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  1. Hello. I don't think this is the work of tetsugendo school, because it is very different from his style. Actually, I'm not sure about the author of this thing. I asked the experts in Japan. Some people think that this is the work of ichinomiya school, and it may even be the work of ichinomiya nagatsun's youth (i.e. the period of setsusan). Of course, it's just a statement from one family. So far, I haven't got an accurate answer.
  2. Tsuba with design of Passerine Iwamoto Konkan, with a kao
  3. Huang Shigong Granting Zhang Liang Menuki This piece portrays the encounter between Zhang Liang and Huang Shigong. Zhang Liang plotted a failed assassination attempt at emperor Qin Shi Huang and subsequently went into hiding in Xiapi. According to legend, he met an old man there at Yishui Bridge who threw his shoe down on purpose and asked Zhang to go fetch it. Zhang reluctantly got it, and the man asked if he could put it on for him. Zhang was angry but managed to hide his temper and obliged. First, the man left laughing out loud, but then came back and said: "This child can be taught!". He then ordered Zhang to meet him at dawn, five days later. When Zhang arrived the man was already there, scolding: "How can you be late for a meeting with an elderly man? Come back again five days later!". The next time, Zhang came early but still not early enough so the third time he came at midnight and waited for the old man to arrive. The old man was impressed with Zhang Liang's fortitude and humility, and presented Zhang with a book, saying, "You can become the tutor of a ruler after reading this book. Within ten years, the world will become chaotic. You can then use your knowledge from this book to bring peace and prosperity to the empire. Meet me again 13 years later. I am the yellow rock at the foot of Mount Gucheng." The old man was Huang Shigong, literally: "Yellow Rock Old Man" The book was Three Strategies of Huang Shigong, that was to become one of the seven Chinese military classics. According to the legend, Zhang Liang went to Mount Gucheng 13 years later and did find a yellow rock there. He built a shrine to worship the rock and the rock was buried with him after his death. Zhang Liang was to become a strategist and statesman who helped destroy the Qin and found the Han dynasty. He acted as strategist and statesman and was later hailed as one of the "Heroes of the early Han dynasty" The story of Huang Shigong is a classic Chinese folk tale that teaches humility.
  4. A lion makes its cub fall down to a steep valley TSUBA
  5. Tsuba with design of "Rin Nasei" Paper(Certificate): [N.B.T.H.K]Hozon Tosogu Length:7.5cm Width:7.2cm It is published in five books.
  6. I have sent you a message. Please look at you. Thank you.
  7. Length 97mm Width 15mm Hozon Tousougu Price: $ 1,500
  8. Width: 9.2cm Period:EDO (with NBTHK Certificate) Price: $ 3,000
  9. Tsuba with Watanabe no Tsuna Fighting the Demon at Rashomon Tetsugendou school Inmei (Naoshige) Size:Length 80.5mm This tsuba shows Watanabe no Tsuna, a warrior who lived in the late 10th and early 11th century. One stormy night, he lay in wait at the Rashomon Gate in Kyoto to wait for one of the last demons left in the city. Very late at night, he felt something tugging at his helmet. Striking out with his sword, he cut off the demon's arm. The demon ran away and Tsuna kept the arm locked in an iron box. On the tsuba, the oni can be seen pulling at Tsuna's helmet. The storm is shown through the swirling clouds at the top of the tsuba.
  10. Yes, it is very likely that this is very interesting. My details are richer, and the saved state is better.
  11. http://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/26286?sortBy=Relevance&deptids=4&ft=*&offset=8319&rpp=20&pos=8331 I have just found in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Arts there is one and my like this collection. But I feel that this is not good.
  12. Rasyomon zu Tsuba Tetsugendou school Inmei (Naoshige)
  13. Medium: Iron, gold, silver, copper Dimensions: Diam. 7.3 cm
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