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  1. I want to buy a tanto kake. I would prefer offerings from Europe. Kindest regards
  2. price reduction 100,00 €, plus postage and PayPal fee Kindest regards
  3. price reduction 110,00 €, plus postage and PayPal fee
  4. For sale is the "Studiensammlung japanischer Schwertzierrat"from Robert E. Haynes in German language. It is in nearly new condition. Published by Nihon Art Publishers in 2010. It contained excellent photos of 179 objects. Tsubas, Fuchi Kashira, Kogai, Futatokoromono, Kozuka each with a detailed description. Hardcover. 1350 gr.. It is a very rare book. I find it nowhere in the net anymore. Price 125,00 €, plus postage and PayPal fee Kindest regards
  5. Great forum members! Thank you very much!!! Kindest regards
  6. I am looking for the small book " Die Schwertzieraten der Provinz Higo" 1905. 62 pages in German. This is the translation of the Japanese Book "Higo Kinroku" by Nagaya. Kindest regards
  7. Hi, I am looking for an example of the Higo Kino Taikan in Europe. Offers please by PN. Kindest regards Thomas
  8. ...came back today and saw the two photos of the koshirae - thanks a lot. How beautiful. Thanks
  9. What a beautiful Nashigaki Kanshiro tsuba with a wonderful patina. Absolutely stunning!
  10. What a beautiful Higo Koshirae. I would really like to see close up photos.
  11. Hi, I am looking for an antique Higo Koshirae. Offers please by PM. Kindest regards Thomas
  12. Hi Philip, what is the size of this vase. Kindest regards
  13. Ebony wood only needs cites when it comes from Madagaskar. You can buy it easily in Germany for knife handles.
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