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  1. Happy New Year from Rain Dragon Fine Arts! Please check out the inventory and sale update notice: https://www.raindragonfineartandantiques.com/so/01NuMM0IJ?languageTag=en. Enjoy and feel free to discuss politely.
  2. For Sale: $8750 (plus shipping and PayPal or credit card fee of 4.4%) 1 antique Japanese WW2 Yasukuni Shrine sword by Kagiyama Yasunori available. Yasunori was one of the founders of the Yasukuni Shrine Forge. This is a Special Order katana by Yasunori. This rare Special Order Yasukuni Shrine sword would make a fine acquisition for any collection. This sword is of special importance. The ura/inscription on the nakago reads ‘Commemorating the 2600th year of the founding of the Empire for the Aihara family and their succeeding generations’. This sword was made on a 'Lucky Day in January 1940'. This sword is of an unusual length for Yasukuni Shrine swords. This sword measures 27 9/16” from blade tip to the notch (mune) in the blade spine. A Yasukuni Shrine sword with these features is very rare among Yasukuni blades. The kabutogane has the mon of the Asano Samurai clan. The hamon is more complex than suguha—there are waved features within the hamon. The tsuba has the harp stamp associated with Yasukuni-to. The saya has been protected by the leather combat cover—the saya lacquer looks to be quite perfect under the cover. CONDITION: The blade is in original Japanese polish. There are no nicks. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. The scabbard lock functions perfectly, and the silk sarute is still intact. This is an exceptional and rare Yasukuni Shrine sword.
  3. Wakizashi – 45.8 cm NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho paper Era: Nanbokuchō to Muromachi period - 1350-1450 Style: Shinogi Tsukuri Nagamaki Condition: Very Fine Nakago: O-Suriage – Kiri Yasurmei Jitetsu: Itame hada - well grained with attached Ji-Nie. Bo-Utsuri appears. Hamon: Niedeki Gunome/midare with deep Nioi Guchi through to the Boshi Koshirae: All matching lobster style with silver and gold highlights. Signed Tsuba (Naoyuki 直随). Remarks: The sword is the work of the Bizen Yoshii School. This unusual blade is in the Nagamaki style with an oversized Kissaki. The jitetsu is in Itame hada - well grained with attached Ji-Nie, Bo-Utsuri appears. The hada is prominent. The hamon is Niedeki Gunome/midare with deep Nioi Guchi through to the Boshi as illustrated. The blade is in good polish and is very healthy with a NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho paper indicative of its quality. The matching original Koshirae in the lobster design really sets up this marvellous sword. The signed Bronze Tsuba by Naoyuki is engraved with a scene of an old Chinese story of a man playing with the wind blowing up a storm. The Kashira and Kurikata is a bronze engraving of the God Daruma Bodhidharima. It has touches of gold and silver. The menuki and Kogatana in a copper and bronze alloy has an engraved Lobster motif with touches of gold color. All together a stunning and unique work of art, Did the best I could with my first attempt at some macro-photography of the blade, hope the photos are OK. Asking $6500 CAD + shipping and insurance, or best reasonable offer.
  4. Relishing as I need to lighten my load considerably. So I am selling some Nihonto related books. Canadian funds would be best for me. I prefer EFT, but will accept PayPal + fee. Will ship world-wide. Thanks for looking! 1. The AFU QUARTERLY by Harry AFU Watson 1st Edition (1995), Summer (1996), and Fall (1997). Each magazine has informative articles about swords and tsuba. Very educational for new and old collectors of kodogu and tosogu. A must have for any library. 1st edition - 64 pages, Summer edition - 128 pages, Fall edition - 192 pages. Approx. size for each 8 1/4" x 11" inches. Fine Condition $100 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 2. The Samurai Sword: A Handbook by John M. Yumoto This complete handbook reveals the lore of the samurai sword, fascinating both for owners and for the intrigued. Detailing the origins and development of the samurai sword, its historical background, styles, famous schools, and differences in construction, outlining methods of identifying and researching the sword, as well as caring for it properly. Very Good Condition $15 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 3. The Art of the Japanese Sword: The Craft of Swordmaking and its Appreciation by Yoshindo Yoshihara, Leon Kapp, Hiroko Kapp In this book, master swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara offers a detailed look at the entire process of Japanese sword making, including the finishing and appreciation of Japanese blades. Brand new, still in shrink wrap $45 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 4. Gokaden: The Five Schools 155 pages, Plastic comb binding. Fine Condition $25 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 5. Facts and Fundamentals of Japanese Swords: A Collector’s Guide by Nobuo Nakahara a practical, comprehensive