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  1. Hi John, If you go back to the last katana koshirae I posted and click on the photo enlarge it, you will see a similar style. This is commonly referred to as "tsuishu" but the terminology varies in different localities. There are many different color combinations, but usually done in three distinct colors. e.g.. green, black, and gold. I will post a few more.... Best, Robert
  2. Last wakizashi of the day.... this one has a brown gloss saya and a silk kincha wrap..... Best, Robert
  3. Another wakizashi....just for contrast. The saya finish is a mottled dull red with black with a jabara maki tsuka with exposed menuki. Best, Robert
  4. Here is a regal wakizashi for your viewing pleasure. The majestic color of the jabara maki is best described as Byzantine purple. While the saya is finished in black ishime which is reminiscent of the porous surface of a stone..... Best, Robert
  5. Hi everyone, I have time to add a few more custom order koshirae projects for your viewing pleasure . I neglected to mention that the clients supplied their own period fittings for all these projects. The next koshirae is an attention seeker with exposed solid gold botan menuki set off with red samegawa and black ito. The saya finish is tsuishu with a red base and black and gold veins. Best, Robert
  6. Greetings everyone! Thank you for the compliments. All the work to create these koshirae is done by trained Japanese artisan/tradespeople. I just handle the project from start to finish. I have been involved in such project work in Japan since 1986 when I needed to get my own blades set up in koshirae for training. Every year, I would help my sword acquaintances get several koshirae made but I didn't aggressively promote this business as I have been teaching in Japanese universities and colleges for over forty years. At 65, I will face mandatory retirement from my university, so I am now thinking about expanding this service as the next stage of my employment in Japan. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of all the projects due to time limitations, but I have many that will serve as a kind of catalog. If you have a project, feel free to discuss it with me through my e-mail address: keichodo@yahoo.com... P.S. Axel....the sageo knot is a known variant in Japan.... not sure exactly what the name is..... keep checking sources and you will likely find it... it is too nice for me just to make it up myself.... I will post a few more koshirae when I have time but this week will be busy at university.... Best, Robert
  7. Okay.....one more for today..... This koshirae has a white jabaramaki tsuka with a black lacquered samesaya.... It is not so easy to find such large ray skins these days.... but I have a few ready to go! Best, Robert
  8. Just in case anyone is interested, here an itomaki tachigoshirae I did for a client about twenty years ago.... The ito was kincha jabaramaki... The lacquer was red with gold tsuishu...although it is hard to see the gold veins throughout the lacquer...in hand it was stunning especially the way the one well-placed high relief gold lacquer mitsudomoe mon.... sets it off....... This package was about yen 450,000 at that time...... Best, Robert
  9. Hi John, Yes, I have set up a few.... Sadly, I didn't take photos of many of them... Check out the attached pictures. The lacquer is a gloss brown which doesn't come out very well under the lighting. The tsukamaki is in kincha jabaramaki style..... in hand it looked quite spectacular. Best, Robert
  10. Keep up the compliments and I will keep up the flow of custom koshirae images... This next one is Higo style with a partial inryo kesami style saya done in red ishime finish... The tsuka has black and red lacquered ray skin and is wrapped in green suede leather..... All the fittings were antique pieces..... Best, Robert
  11. Thanks for the above compliments guys! Here is another custom koshirae done in fuemaki style but this one alternates between flat black and gloss black rings on the saya which gives a little more contrast. Best, Robert Hughes
  12. Greetings sword mavens, I just got back one my client's custom koshirae and thought I would share it with you. The client provided all the fittings and the koshirae was then created from scratch... The lacquer style for the saya is called fuemaki and consists of black rings. It is a nice visual alternative to the standard and conventional black gloss finish commonly seen. I have photographs of over thirty custom koshirae that I have coordinated for a variety of clients. I am putting together a catalog to entice interest. If you would like to see more....let me know! 1) wood foundation/tsuka and saya 2) antiqued ray skin 3) standard silk wrap 4) saya fuemaki lacquer work 5) tsunagi wooden dummy blade The price for this particular koshirae came to yen 222,000.... Best, Robert Hughes
  13. Thanks Tom! You know how shy I am..... until the liquid courage kicks in.....
  14. Hi Tom.... Thanks for bringing this to the attention of others ...... I didn't want to post it myself.....in the budo spirit of humility..... even though it would serve as powerful advertising... Many, many hours go into the preparatory and planning stages....then a day in on-site planning for story continuity... and then the big day filming which lasted from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. There were many retakes due to outside noise interference of general traffic and tourism in Kamakura. Actually, we shot around two hours of content that was whittled down to fifteen minutes. Lots of historical overview and some mistakes were edited out......and most of my humorous quips got a quick cutting test....... The final stage is the tedious editing done professionally by a talented professional in Kamakura, Mr. Oe who deserves credit for both his camera work and his editing skill. I hope NMB folks enjoy this.... It took a lot of work.... Can we move it so it starts an original thread as the Soshu tradition it might get overlooked attached to the bottom of Guido's ego....I mean thread....? Best, Robert
  15. Tombo, All the times we have been drinking together and I never heard this anecdote before... or perhaps the tale was told and erased due to the volume of nihonshu.... I love it! Not just the act of the donation but the great story it became.... Yours in dudism, Another Lebowski, Robert
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