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  1. ohh I see, and I read some of these questions on the listing as well it all seems to vague to be a good repro.
  2. oh woops, I meant a real reproduction indeed. Ok I actually didn't know that about the o-yoroi, good to know. thank you
  3. hello, I'm living in China and saw this o-yoroi on a second hand app. Is there a way to figure out this is real without travelling all the way? The seller has several positive reviews (no negatives)
  4. Thank you! I've messaged Guido and Lee. On the Chinese "ebay"(kinda) I've seen loads of antiques, sometimes even nihonto, mostly Chinese bronze era antiques though, which seem quite interesting, but I know next to nothing about Chinese swords, since as you said, books on Chinese swords are indeed quite scarce... I'll take a look at the flea market here in Xi'an!
  5. Hello, I'm currently living in China, I'd like to know if there are any collectors in China on here or if there are any specific laws on importing antique Japanese swords into China, as well as the possession of it. Thank you for your help! Jonas D.
  6. Thank you, I knew there wasn't much i could do... except bringing it to a polisher but that might get expensive and a gamble with this blade. even with the the smallest almost unexisting chance to damage my sword i'm panicking so i will leave it as.( it even pained me when i was breaking the tsuka off(other story: the tsuka was glued together with lacquer and glue.))
  7. here are some pics excuse me for my lateness but i wasn't actually referring in my first post to 'THE polishing' which i am totally unqualified for but was referring to the improvement of a blade full of scrathes and dirt by cleaning the dirt off the blade a bit and such.
  8. and the weekly uchiko works, i see a big difference now. but yet again it has alot of scratches made by previous owners... and i kinda knew there wasn't a way for the polishing itself to be done by me, just curious if there was a other way of cleaning the blade a bit. I think i have some pics somewhere of the blade...
  9. does anyone know if the polisher Zenon Van Damme is still active?
  10. ok! i actually already had in mind that it wouldn't be a good idea... But never hurts to ask... Thank you! i now i'm certain that it's a bad idea
  11. I have a question: Is there a way to polish a nihonto for someone who doesn't know how to polish... So after i got my wakizashi out of it's stuck tsuka by destroying the tsuka i had the idea to restore the sword a bit, because it's full of scratches and whatnot. and i mean like a loooot of scratches. So i want to clean it up a bit and be able to see all it's aspects cleaner. Thanks in Advance
  12. i'd really love to see a documentary about Muramasa too
  13. I will do that as soon as i can! I'd love to know more about the mei Regards,
  14. of course, it was around 600 euros Regards,
  15. Finally!!! i I succeeded in taking it apart! Sadly there was glue on the nakago,,, And i didn't see any signature on first glance,,, (Also any hints on how i could remove the glue?)
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