volume that offers information, along with 300 photos and illustrations, enabling collectors to evaluate the veracity and quality of swords that they are considering acquiring or already have in their collections. Very Fine Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket) $40 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 6. Nihonto kansho No Shiori from Sano Art Museum This small book introduces the Nihonto and koshirae in Sano Art Museum with the title of 'Appreciation Guide'. Sano Art museum, founded by Sano Takakazu after the Pacific War, has lots of valuable blades including Kokuho Nagamitsu's Naginata. This catalog contains about 50 blades with clear photos and explanations. Especially, this book shows the hada of blades very well. Book size is 15cm X 21cm, 64 pages. Japanese language with English Index of swords. Fine Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket) $50 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 7. Introduction To Japanese Swords by W.M. Hawley A basic guide for collectors. Clear, concise history of the Japanese blade; construction details; well-illustrated with drawings and photos. Also includes a short section on the Japanese matchlock. Fine Condition $10 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 8. Arms and Armour of Ancient Japan Book co-sponsored by the Municipal Art Patrons of Los Angeles and the Southern California To-Ken Kai for a showing of Japanese arms and armor at the Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park February 19-22, 1964. An excellent survey of Japanese swords and tsubas. Very Fine Condition $25 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 9. Token to Rekishi ("History and the Sword") The journal of the Nihon Token Hozon Kai (NTHK). 12 Issues: No. 685 to No. 697 (Nov. 2008 to Jan. 2011). All in Very Fine Condition, mostly unopened or read. $24 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 10. Art Of The Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156-1866 by Metropolitan Museum of Art Samurai arms and equipment are widely recognized as masterpieces in steel, silk, and lacquer. This extensively illustrated volume includes the Very Finest examples of swords, sword mountings and fittings, armor and helmets, saddles, banners, and paintings from Japanese collections. Dating from the fifth to the nineteenth century, these majestic objects offer a complete picture of samurai culture and its unique blend of the martial and the refined. Hardcover, Very Fine Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket) $130 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 11. Arms And Armor Of The Samurai: The History of Weapons in Ancient Japan by I. Bottomley & A. P. Hopson Illustrations and text trace the development of samurai arms from their earliest beginning to the ceremonial armor of the Tokugawa era. Hardcover, Very Good Condition (with Brodart Protective Clear Jacket) $15 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 12. Secrets of the Samurai: The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan by Oscar Ratti , Adele Westbrook This is the definitive study of the martial arts of feudal Japan, explaining in detail the weapons, techniques, strategies, and principles of combat that made the Japanese warrior a formidable foe. Hardcover, Very Good Condition $15 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 14. The Sword & The Mind translated by Hiroaki Sato this pivotal seventeenth-century how-to guide for the swordsman is also a penetrating philosophical and psychological treatise on strategy. Yagyu Munenori's step-by-step instructions for positioning, striking—with one and two swords—and defending oneself against an opponent can be applied with equal success to many types of conflict, from sword fight to political struggle to business competition. Hardcover, Very Good Condition $15 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 15. Samurai: The Weapons and Spirit of the Japanese Warrior by Clive Sinclaire A fascinating look at ancient Japanese weaponry, complete with 150 dazzling full-color photographs. Paperback, Good Condition $10 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 16. Canadian Journal of Japanese Swords by The Japanese Sword Society of Canada The quarterly journal published by the JSSC, filled with lots of info and tests on Japanese swords. 13 issues from Vol 3 No 2 to Vol 6 No 3 (Summer 2009 to Autumn 2012). Good Condition $20 CAD + Shipping. E-Transfer or Paypal + fee Accepted 17. JSSUS Newsletter by The Japanese Sword Society of the United States Newsletter published by the JSSUS. 13 issues – Vol 42 No 1 to Vol 43 No 6 (Mar. 2010 to Dec. 2011) Very Good condition. $25 CAD
  5. Forged in 2008. Beautifully forged, demonstrating the amount of skill and control required to create such a hamon on a small kogatana blade. Blade length: 5.25" (13.34. cm) Overall length: 8.06" (20.48 cm) Asking $1350 CAD or best reasonable offer. Prefer EFT, but will accept PayPal + fee. Free Shipping in Canada, all other countries please inquire.
