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Found 14 results

  1. I've spent the last year working on tsuka and saya making for katana, but I would like to learn more about naginata I've obtained a few naginata, one of which I'm looking to fit with koshirae, so I have a couple questions about how the pole is made: 1.) How were the fittings fixed to the pole 2.) What kind of seppa were used on a naginata 3.) Does anyone know any sources where I can purchase naginata parts (koshirae) I've found this is a somewhat obscure weapon, and instruction on how they are made/how the pole and saya are made are either non exist, or at least vastly more rare than any information on katana. Thank you.
  2. Sadly i have to sell this Yari because im in a tight financial situation. It has nice koshirae (although a bit short), a shirasaya and a Hozon origami. Asking pirce is 1280€ for shipping in EU, shipping outside EU will be more expensive. Blade length 13.6cm nakago length 24.8cm signed 24.8cm
  3. Hi everyone, recently i bought my first yari from e sword and it arrived yesterday. its attributed to kawachi no kami nonju kanesada its related to the yamato tegai kanenaga den and that was the main reason i got it since i really like that style. Its a small yari head which is only barely longer than 12 cm. What are your opinions on it? was it worth the price of 200K yen? i basically have no expirience with yari (sorry for the bad pics, i currently dont have my DSLR) Regards, Simon
  4. Greetings , I just registered and its my first post on the forum, I apologize if I commit any mistake. I am quite interested in acquiring Dotanuki school blades, if anyone is willing to part with one please do tell me. Thank you for your time Kevin
  5. Hello, this is my first post on this forum and i hope i chose a good category for this post. I have a few photos of Yari spear and i was wondering if anyone here could help me with identification. There is signature on it and i wonder what it could say. Sorry for quality of pictures but these are all i have for this moment.
  6. Dear all, I am looking for a nice shin-shinto fukuro yari (an older one will also be OK with me). It must be at least signed but dated examples are also very welcome. I am not especially looking for a complete one with its pole and its original sheath. A fukuro yari by itself or in shira saya will fine with me. Full polish is prefered but decent condition will also be fine but I need to avoid major kizu. Please PM me if you have this scarce gem for sale. Thank you for looking.
  7. Hi Everyone, I recently got an interesting yari off ebay but it is mounted in a tanto koshirae. It has very impressive lacquer work but the lacquer is cracking, has flaked off in places and it looks like at one point someone used a sharpie to blacken some missing spots that have now grown. I would love to get the yari out and see if it's signed but I am not sure that will ever happen since there does not seem to be a mekugi, it could be glued in, I am not sure. It is so delicate in places I am scared every time I handle it, is there anyone who could correctly get this restored or just stabilized that forum members know of? Maybe this is not the kind of thing that should be messed with at all and just preserved as best it can be as is. On a more general topic, has anyone seen yari mounted like this before? I remember reading somewhere that it was popular in the 1800's to repurpose mounts/mediocre blades to export. I would love opinions as to if this could this weird mounting style be a result of that or could it be a genuine mounting of something earlier? Thanks for your time and ideas. -J.G.
  8. Here is for sale a very nice ubu yari signed Ishido Suketoshi from the shinto era, mounted in good quality shirasaya with a nice sayagaki (that I can't read). This sankaku yari is in good polish, the nagasa is 14 cm long and the length of the nakago is 24 cm. I bought it years ago in AOI ART has you can see with the picture provided. 700 USD or 620 Euros (plus shipping, plus Paypal fees). Any questions, any pictures, please contact me by PM. Thank you for looking.
  9. Hi gays. Can you help me with this yari? I found this on one of online auctions(sorry for bad photos). Seller says that this is "19th century samurai police seisankaku yari". Is this real antiques or not? 55 cm long, blade is 9 cm. Thanks for your help!
  10. Purchased this yari, the seller though it was philippine, as it was brought back by a Spanish officer with 2 other actual philippine spears from philippines in the early 20th (sakoku end?). I'm having troubles translating as there are some rust damage on the tang. Signature is composed by 7 kanji, 2 of them illegible to my eyes , specially the part where the name goes, Any help is appreciated, many thanks,
  11. Yves55


    I have a 'little' yari, signed (as far as I can read): "Hoki Ju Shinzaburo Saku" (Right?) Any information is welcome! 132 cm - tang: 71,8 cm - blade: 60,2 cm / 2,8-3,0 / 1,3 cm
  12. I acquired this Japanese item and im wandering exactly what kind of yari it is? Possible timeline of when it was made? And its value. I am open to offers as well. The only identifying marks are 5 notches in its tang.
  13. Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu (Happy New Year!) Well, it has been quite a while since I last checked in, but I’ve made some inroads in the blade markets here in Japan recently. How would you like to have your own personal buyer in Japan ? I am an antique dealer selling on eBay as araki0726 (check my excellent feedback!) as well as to an ever growing list of direct mail clients all over the world (many of them Nihonto Message Board members). You can also find me on Facebook: Japanese Antique Auctions: https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions. I am not an authority on blades, but I do specialize in Samurai armor, and I can help you find what you need. Much better selection and less competition! I send out offers twice a week. I’m afraid I do not check in here often, so by all means mail me at schmidt_araki@ybb.ne.jp or through my ebay or Facebook pages. Yoroshiku. Kelly Schmidt
  14. Hey all, this is my first post here on NMB. I bought this yari (blade length is approximately 6" and from what I understand, it is a ryo-shinogi yari) recently at a flea market. I am an amateur when it comes to collecting, and was hoping that the forum could offer some insight into what exactly I have got here. The dealer was not completely certain about the piece's origin, just that it is likely Edo period. More informed speculation is much appreciated, anything that may offer some insight into the yari. I have attached some pictures, hopefully they help. Thanks for all input! R.B.
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