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    Japanese swords from the shin-shinto era, naginata all periods, menpo and hanpo tetsu sabiji finish.

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  1. Dear all, I am looking for a nice JITTE but I need a genuine one of very good quality from EDO period, one which could have been carried by a high-ranking samurai police official (yoriki) or one made, signed and/or dated from the bakumatsu era. To summarize, I need one very good example which will be the only one in my collection. I am aware that it will be difficult to find such a gem but I need to avoid all the less than average ones (which are not so old) usually put for sale on Ebay or Yahoo Japan. If you happen to have a nice one for sale feel free to PM me. Thank you for your attention.
  2. Got the big tempo tsuba which was very well protected for this rather long journey. I am fully satisfied with this unusual tsuba which is very pleasant in hand. Thank you again Kyle.





  4. Jean, Where do you find some for sale ?
  5. Tout ce qui touche le visage est toujours impressionnant. Récupère bien Jean,
  6. Dear gentlemen, Can you help me to translate that signature ? It seems to be the name of the maker, TADAKATSU ???? Do you know him as a helmet maker ? Thank you for your help.
  7. Ordered the book on Amazon. I chose the english version. Got the book, the cover is in english the rest in german
  8. Unfortunately, it is gimei for me. Please have a look at the shinshinto meikan by Markus Sesko. The kanjis are not uniform and the person who carved the mei did not mastered its tool, some kanjis are deep and other are shallow... It is of course my personnal opinion
  9. Dear Piers, There is no sign of use of seppa. The inner edges of the Hitsu-ana were filed may be to mount it on a sword.... Dear George, I will try to make pictures of the inside edges of the ana. I agree, the tagane marks seem to have a decorative purpose. the tsuba was rusty and I used a deer antler to get rid of it. Thank you for your opinion.
  10. Any suggestions gentlemen ? The surface seems to be hammered, am I right ????
  11. Thank you Rich, Could be FUDOMYOO with a little imagination...
  12. Dear all, I bought this tsuba a while ago. It has a nice bonji carved on it and I like it. It was dated by the seller as end of Edo but I rather think that it is a modern one. I am not a tsuba guy, I really don't know what to think about it and I need your help on this one.
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