  6. St. Croix Blades buys Japanese swords and militaria! In need of an appraisal, or want to sell or consign your sword or collection? Pricing out an estate collection? Contact Us!71 5 5571 688 $2200 (plus PayPal fee of 4.4%) 1 very rare General Grade Japanese WW2 era Police Superintendent sword available. This sword would make a rare addition to any collection. Note the custom fuchi and handle material. The backstrap is fully decorated. The scabbard lock release button is decorated with a cherry blossom. In Dawson’s book ‘Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 — Cyclopedia Edition’, it is noted that this is a Police Superintendent sword. This sword measures 34 1/4” long. The blade has an acid-etched yakiba/temper line. CONDITION: This sword is in exceptional condition. The handle wire is perfect. The scabbard lock functions perfectly. The blade has just a few areas of plating loss. The scabbard is excellent. —Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  7. A selection of Japanese Colonial/Territorial Swords to enjoy. —Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  8. Made by Masahiro. He was at the Takayama Naval Prison Forge. He used prison labor to do his polishing. He allowed the prisoners to sign the nakagos as well. LOTS of kanji on the nakago. Masahiro also had a few other trademark features on his swords—his early swords had a ‘pinched’ handle for a better grip. And he had an extra thick ‘snubnose’ kissaki/sword tip for durability. An additional RARE feature on this sword—note the corded then lacquered saya (or the corded look could even have been milled into the wood). Beautiful! With Naval tassel. Rare sword. $3750 Postage and PayPal fee in addition. —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  9. www.StCroixBlades.com has been updated with new listings. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/ —Matthew Brice
  10. Exceptional condition Army kyu-gunto sword with canvas combat cover. Combat covers are not often seen on kyu-gunto mounts swords. The combat cover is in EXCELLENT condition. The blade is an arsenal blade with bohi, and acid-etched yakiba. This is a combat sword. The backstrap has a 3-5-3 kiri mon. A fine piece, in exceptional condition. $1550 Plus postage and PayPal fee. —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  11. Signed Tenzoshan Naval Forge sword, dated January 1943. Sharkskin saya. EXCEPTIONAL condition. $3500 Postage & Paypal fee charged. Ship anywhere in the world. Thank you! —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  12. Hi I have created my second tsuba for sale catalogue with a price listing The link below will enable you to see all the available tsuba https://www.dropbox.com/s/fakjukzmer8vmla/NMB%20listing.pdf?dl=0 Would you please read the first page before you raise any queries Nothing in the PDF is copyrighted so I’m happy for anyone to keep a copy or ideally pass a copy to any other interested friends or clubs Those that remember my 1st sale will see some changes. There are some of the original tsuba available but the price may be slightly reduced and there are quite a few new tsuba When I asked about a Tanaka or Inaba tsuba I was shocked at the prices but this sale will enable me to buy some of these higher end tsuba to improve my collection As usual there will be a donation to the NMB Grev UK
  13. $4,500 OBO: 1 very rare South Manchuria Railroad Company Mantetsu World War II Japanese Samurai sword. This South Manchuria Railway Company katana would make an important addition to any collection. The nakago/tang is marked with a rare railroad rail symbol. The reverse side is dated. Here is an excerpt from an article, 'Some of the mantetsu blades made in the Dairen Railroad factory may bear the stamp of the Manchuria Railroad company. These were made in the late 1930's and are considered relatively rare.' This sword was made in 1944. It has the Dairen stamp--with the rare railroad rail stamp beneath it. This stamp is exceedingly rare. The blade measures 26 3/8" (67.0 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. Condition: This vintage World War II Japanese Mantetsu sword is in good condition. The boshi is visible on both sides of the kissaki (blade tip section). The blade edge is excellent with no mentionable nick. There are occasional tiny finish scratches, and some staining. There is some light pitting on the kissaki. This sword will polish beautifully. The blade is perfectly straight. The fittings are excellent. The habaki and the lock release button are gone. A replacement habaki can be made--let me if you want help arranging that.
  14. I'd like to present this Type 98 Near Mint Gunto Koshirae for sale. I am asking 1800 CAD SHIPPED which is less than what I paid for it, however, I am flexible on price. All parts are matching #10, and it includes an imitation general tassel. This item is near mint with a few paint marks on the lower end of the Saya. The Saya length is about 74.5cm , and the Tsuka measures about 24.5cm, total length is 101.8cm. The silver Mon belongs to the Mori Family. All productive comments and offers are welcome.
