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  1. I started collecting in the late 80’s . We have a good group in St. Louis and we get together, show off and compare swords as often as possible. I’ve been most fortunate in that I’ve never had to sell anything. The COVID lock down provided an opportunity to catalog and organize the lot. I’m hoping some or all of the grandsons will show an enthusiasm so we can share them. jim
  2. Sorry, I didn’t check my photo before I hit sent. The previous photo is the reverse side. I’m struggling with photos as all are too large to attach .
  3. I’ll post a couple shots of the other side of the nikago too. I’m still working on the translation but I’m thinking a town or province. The ridge down the center makes it difficult to do decent photos. And I ran out of ohsigata paper.
  4. Close up of the two sword brackets. The hooks are lined with self adhesive felt pads. jim
  5. I built a fire proof lined vault in the man cave and lined it with slat board. Then we got to work in the shop and made wooden, stepped brackets which allow a blade in shira saya to be displayed adjacent to the koshirae. Blades having just shirasaya simply rest on slatboard hooks. I’m now gradually repositioning blades and grouping them by eras, and schools which is useful for study purposes . jim
  6. I picked up this little Ken at the Chicago show a few years ago. I pulled it out the other day to work on the signature and found it’s Unshu from the early Kamakura. Jim
  7. The Akihide has been the hands of at least 3 other collectors in St. Louis before I got it from Ted Kiss. I don’t know the earliest history of how it came to leave Japan but have to assume it was a GI bring back. But with a total length of almost 6 ft it would have been difficult to hide. The saya was split and the blade was out of polish when I got it. It’s an amazing piece when one considers the effort needed to heat and forge weld what was likely something over 20 kilos of steel when, Hikosaburo started.
  8. Some Hada, and Hamon photos Jim
  9. I thought that posting these photos here would hit the group most interested in Gunto Smiths and that all would enjoy this O-Dachi. It is in Kamura-Otoshi-zukuri form with a nagasa of 111.5 cm (44.9") . It is signed Hikosaburo ju-hachi sai tsukuru. (Hikosaburo made this at age 18). The Ura says (In commemoration of the triumphal return of my brother Sadayoshi from the war against China. Before going further, we have to thank John Tirado for his unbelievable work in resurrecting the original saya and Nick Benson who according to his father did all the polish work. I'm sure all will appreciate the work involved in working with this huge, heavy blade. He brought out features, most of which can only be discovered with the blade in hand. I hope to bring this blade to the Chicago show next month, if that event occurs. However, my youngest daughter is scheduled to present me with another grandson at about that time....... we'll see. To give a sense of scale I included another blade, a Yoshihara Kuniie, 28" + in length.
  10. This is my friend Howard holding the Saburo Akihide a few years ago. I’ll post the new pix on a separate thread.
  11. The blade isn't rusty as it appears in the picture. I used a filter to increase sharpness and the brown tinting is a side effect. This will go off for polish shortly. I'm hoping to shoot pictures of the Saburo Akihide (45" / 114.3 cm) O-Dachi this week mentioned in a previous thread. It's a hand full and getting it positioned for photos is difficult. However, the polish brought out the best in it and I think many of the members, particularly the Gunto collectors will appreciate it. Jim
  12. AHHH SO Masa Teru polished. ‘Thanks, Trystan. jim
  13. I found this interesting. I was cleaning this blade getting ready to photograph it prior to sending it off for polish & found the original polisher had scratched in his name. I believe it is Masa ____ & possibly Saku? any help would be appreciated. Of further interest to the Gendai collectors in the group: The blade is signed Baba Akitsugu who also signed Baba Tsugukiyo. He was an RJT Smith making mid to high grade Nihonto. This blade was made in 1936. I don't know the reason for the switch in names. This blade was made as a dedication to a shrine and is inscribed as such. Perhaps Akitsugu was the name used when not making military blades? Jim
  14. Sorry it has taken me so long to get an answer back to your question. Afraid the short answer is no, there are no accompanying / comparable fittings. I removed the tiger habaki shortly after I acquired the blade and had one made from black horn. I’m on the lookout for something that will compliment the habaki without creating a garish mess. jim
  15. Jim Manley


    Ahhhh Ha! Thanks, huge difference.. jim
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