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  1. Hi all, I have been keeping my eyes open for an affordable tanto to start myself into collecting. This seems like a good offer, however I can't help noticing how severe the rust damage appears on the hamon. It looks as if corrosion has taken place. I was wondering if this sort of damage is like hagire, and most will find it unforgivable, or if this is still worth trying to buy.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the advice. I figured it looked a little off, particularly the mei.
  3. I noticed this hikone-bori tsuba on ebay, and it looks to be a nice piece. I am new to collecting, and have heard that many imitations of this style were produced during the late Edo period. I was hoping to learn whether this article and its mei look to be genuine to more experienced eyes than mine.
  4. This omi-yari has popped up for sale on ebay, and it has grabbed my attention. It does not look to be signed and is rather rusted, but is advertised as Muromachi. I am not sure whether the current price listing is a good deal for this piece. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. It isn't signed, but it interesting that you think that the nakago may have been cut down. I was thinking the same thing since there are two mekugi-ana, and they are placed rather low relative to what I have seen on other yari. I have heard that the edo period saw many yari cut down and used for home-defense purposes. Also I have seen kago yari used on palanquins during this time, and from what I understand, they had extraordinarily long nakago, but are very rare. So I figured it is likely one of these two kinds of yari, but more likely the former.
  6. Hey all, this is my first post here on NMB. I bought this yari (blade length is approximately 6" and from what I understand, it is a ryo-shinogi yari) recently at a flea market. I am an amateur when it comes to collecting, and was hoping that the forum could offer some insight into what exactly I have got here. The dealer was not completely certain about the piece's origin, just that it is likely Edo period. More informed speculation is much appreciated, anything that may offer some insight into the yari. I have attached some pictures, hopefully they help. Thanks for all input! R.B.
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