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  1. Dear Jean, When I searched the web for books about nihonto all of them were priced above 700€ which was really unusual to me. Now that I know the reason of the prices and that there are other good books out there which are cheaper I regret postingthe question like this. I could have put it without whining...
  2. Dear Luis, I'm ashamed for not responding to your message sooner. Let me apologize for that and thank you for your help. I'm really grateful for it. I get what you are telling me. I'll do my best to learn more and I will pay the price of information without complaining. Best regards, András
  3. I am new to everything. My knowledge is very basic. I am here for information. (I do not wish being called poor, an idiot, a noob or anything alike or told to find another interest.) I've searched the web for ebooks in this topic and the prices were mindblowing. I understand that collecting nihonto isn't poor men's hobby but I can't afford such expensive books... I want to learn. What should I do? I need your help and advice.
  4. I can't decide which one of these two sword I should buy: Wakizashi #676 http://www.juwelier-strebel.de/asien-kunst/Japan/wakizashi-tanto.html Katana #713 http://www.juwelier-strebel.de/asien-kunst/Japan/katana.html
  5. Thank you, Raymond Singer and Jussi Ekholm!
  6. Is there any chance for the sword to have a price less than 9000$?
  7. And my second question: What is the estimated price of this katana?
  8. https://www.japanische-schwert-galerie.de/pages/de/antik/katana--waki.--tanto.php?action=more&id=508&wb_6508_session_id=3166a20b17557bd290cdc26d0c78cae4 I've found a german website that only sells antique nihonto that are worthy of preservation. There is a sword (linked above) claimed to be made by a swordsmith called Kamino Nagatoshi who is said to have lived in the Hyuuga/Miyazaki prefecture, in the Bunmei era (1469-1487) in the Muromachi period. My problem is that I couldn't find any information about this smith in any of the avaiable online swordsmith indexes (in english). I've tried everything and I'm clueless. I don't know how or where I should continue my research. Do you know anything about him?
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