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  1. Hi Peter, I couldn't load up the fourth page at the same time but it seems I can do it here..... Best, Robert Juyo Exhibition 4.pdf
  2. Here is the third page of newly designated Juyo items on display! It seems I can't load up the fourth page... I have maxed out (4.88 MB) Sadly, photographs of the exhibits are not allowed.... Matt will never have the pleasure of seeing his treasured blade in this exhibition! Pandemic fate..... Best, Robert Juyo Exhibition 3.pdf
  3. Here are the first two pages of newly designated Juyo items on display! Enjoy! Robert Juyo Exhibition 2.pdf Juyo Exhibition 1.pdf
  4. Greetings sword friends! Although I realize this announcement may only be a source of frustration due to limited travel opportunities, I still believe it is worth mentioning. Residents of Japan certainly still have an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Japan Sword Museum. If you have not been to the new facility, it really is spectacular. The lighting on the swords is well-done and the swords come alive... well not exactly dancing but the impact is strong and the features are visible. Of newly designated Juyo on exhibit there are thirty-six blades, eight koshirae, and thirty-seven fittings. Of the seven swords I submitted to the Juyo Shinsa in 2020, belonging to myself and my clients, three received Juyo designation. A few of the swords I sold to clients in the past year also made Juyo this year. One of the swords I handled for restoration was selected for the exhibition (as not all new Juyo blades are put on display). It is a first generation Tamba No Kami Yoshimichi owned by my friend and client, Matt Jarrell. Polished by Mr. Dodo of Hiroshima, it is something to behold. Most of you are aware how difficult it is to get Juyo designation for late Koto, Shinto, and Shin-shinto blades. Congratulations to Mike Yamazaki as two fittings in his name are also included in the exhibition this time. Please see the attachments in the next posting for the translated list of exhibits.....files are too large to attach here. The exhibition runs from February 27th through to April 11th. If you plan on visiting the museum, budget some extra time to explore the beautiful former Yasuda Family garden. The ground floor lounge of the museum building looks out onto the garden and pond. You can sip a tea while looking out over the pond..... It will do wonders to calm your spirit...while you meditate on sharp steel... or shakudo fittings.... 66th Juyo Exhibition.pdf
  5. Signature reads Bishu Osafune Yukimitsu Check out this nice Hozon papered ken...Signature is faint...but reads Bishu Osafune Yukimitsu. In Hawley's, there are nine generations so this is probably around the sixth generation 1458-97. Definitely koto...in shirasaya with a silver habaki.... Length is 6 sun 8 bu (20.7 cm.) Recently polished and papered ..... condition is very nice but there are a couple of tiny (very tiny) hakobore the polisher did not wish to eliminate. Price: yen 320,000 (Item includes export procedures from Japan and shipping to EMS deliverable destinations but payment is to be made by wire transfer... sorry about that!) Correspond with me directly at keichodo@yahoo.com.... Best, Robert Hughes
  6. Hi Bjorn, My main occupatipn is education. I teach at Toyo University in Tokyo. I have been involved in the sword business in Japan since 1986. As I have full-time employment, I usually just engage in sword activities on weekends and holidays including attending the dealer auctions. I have set up a stall at the DTI for twenty-five years but mostly sell to dealers directly. I don't have the time to run a full on-line operation, so I have yet to use an on-line catalog. Usually, I discretely sell to customers with direct correspondence and photos especially for higher end juyo level blades... There is a lot of misinformation about owning swords in Japan... I was once told by the police that as a foreigner I could not own a sword in Japan. When I figured out that was bullshit, I became a dealer just to spite the police.... Best, Robert
  7. Hi Lev I was in Yokosuka yesterday for a Carl Jr. portobello mushroom burger and a strawberry shake. Let me know when you are coming to Kamakura next time. I usually have free time on the weekends. M-F I teach at university (now on-line) .... Best, Robert
  8. Thank you Jean! You are absolutely correct! I have to admit my failure....half-asleep in frog pajamas! Now corrected....thank you for the editing.....I will eat my humble pie! Best, Robert
  9. Hi Piers Yes...at my place in Kamakura....along with about thirty other swords....some suits of armor....kabuto....one hundred tsuba....four matchlock rifles, etc. Come on over ..... for a samurai shopping spree.... Best, Robert
  10. This interesting and highly collectable shin-shinto Osorakuzukuri shaped tantō is signed Hyōshinshi Hideyo Nyūdō氷心子秀世入道 and dated Kaei sannen sangatsu nichi (a day in March of 1851) 嘉永三年三月日. Hideyo is rated Jō-saku and this tanto is accompanied by a NBTHK Hozon paper. Price: Yen 270,000 (including delicensing out of Japan and shipping to EMS destinations; however, payment to be made by wire transfer only ...sorry about that!) Currently EMS shipments are delayed but there is movement of the backlog..... Details Nagasa: 18.6 cm Sori: 0.0 Moto-haba: 24.8 mm Saki-haba: 21.9 mm Moto-kasane: 3.7 mm Saki-kasane: 3.0 mm The hamon is gunome-midare with a tight nioiguchi, the bōshi hakkikake, the jigane looks soft, and the jihada is ko-itame-nagare. On the omote are the hiragana engraved for osoraku おそらく, while the horimono on the ura represent gomabashi. Hyōshinshi Hideyo’s 氷心子秀世 real name was Tamura Kōhei 田村耕平. He was a student and son-in-law of Suishinshi Masahide 水心子正秀. He also studied under Unju Korekazu 雲寿是一. His dated blades are from Tenpō (天保 1830-1844) to Ansei (安政 1854-1860) eras. It is a mystery why he added a small stroke to the first kanji of the Suishinshi (水 → 氷), which reads Hyōshinshi. He also occasionally signed his mei with the additional nyūdō 入道 signifying Buddhist lay priest. His residence was in Edo’s Azabu-Imazato 麻布今里. Robert Hughes (correspond with me at keichodo@yahoo.com) If it sells, a donation to NMB will be made!