  15. I offer for sale a well made WW2 sword in '98 mounts, that would impress the most fastidious collector. A (Kojima) KANEMICHI sword in the very scarce Aluminium Saya, with large nodule ray-skin Same under an undamaged wrap. Fittings are all there, matching and nice condition. Being aluminium, the Saya has a few rub marks from war time use, but is above the usual condition found on these. KANEMICHI was a 2 Million Yen swordsmith, and an Army approved and registered RJT smith. Even his SHOWATO swords are of a high-grade standard! And as such, this blade doesn't have a boring plain Suguha Hamon, it displays care and detail in its making. The signature and date on the very nice Nakago, are nicely cut. The blade has no rust, no pits, no chips, no stains. It is from my collection, and is making way for another sword. I can't keep everything, no matter how nice! At only AUD 2700, (thats about USD 2000) express shipped included anywhere. PM me to discuss.
  16. I have some books I am looking to sell so I can fund another project. All Pages are in good condition, without issues. Pictures are available. All prices include UK Postage. Books available are; Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £45 (Dedication written on inside page) Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £140 Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 Cyclopedia Edition- Jim Dawson- £140 Japanese Sword Surrender Tags- R Fuller- £80 The Yasukuni Swords, Rare Weapons of Japan 1933-1945- Tom Kishida-£45 The Japanese Sword, A Comprehensive Guide- Kanzan Sato- £30 (Some fading to the spine) Modern Japanese Swords and Swordsmiths 1868 to Present- Leon & Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara- £30 (some fading to spine) Lethal Elegance, The art of Samurai Sword Fittings- Joe Earle £15 Facts and Fundamentals Of Japanese Swords, A Collectors Guide- Nobuo Nakahara- £30 The Craft Of The Japanese Sword- Leon & Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara- £25 The Connoisseurs Book Of Japanese Swords- Kokan Nagayama- £30 Samurai, A Military History and Samurai, The World of the Warrior- S.R Turnbull- £25 (Selling as a pair) Thank you.
  17. 1 traditionally-made Japanese WW2 gendai sword available. This fine antique Japanese sword would make an important acquisition for any collection. The blade measures 24 3/32” from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. The nakago is signed ‘Nagamitsu’. The hamon is complex. Condition: The blade has an occasional minor scratch. There are a couple of tiny nail-catcher type nicks in the edge—they are so small they are hard to see. The blade is in fair polish. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. —Matt
  18. Hello. I have just listed for sale 5 swords. Here are the links: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/special-order-Japanese-ww2-army-sword-wwii-samurai-ca.1890-blade-early/ https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/special-order-Japanese-ww2-army-sword-samurai-gendai-amahide-Tamahagane/ https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-ww2-army-sword-antique-old-wwii-samurai-gendai-Kunitoshi/ https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/Japanese-ww2-mantetsu-army-sword-antique-wwii-ww-ii-samurai-exceptional/ https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/ikkansai-kunimori-Japanese-ww2-army-sword-antiquewwii-samurai-yasuhiro/ Thank you! —Matt www.StCroixBlades.com
  19. In the Ohmura Study, he describes a "Late Stage Type"/late war Shin Gunto, with pressed metal fittings, and yellow handle wrap. In Fuller and Gregory, they explain how that late in the war, when the Japanese sword making factories were being bombed, sword makers used what ever fittings they could find to complete officer swords. This is one such example, with a 1944 (Onoki) NORINAGA signed and dated blade in good war time polish. The original fittings are mixed as described by F&G, and to add proof of its war time originality, the sword assembly numbers on the fittings match that on the blade. The tzuka re-wrapped in yellow ito tight and in original design. This sword feels really good in the hand, the locking mechanism works, and is an important piece of Japanese war time sword manufacture. It would make a great military sword study piece, and is also priced to suit the new sword collector. A signed, dated, complete sword doesn't come any cheaper. It could be am entry level sword to get your kid interested, with Hamon, boshi, mei, date.... a lot going for it! At only AUD900 (thats less than USD700!), posted.
  20. In my opinion, an EMURA sword is a must for any GENDAI collection. And I offer a nice early example of his work, with NO stamps and no date. It is nicely signed EMURA SAKU, and has black painted assembly numbers on the other. His file pattern is of course on the nakago. The early green saya and fittings are all there, all tight, and the spring clip works perfectly. Being early war, the outfit shows the patina of taken to war military use. This did not sit in some officers office, as evidenced by wear marks from his sword hanger. The great blade is the feature of this sword. Nicely signed, no rust, no pits, no chips and is in good original war time polish. The HAMON is not your run of the mill featureless straight temper line, but even through the war time polish shows a nice GUNOME hamon. This would be a candidate for a polish and paper. At AUD2900, (thats under EURO 2K, and around USD 2.2K) including EXPRESS shipping anywhere, is well priced for the seasoned collector, or a collector starting out that wants to skip the cheap rubbish, and start with a sword that is good quality by a well known sword smith. Offers by personal message please.
