This fine antique Japanese sword would make an important acquisition for any collection. This sword was papered by the NBTHK, and has Toku kicho papers. The sword is signed Fujita Omi no Kami Tsuguhira. This sword is dated ‘Horeki 1754 in Spring at Toto’. The blade measures 54.5 cm from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This sword is mounted in new shirasaya, and has been polished. So, already polished--new Shirasaya made--already papered...money, and time saved. CONDITION: This sword is in new polish. $2625 shipped to anywhere in the world
  24. On sale a wakizashi Tsuba Signed Sadanaga with NTK certificate Dimension 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm Thickness 0,5 cm Price 350€ + Shipping Payment by Paypal (+4%) or Bank Transfer
  25. Very fine gold and shakudo Hosakawa motif tanto koshirae available. This koshirae has a elaborate matching Namban iron fuchi, kashira, and tsuba. The finely carved shakudo handle wrap is of the same matching design. The Hosakawa menuki are fine shakudo and gold. The fuchi, kashira, and tanto each have a dragon in their intricate carving. This koshirae holds a 9” to 12” tanto blade. CONDITION: This rare koshirae is in exceptional condition. $2400
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