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  1. Hi guys, I am looking for an original WW2-era Japanese leather Shin-Gunto 'combat' sword scabbard covering. The wooden saya it will go onto is 26" long, (66cm). The attachment ring is 3" down from the scabbard throat (7.62cm). So the cover would need to be slightly longer than this to fit properly. The cover doesn't need to be in perfect condition. Just looking for one that will display well. Also would like it to still have all or most of it's stitching intact. The tusba is an old Edo period solid iron piece, and is not cut out for a retaining strap. So no need for the cover to have the little brass snaps on it. Pics are from the auction. Just PM me here if you have one to sell or trade, or know someone who might. Thanks!
  2. I have developed a liking for mekugi nuki and I've started to collect them as a side-collection. Thus, I am looking for different types of mekugi nuki, the older the better. I already have the common ones that can be found on the internet. Feel free to PM me if you have one for sale.
  3. I am looking to buy a Type 98 Officer's sword. Willing to consider arsenal made or traditionally made. Prices are flexible considering the wide range of the ask. Max price preferably under 2000 USD. Also any suggestions for offers on other sites would be much appreciated!
  4. Dear all, I am looking for a nice JITTE but I need a genuine one of very good quality from EDO period, one which could have been carried by a high-ranking samurai police official (yoriki) or one made, signed and/or dated from the bakumatsu era. To summarize, I need one very good example which will be the only one in my collection. I am aware that it will be difficult to find such a gem but I need to avoid all the less than average ones (which are not so old) usually put for sale on Ebay or Yahoo Japan. If you happen to have a nice one for sale feel free to PM me. Thank you for your attention.
  5. Hi 👋. I’m looking for an Hayashi or Kamiyoshi work with the design of „Dead Trees“ in gold zogan. To team up with a kojiri in my collection. Here a nice example: Sword Guard with design of Dead Trees Kamiyoshi Rakujyu the 3rd the late Edo period (the19th century) Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art (The Ideta collection)
  6. Hi everyone, Hope you're all keeping well. UK based occasional browser, first time poster. Typically a Chinese sword collector, I'm looking to purchase my first piece of Nihonto and expand my collection. I have no real preference regarding what I'm looking for (so feel free to send anything and everything), however I would like something with some age and preferably fittings too. That said, I'm also being sensible, keeping the budget very modest and treating this as a learning exercise from start to finish. My budget is up to £750.00 GBP. Whilst I am very realistic that in Nihonto terms this is very little money and don't expect to be offered anything extraordinary, something nice from someone who perhaps wants to move a part of their collection on, or a piece in 'as found' condition would be great. Unusual or undesirable also fine. Happy to discuss and if anyone has anything that may be of interest, please comment or send me a PM. Many thanks, Alex
  7. Looking for some scraps 2 pieces about 6 inches long, and about an inch wide. Thanks.
  8. Hello all, looking for Generals Grade shin gunto, ideally with Tassel. Background and provenance even better. Best regards John
  9. I'm researching the blacksmith of Inuyama , a parent and child named Michiaki 道暁 and Michiyuki 道幸 , but I also want to know about Kanetake 兼武 (It is often referred to as Kaneuji兼氏 because the take武 character looks like uji氏), so if you see a work in your country, please let me know. Kanetake was around 1600, and Michiaki and Michiyuki were from 1830 to 1870. Kanetake did not sign by himself, but he had asked a person to sign it, so there are many handwritings of his signature. Since I am using a translation app, I may not be able to communicate well. please forgive me.
  10. Dear all, I am looking for an original and nice pair of abumi. Condition must be very good to excellent. I prefer to avoid a laquered pair. An iron pair would be perfect. I will be very interested in an inlay ornementation (ginzogan) in very good condition with a minimum of loss. A signed example is very welcome. Please PM me if you have such a pair for sale.
  11. Hi there, I'm quite new to all this and am looking for a decent Katana or Wakizashi to start off my collection, something that will hopefully go up in value over time and I can display proudly. Unfortunately my budget is only around $1300 USD so I'm happy to get something unsigned without papers with some wear, as long as it's still presentable and doesn't have any fatal flaws. Obviously a blade with fittings and in good nic with a nice or at least noticeable Hamon would be preferable, but I realise that might be asking a bit much for the price. If you've got an old sword you want to go to a good home, Id appreciate any offers. Saves me from getting screwed on eBay. Thanks p.s I'm from Australia, but happy to pay shipping from anywhere
  12. Hi, Im new here and am looking to get into collecting. Unfortunately i have limited funds at the moment so will have to start with a Wakizashi, or a damaged blade. Theres a Katana for sale on ebay from what seems like a respectable seller that im interested in. Heres the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Japanese-Samurai-Katana-Sword-SENGOKU-Nihonto-81-8-cm-Long/264994706019 but it has some rust spots, i was wondering what your opinions on the damage is? Whether it is fatal or not and maybe your overall thoughts on the sword. Thanks
  13. Looking to restart my studies and acquire a few books that I previously let go. Looking for the following books. 1. Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks by Richard Fuller & Ron Gregory 2. Swords of Imperial Japan 1868 – 1945 Cyclopedia Edition by Jim Dawson 3. Japanese Sword Surrender Tags by Richard Fuller 4. Military swords of Japan 1868-1945 by Richard Fuller & Ron Gregory If anyone has a spare let me know. I am based in the UK. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I am looking for an English Index or Translation for the Book - Shōwa tōken meibutsu chō 昭和刀剣名物帳 Many thanks Klaus edit: typo
  15. Hi everyone, I am looking for a koshirae. I am not looking for a specific type, and my budget depends on the offers. I am located in Europe. Thanks, M. Lesueur
  16. Dear all, I am looking for a nice shin-shinto fukuro yari (an older one will also be OK with me). It must be at least signed but dated examples are also very welcome. I am not especially looking for a complete one with its pole and its original sheath. A fukuro yari by itself or in shira saya will fine with me. Full polish is prefered but decent condition will also be fine but I need to avoid major kizu. Please PM me if you have this scarce gem for sale. Thank you for looking.
