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  1. I've spent the last year working on tsuka and saya making for katana, but I would like to learn more about naginata I've obtained a few naginata, one of which I'm looking to fit with koshirae, so I have a couple questions about how the pole is made: 1.) How were the fittings fixed to the pole 2.) What kind of seppa were used on a naginata 3.) Does anyone know any sources where I can purchase naginata parts (koshirae) I've found this is a somewhat obscure weapon, and instruction on how they are made/how the pole and saya are made are either non exist, or at least vastly more rare than any information on katana. Thank you.
  2. He had forgot to add it, and decided it was easier to restart the entire sword
  3. Update, he's completely remaking it
  4. I did, haven't gotten the sword yet
  5. I commissioned an Odachi from Huawei swords, and I asked for a double bohi, but he forgot to add them do you guys know where I can take this to have them added?
  6. Rye

    Naginata Koshirae

    I have recently purchased an antique Naginata Naoshi, though the shirasaya it came in is quite loose. I've studied saya making for about a year now. I've made tsuka and saya for plenty of tanto, and a couple full length Katana, but I've never worked with a Naginata before, though it's my favorite weapon. I'm looking to make a shorter shaft for the Naginata, as well as replace the habaki (it has a nasty crack on the back) and fit it with new koshirae. I'm not sure what the name for Naginata fittings are, and I've had no luck finding them for sale anywhere. The tang is about 10 inches long with a 14 inch long blade, and I'm unsure of how long to make the handle, as I don't want to damage the blade. And I'm wondering if anyone has any recourses about making Naginata saya. I also plan on making a shirasaya for it.
  7. I'm looking to get a sword which can be used for tournaments (kata, tameshigiri, etc) and I'm unsure of which sources to go with. I've been considering getting an antique sword and having it fit with koshirae. Though I'm unsure. I'm curious if anyone knows any sword makers that make tournament quality swords. I've talked to makers from Japan, but their prices to commission a sword are far beyond what I can pay.
  8. I’ve found that I’m very fond of the Naginata, it’s easily my favorite weapon. And Osafune Norimitsu is my favorite smith, does anyone have any examples of him making a Naginata?
  9. I bought this from basara_japan on EBay. I've spoken to a handful of other collectors, and I haven't received a definitive answer, but I've heard a handful of theories. Leading theories being it's an European inspired "stiletto sword", and that it's a pillow yari. It's approximately 18 inches long, has no edge, only a tip, no mekugi, and a black lacquered tsuka and saya. I don't know what the kanji translates too either. I've got nothing on this, please let me know if you know anything.
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