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  1. And YES! I found another "Efu ju Masayoshi" on the internet (see picture) with the same measures as mine: H: 7,65 cm - L: 7,23 cm (coincidence?). So, it can be the maker of my tsuba... ... until somebody else comes with another idea Thanks to all
  2. Thank you Michael. I thought my search was over for this tsuba. Looking up Masayoshi now.
  3. Thank you John. The '...yuki' on my tsuba is not very readable. But with your information I can almost be sure of it. It seems that the mei-writers on tsuba are not always the same... Yours sincerely, Yves.
  4. Possibly another tsuba by Masa...yuki (?) Very fluent shallow 'writing' on this one.
  5. Yves55

    Just Acquired

    Cher Patrice, I wouldn't know, I bought them at an auction like this. But the marks on the most of them let me think your way.
  6. Yves55

    Just Acquired

    The answer about the 'mei' is here: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/29155-kozuka-mei-mitsu/?do=findComment&comment=295734 And now... some more information on the artist?
  7. Waw... Kojo has a "doctor's handwriting" as they call it in Belgium Morita-sensei.
  8. Some members were already very helpful in the topic http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/22511-just-acquired/?do=findComment&comment=295722 Any other suggestions for this mei? Thanks!
  9. Yves55

    Just Acquired

    Patrice, On your request, the back sides (in same order as the first picture above). The signed one is the second from the left.
  10. Yves55

    Just Acquired

    Jean, I just looked into 'Le petit Hara' (Robert Harawoy). There are more than 100 Mitsu... And no second kanji like the one on the kozuka
  11. Yves55

    Just Acquired

    Jean, I read the first kanji as KŌ - or hika(ru) - as in nikkō , gekkō , ... (Kanji 1358 in the Nelson dictionary). I did't find the second one for the moment. Thanks for your reply!
  12. Yves55

    Just Acquired

    Put my new glasses on, and... Found a signature on the side of the kozuka with the fan-mask-box! Strange place to put a mei.
  13. Yves55

    Tea Ceremony

    Hello Stephane, C'est noté. But the first tsuba I sell is still to come Best regards, Yves.
  14. Yves55

    Tea Ceremony

    Hello Stephane, I'm only a little collector. I'm not selling any of my Japanese things. But I'm happy with your demand. It means that it's a good tsuba. Kind regards, Yves.
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