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  1. So far it has been both confusing and challenging! I will hold on to this one for sentimental purposes- and will continue my hunt for others! Thank you Bob
  2. That really helps! I can live with the condition as it is. Definitely starting a long journey!!! Thanks again.
  3. I really appreciate it!! Not a poker player LOL!!
  4. I appreciate you clearing things up. Where would I get it professionally polished? I am gradually diving into this ocean of information.
  5. does this mean that there is no way to establish origin or actual bladesmith and age? I am really confused now...
  6. LOL! It was either a sword or a strange lamp shade collection!!
  7. This gives me a direction- much appreciated
  8. Thank you Grey, I would like to have it polished - but if the defects are too overwhelming, I guess it would be a waste. I don't plan on selling the sword, but it doesn't make sense to throw potential purchase money on another sword away on this project.
  9. Thank you for the care instructions. I will follow them closely. There was no metal collar with it. and, oddly, the scabbard is sealed - the handle is not. Is that normal?
  10. Thank you Blazeaglory! I paid $150 for it. I was under the impression that polishing might hurt the value? Please advise!! Thank you Chris W. - the blade is 20 inches to Kissaki. 25.5 inches overall. Here are the photos you requested. I really appreciate the assistance in this. I have been a knife collector for 40 years, this is my first sword, I am addicted!!!
  11. Hello, I am new here - please pardon my ignorance! I recently stumbled on a rough Wakizashi at a garage sale, it was at a fair price and I couldn't resist. I am hoping it is genuine. Can anyone help me with this?
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