  17. The following details might be insufficient to draw a response but are the best I can offer; Posted on the NMB on March 28, 2014 by Grey Doffin was a tsuba with coplicated brass wire inlay design, all in good order. Grey stated it to be an Onin (or Heianjo - zogan) tsuba. Another with similar inlay appears in Gary Murtha's book on Onin-Heianjo-Yoshiro book on page 85. I just don't know how to get those depictions onto this post so if not good enough we can forget the matter, but if anyone can deal with this as presented I would be interested in purchasing an example of this type of work. Thank you, Roger Dundas
  18. Dear all, In order to fit a tsuba of my liking on one of my sword (and to replace the one on the picture), I am looking for a tsuba with the following features. I need an iron tsuba, tosho, ko-tosho, katchushi, ko-katchushi in good condition. The appearance needed must be austere. The shape needed is not an issue, rounded, squared..... The hitsu ana must be plugged or non existent. Please see the measurements needed below and on the picture joined. Thickness : 3.5mm, Weight : 165 gr. In order to avoid too much worries (for me), please try to be very close to the nakago measurements and also close to the thickness. The other measures can be more or less respected. If you have the needed gem, please feel free to contact me by pm. Thank you for your attention.
  19. Hello to all. Long time collector of nihonto but new to teppo. I found this at an antique shop while on vacation in Tennessee. Thanks to some Facebook friends, I know the signature is Goshu Kunitomo Tayosuke Katsumasa. It also contains Niju makibari. Would really enjoy learning more about Tayosuke Katsumasa such as time period he worked, how he is viewed as a smith compared to other Smith's of the time. Any information is greatly appreciated! https://i.imgur.com/caJc0US.jpg https://i.imgur.com/3sjGU9d.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ahkZe9x.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Beft3Bg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dn4vjjW.jpg
  20. Dear all, New year, new needs. After visiting the Ryuzen museum of history in Kyoto last year, HITAI ATE aroused my interest mainly because it is a piece of armor definitely constructed for war, I am now looking for iron forehead protectors from the Bakumatsu era like the ones on the pictures below. If you have other kinds in good condition for sale please PM me.
  21. Per title, looking for a decent wakizashi or katana from the Muromachi period (1300s-1500s). Papered, signed, etc would be a plus but not necessary. Budget of $1k-$2k. Below is a great example that I just missed out on. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/31395-koto-wakizashi-signed-uda-kunimune/ Thanks, Mike
  22. Hi, I'm a beginner at collecting and I'm planning to purchase my first nihonto. I found a tanto in shirosaya that I really like from a trusted seller, but since I don't have much experience, it would be useful to know what everyone thinks about it before I buy it. Specifically, do you see any fatal damages or anything unusual? Are there any signs that it could be gimei? Anything notable that might raise or lower its value? And what price range should I be paying for it? The seller listed $1500 but is open to negotiation, so what would you suggest as the lowest reasonable price?
  23. Hey all, I strongly believe I have a Kyu Gunto blade that is without any of it's accompanying parts: tsuka, saya, habaki. I already know the last one will be hardest to replace. But as many were machine made, its worth a shot to see if I can obtain the habaki as well. The blade matches the profile type of a kyu gunto in all aspects that I can observe (shape, length, construction, etc.) I would be very pleased if someone has one to put up for sale! I would really love to get this blade back in some proper wartime mounts. Right now, its just sitting in a display case with little else to make it look proper. Thanks for the help! I can post pictures if requested. It does have a clear straight (I believe that's suguha) style hamon with a slight wave to it. ~Chris
  24. Dear all, I am looking for two wooden kabuto stands in good or new condition at a fair price. I will need some like those on the pictures provided. I saw some on Ebay but the price is quite high. If you can help, I will appreciate a lot.
  25. Hello all, I am relatively new to collecting Type 95 IJA swords and, like others, have been looking for parts for a restore-able Type 95 Iron Tsuba sword for some time. I am looking for; 1. the sarute screw (NCO grooved variety) 2. the brass throat piece for the saya that screws into top of saya. Mine is a bodgey I think because it is just the brass top collar (no number) and does not have the brass throat piece that goes into the saya to be screwed in place. Failing obtaining the throat piece (above) I may have to buy a complete Type 95 saya if any exist at a reasonable price. Condition is not really important but the parts must be genuine. If I cant obtain these parts/replacements then I will seriously consider selling the sword and the broken saya (may/may not be genuine?) can go with it. Love to hear from you and thanks in advance. Rob
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