  21. Hello. I have an Iida Lock gunto for sale. This blade is an old Koto blade—by 10-pt smith Sadahiro. It is wakizashi length—23 3/16”. This sword was just purchased from the veteran’s family last week. The veteran’s Service papers come with the sword. While the blade could use a polish, in hand I can see the entire hamon. The spring is missing from the Iida saya cap so it doesn’t have that snap. While a bit disappointing, the right replacement spring would cost less than $1. This sword is available for $5900. —Matt Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  22. Dear NMB members: I am offering for sale three (3) very large Japanese arrowheads for sale. One is a much sought after "rope cutter" blade , and the other two have sukashi blades with cherry blossom and/or boars eye design. The tangs appear to be intact and original. The heart shaped arrowhead with the boar's eye appears that it may be signed. All three could use a finger stone polishing, and have been displayed in my office for years in an arrowhead rack (rack not included). I am down sizing my office, so here's your chance to add these to your collection. Time to let another collector enjoy them. Buyer pays all shipping and insurance (if any) costs. Payment by Paypal by "friends and family." Email me with any questions. PRICE: $785 for the group of three, or $300 each if purchased individually. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  23. An important and sought after WW2 smith ISHIDO TERUHIDE, is usually on the must have list of gendai-to collectors. The sword listed here ticks many boxes for collectors. There are no stamps, and no date, and is signed in the short mei, ISHIDO TERUHIDE SAKU, usually a sign of his better swords. The blade has no defects, and any spots you can see is surface staining. In fact this sword is in war time polish, evidenced by being "UBUBA". I am sure if the lucky owner decided on an inexpensive SHIAGE polish, a stunning sword would be revealed, as there is only very light stains and scuffs. These days many gendai-to are showing up in shirasaya only. Not this one! It is in WW2 koshirae, with premium, complete matching fittings, and the sword as a whole is in an as found condition, with the patina of war and age, not perfect, but shows the honesty age and use. Just a couple of things that make this sword so enjoyable, is the premium pierce tsuba and sarute, complete seppa set, undamaged ito, and the beautiful longer KISSAKI. At just AUD3000, delivered express with tracking, there is a lot to enjoy.
  24. I'm joining the shingunto for sale bandwagon with the twist that it's holding a shinto period blade. I'm pretty sure this is a Kanbun era mumei with a 66.7cm nagasa, in old kesho polish. I would like to ask for 2600$ USD + shipping. 100$ will be donated to NMB out of that; this place has been a great help so might as well share anything sold here. I would like to use paypal for the transaction. And since I'm in a place full of expert collectors, I think it's better I post as many decent photos as I can and go light on descriptions apart from a full disclosure of flaws: it's got a field leather covered saya that's in good shape apart from some cracks in the mouth and the leather chords being tattered but the lock mechanism doesn't work and the knob on the ashi that would have suspended the sword is broken. Blade seems to be okay but there are some shallow scratches, mostly on the shinogi and more towards the monouchi, absolute ugliest scratch would be the one in the lone picture (located in monouchi): I checked with good lighting, nitrile gloves and a jewelry loop and made sure that it's an interrupted, shallow scratch, mostly on the shinogi that does not extend to the edge (nor is there any abnormality on the other side's edge) so I'm sure it's not hagiri but instead a scratch, probably an ugly scar from the war but a superficial scar nonetheless. Apart from that there are a couple of spots where the forging seems coarse in the shinogi of the tsubamoto. Also the gunto gilding/silvering seems to be nearly 100% intact, the company grade officer tassel looks good to me, and the gunto parts all have matching numbers and the Torokusho is in the attached image. I've uploaded a high resolution video of the nagasa part of the blade here: it'll need to be viewed under high quality since the default omits all the details.
  25. Dear NMB members: I am offering for sale a great looking "Nara Toshimitsu" kozuka done in various metals, shakudo and nanako. This has a custom fitted box with pillow. I purchased this in 2010 at my first Dai Token Ichi in Japan. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Payment by Paypal ("Friends and family"). Thanks for looking. PRICE: $1,000
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