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  1. I agree with the patina looking a little off and would think this is shinto or shin shinto. Still a very awesome blade! Freaking beefy!
  2. Looks good to me but ppl are going to want more pics, especially of the nakago (handle, hilt, part you hold with the hole in it) Looks good so far other than some rust but it looks authentic. PS. Who or what is a desperate young smith and who told you that? From what I've seen it looks well made but I'm going to need more pics to determine an approximate age or authenticity
  3. Amazing Ray! Where do you find such great blades? I love the ana on the very bottom of nakago. Is there also a signature or some kind of markings on the nakago as well?
  4. The hada is amazing on this one! Great price for such a well aged sword! There are swords made 30 years ago that are in a worse state so considering this blade is what? 650 years old or more? If I had the cash I would buy this in a heartbeat. The koshirae is just a bonus at this point!
  5. Pure silver is only 36,000 yen? Or only silver foil?
  6. Thanks everyone! Also last time I checked a solid silver habaki new was 400$ to 600$. Most of that going to labor I would imagine considering as Ken said silver isn't too expensive
  7. Thanks for the cheer up! Side note... I'm super broke and decided to put one of my cherished Wakizashi up for sale. It's an old one and possibly Naoe Shizu and one that is very dear to me. Anyways, I put it up for a high number and within a day I had received several offers that were really close to what i was asking. Long story short, i panicked and pulled the sale... Better to be broke and possibly file bankruptcy? Or sell your favorite Nihonto and regret it for the rest of your life?
  8. I agree with Brian. The welded Nakago I've seen have always been high end smiths and totally noticeable. It looks like old wear and tare. Nothing out of normal for an old blade I would imagine
  9. Post allot of pics when you receive it. From naked tang to tip. We're just fickle over quality photos haha Rest assured, everyone is still very interested in seeing the blade in hand
  10. What are traditional tatami mats made from? Straw or bamboo? Is this a good deal? 20 for 170$ roughly? They're almost 4' in length https://www.ebay.com/itm/352895158178
  11. That must have felt GREAT! How nerve wracking! Actually now that I look back on it a year later (and wiser), the blade looks pretty good! Haha
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