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  1. I second Johns idea and then go from there... If yes, you'll be spending $1500 to 2500$ for the habaki and polish. Habaki alone is 300 to 600 or more depending on metal. If you go for a new shirasaya the cost goes up. Do it now because as the years go by the costs keep going up due to less professionals (tradesmen) alive, less materials available (hinoki wood getting scarce, animal vs. synthetic), precious metals going up in price, etc...
  2. Oh man this guy has spent thousands of hours compiling all of this info. Its crazy how much information this one person has in regards to Nihonto smiths
  3. I follow them as well. Its amazing what they find and how respectful they are with the remains as well. They said WW2 was on such a large scale that they could dig forever and not find everything
  4. Haha I remember that waki! First thing I did was say DAAAAMN lol Then I showed it to all my family members who all made the same joke... I have a waki that I 'thought' had a deep sori but after this, I'll never see my waki the same... But it feels so good in the hand (no pun intended). Its such a well forged sword that I can only find one or two minor lines(kitae-ware) that hardly qualify due to the fact that they're almost invisible and less than an inch in size. The Bohi looks like a mirror and feels so smooth when I oil it that I cant believe how a person could make something so precise. Its just an all around thick well balanced sharp as ever waki. With a minor sori compared to big curve up there lol Dont mind the rubber band on the shirasaya. I had just got the waki a little before this pic was taken and I have since repaired the shirasaya
  5. I think thats amazing that its been on there this entire time... I wonder if any family ae still living in that town?
  6. Haha I'm thinking the same thing even 5 years back from now! Prices seemed to have blown out of proportion in the last few years. I used to be able to find decent swords for under 1000$ all the time but lately people are wanting big money for crap. I guess it's the ebbs and flows huh?
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the responses everyone! Lots of great info! Yeah I don't know why I said copper. Maybe I was thinking about carbon? I dunno Haha The testing was done in multiple places. First I used the bed and other things were scanned too. Jewelry, .9999 silver coins, gold bullion, regular coins, etc... all a couple feet apart. They all made different sounds and in the spaces between nothing registered so I don't think any springs interfered because I also tested on the floor (I put a sheet down and sword pillow) as well as on the wall hanging in the swords display The older sword makes the same high pitched sound/beep/tone as .9999 silver Austrian coin, a sterling silver Zippo case, sterling silver ring, 24kt bullion. The "newer " sword makes the same sound as regular pocket coins, plated brass bracelets, steel, etc... The older sword could be as old as 1400s but it's definitely koto. Newer sword kantei points possibly to early/mid 1600s The metal detector model is just a regular Big 5 type. It's not cheap by any means but it's not high end. I think it's called "Bounty Hunter Tracker IV"
  8. You wanna live the dream? You gotta pay the (Masamune) price!
  9. Interesting. I need to find some titanium to test. As of now I have tested a sterling silver zippo lighter, sterling silver ring, a .9999% Austrian Silver coin, 14kt to 24kt gold, .9999 Palladium coin and they all make the same ping as the sword But then smaller sterling silver items like necklaces make a totally different noise so I dont know if its by density or shape or what. All my other swords make the same sound as sterling silver necklaces or lesser (well not "precious" and def not lesser in my eyes) metals.
  10. Hello all. I hope everyone is doing ok over the last couple years haha... So, as the title says, I was testing my Nihonto with my metal detector out in the open(several in Shirasaya on bed) and one of them, and older one, keeps coming up positive (or same tone anyways) as precious metal. Anyone know about this? High copper content? Every other sword reads with a different tone but my oldest hits for precious metal. Weird. It is a Mino/Nao Shizu looking blue steel if that helps
  11. The nakago looks way too new. Compare the nakago in the 2 different pics from the first OP and that is a huge red flag right there. Combined with everything else I hate to say that it's not authentic. Yes it is a real nihonto but I think Gimei
  12. Blazeaglory

    Real or Fake?

    Lol that nihonto has been up for so long now! Seriously with that much cash a person could get something so much better. I think that Daimyo54 thinks that if something is old or has a signature or papers it's automatically worth a fortune.
  13. Blazeaglory

    Real or Fake?

    Daimyo54 is hit and miss. 4 years ago I found 2 really good wakizashi. One is ubu and appears to be early Edo/Momoyama and the other osuriage that many have said is early Muromachi/Nanbokucho. They're both in good old polish with only a couple tiny spots of surface rust on the older sword. I paid less than 1000$ for both and have had offers of over 3000$ for the older one(older sword has better features but the younger sword feels better in the hand). Both are sharper than anything I've ever encountered. I think Daimyo54 buys in bulk and flips quick for a profit. I got the feeling that they aren't very knowledgable in regards to kantei. I continued to keep an eye on their Ebay store for any more "gems" in the rough. Well it's been 4 years since my discovery and I haven't found anything worth buying since. A few pieces I found were so expensive it was laughable. It's funny. I'll spend a couple hours going through their stock and see prices wildly fluctuate. Items that should have high prices are selling for low. Likewise items that should have low prices are labeled with high price tags...lol Since I started looking for deals in out of the way places Daimyo54 has raised prices to such an extreme that it's kinda discouraging. I still look tho but haven't found anything. With that said, I do believe that a person could find a decent deal but buyer beware! 98% of their items are over priced and in really bad shape but once in a blue moon there's a nice piece up for sale
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