  11. It is with great sadness I am posting this notification on the passing of sword polisher Eiichi Yoshikawa on December 25th. He was 67 years old. The wake will begin at 6:00 p.m. on December 30th and the funeral service will be held on December 31st at 11:00 a.m. Yoshikawa Sensei was active in recent years arranging, attending, and judging shinsa overseas which helped bring up sword scholarship worldwide. Sincerely, Robert Hughes
  12. Greetings sword friends, So far we have 28 guests signed up for the late afternoon/evening Wednesday sword study session (including some spouses who will attend just the dinner) and 32 guests on the list for the Yakatabune party. There is still an opportunity to join us if you have been teetering on a commitment..... For the Wednesday study session, it is very easy to find the venue "Cinq" from inside the Metro System (subway). You go to Ginza Station (on the Ginza line), then go up one level from the platform to the underground concourse and find the B-6 exit. The club is called Cinq and it is half way up the exit stairwell. So, you don't even have to exit onto street level, it is right inside the metro underground network. It is very convenient....no long walk or need for a taxi. Pay on arrival at the venue. The actual street address for Cinq is Ginza 5-4-3 which is the building with the B6 subway entrance, so go down the first flight of stairs and you will find it at the first stair landing. For the Yakatabune boat party, please come to my shop at the DTI on Friday before noon and pay. If I have unpaid reservations, I will try and sell them at 4:00 p.m. to prevent getting stuck for the costs.... Looking forward to seeing you! Best, Robert
  13. Greetings kodogu aficionados.....check out the fittings on offer below! If interested e-mail me directly at keichodo@yahoo.com Best, Robert Hughes 1. Fuchikashira Senryuzu (diving dragon) NBTHK Hozon Signed: Miyazaki Sukeyoshi Kao Shakudo ishimeiji sukedashi takabori kin iroe Price yen 160,000 2. Futokorimono Mumei Kaga Goto NBTHK Hozon Eda Momo (peach on a branch) Kozuka: shakudo nanako takabori iroe Menuki: shakudo ji katachibori iroe Price yen 120,000 3. Kozuka Mumei Yoshioka NBTHK Hozon Theme: kikuzu (chrysanthemum) shakudo nanakoji takabori kin/gin iroe Price yen 95,000 4. Kozuka Mumei Goto NBTHK Hozon Theme: hibashi (hibachi chopsticks for moving hot charcoal) and haneboki (feather duster) Shakudo nankoji takabori kin/gin iroe Price: yen 95,000 5. Tsuba Mumei Heianjo Zogan NBTHK Hozon Theme: Juji (cross) kiku (Chrysanthemum) and kiri karakusa (Foxglove) Price: yen 110,000
  14. Greetings to everyone in NMB land.....How about a little pre-Dai Token Ichi action? On offer is a full suit of armor...in pretty good overall condition. The kabuto has a 32 plate iron bowl with the liner intact......possibly signed if previous owner is to be trusted.....however, priced as mumei. The mon on the fukigaeshi is katabami mon (three leafed clover). Reference material list pages of families that used this mon. This clover grew wildly throughout Japan and was considered very resilient. The clan heads that adopted it held the belief that their clans would flourish just like the attractive clover. Maedate is an oni but not of historic vintage.....looks to be a contemporary creation....but well-done in a devilish manner...... Menpo is lacking a mustache ......either deterioration or a change of fashion.....a close shave. Overall lacing of the Dou is good although there are a few broken threads....lacquer condition is pretty good overall with minimal losses... The sode are oversize offering maximum coverage and protection in case you wish to engage in a duel.... The kote display several kamon and demonstrate quality construction.... Comes with a single armor box displaying a katabami mon within a circle. Interested parties can mail me directly at keichodo@yahoo.com.....everyone else can comment and pass judgement directly on this thread...as usual! Price is USD $11,000 ...not including shipping.... Best, Robert Hughes
  15. Annual Tokyo Events During DTI Period Back due to popular demand! Wed. October 30th Kamakura Sword Study Group will offer a sword study and dinner party again in Ginza at the Italian Restaurant Cinq (same venue as previous years). Location is quite convenient. Cost is yen 5,000 and Includes the dinner party (sponsored by Hisashi Saito of Seikodo). Date will be Wednesday Oct. 30th. Arrival time will be from 5:30 p.m. for the sword viewing. Group discussion of swords at 6:30 and the dinner party will follow the sword study at around 7:00 ... Attendance by advance reservation only. Please notify Robert Hughes (keichodo@yahoo.com) as soon as possible! Friday Nov. 1st Yakatabune Tokyo Bay Cruise.....Arrangements: This event is tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 1st, but final determination to proceed will depend on the number of interested participants. As in the past, participants leave from in front of DTI at 6:30 p.m. Cruise to start from 7:00 p.m. Participation by advance reservation only. Notification to attend is also a commitment to pay if event is held...Cost yen 10,800 per participant. Please notify Robert Hughes (keichodo@yahoo.com) as soon as possible! Minimum number of participants is 20....the magic number! Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event if numbers are limited. And yes....Guido has been known to sing in Japanese.....our own version of the "DTI Has Talent!" Best Robert Hughes
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