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    How would you like to have your own personal agent in Japan ? I am an antique dealer selling on eBay as araki0726 (check my excellent feedback!) but I mainly sell to an ever growing list of direct mail clients all over the world (many of them Nihonto Message Board members).
    I can help you find what you need. I send out offers once or twice a week.
    Send me a private message here, at kschmidt1127@gmail.com or through my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/japanese.antique.auctions.

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  1. Thank you, Gentlemen ~ 宜しくお願い致します。 Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.
  2. Hi Dan, I can do so in cases of "emergency", like for example, when the items are bought, really wanted by the buyer, and then the seller or proxy company (like Buyee) says they won't ship them. Can you show me the items you bought, please? (send links in a PM). Note, DHL does not send any blade/weapon items. My usual fee is 15% of win price/min 6000 yen/item. Plus shipping and paypal fees. DHL shipping for small box of tosogu, for example, is usually about 7500 yen.
  3. You do NOT have to wait 2 months! I can buy on Yahoo auctions for you and send to Australia, USA and other blocked countries by DHL. Takes just a few days. Only blades have to go by EMS (now blocked to Australia and USA) or seamail. My blade exporter is also working on a UPS contract to send blades... hopefully ok'd soon...
  4. DHL for non-blade items is easy - IF the seller can get a contract with them. Seller must be a company and jump through some hoops to get a contract, so many sellers don't do DHL. I send via DHL only since spring when Covid hit. PM me if you wish to buy and send via DHL.
  5. Hi Dan, The US has been blocked for EMS since March. Perhaps he did not know until he checked after the auction. DHL and Fedex do not take weapons, and yes, it is hard to get contracts with them in any case. I have customers waiting for months now - fortunately, I knew and was able to inform them before they bought. Afraid sea mail is your only option right now...
  6. Ohayou gozaimasu (good morning)! I think it will hold 2 blades. Needs mounts, mind. Interior pics attached. EMS shipping is still blocked to USA and Australia, but I now have DHL corporate rates, so quick and dirty calc to USA, about 21000 yen (2500 min insure...) (note: I haven't actually packed it yet, so size and weight - and thus price - may vary a bit) Other countries with EMS open can get for maybe 10-11,000 yen, but I will hold for EMS opening if customer from blocked country buys. Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions Himeji Japan
  7. Hi Friends, Don't often sell on NMB... hope I'm following all the rules. Edo katanabako. Solid kiri (paulownia). Rare iron lock plate and hinges. L114.5 × H26㎝ × D25.5㎝. (inside L109 x H20.2 x D19.6㎝) More pics available. PM me~ 60000 yen (plus shipping, bank/paypal fees) Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions Himeji, Japan
  8. Congrats, Boris! おめでとうございます!
  9. I checked various sites here, but found only one reference, and it was sold out. Mailed directly to Sano Museum, but probably won't get answer as it is closed now due to Corona. Will let you know if I hear. Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions.
  10. Yes, maybe. The PDF in the link does not list Australia, but maybe they haven't updated it for a few days...
  11. Yes, I got that too... She says: A. she can't send blades. B. she can send other items by EMS. Both statements seem a bit off to me... perhaps owing to poor translation. A. Blades are sent by EMS, just like other items. Of course, they need Japan Customs clearance before sending out. True, this takes longer than the cheaper items with no export permit, as items are piling up, but they can be sent. B. EMS items can be sent... BUT only if your country is not on the blocked list. DHL, Fedex perhaps faster as I belive they have their own customs systems. Here is the note I am including on my mail outs: Please note that air mail to some countries is presently blocked (see PDF here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0401_02_en.html ) Even if your country is not on the list, there are few planes flying and Customs here is piled up... There will be delay. Seamail an alternative... Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions
  12. Hi Stephen, Well, that PO announcement was April 1, so I don't know why Buyee is telling you only now... This is what I have been posting on my mail outs since then: Please note that air mail to some countries is presently blocked (see PDF here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0401_02_en.html ) Even if your country is not on the list, there are few planes flying and Customs here is piled up... There will be delay. Seamail an alternative... I can only assume that they will update that PDF regularly. Currently the USA is not blocked, but I do have a few USA bound packages sitting in Osaka Customs since 3/30 still waiting for planes - probably on the bottom of the pile and back of the room by now. Dunno. If they are not able to send eventually, they will be sent back to me. Then just a matter of waiting till things clear up. Or ship by other method. DHL may work - maybe - but I'd guess stupid money. Seamail should work, but a month or more... Kelly
  13. Sent you a mail through FB and gmail, Stef. No need to register on Yahoo Japan - I do everything for you. Kelly
  14. Lots on Yahoo Japan: https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?va=%E6%AB%83&vo=%E9%8E%A7%E3%80%80%E6%AD%A6%E5%85%B7%E3%80%80&ve=&ngrm=0&auccat=20000&aucminprice=&aucmaxprice=&aucmin_bidorbuy_price=&aucmax_bidorbuy_price=&l0=0&abatch=0&istatus=0&gift_icon=0&charity=&slider=0&ei=UTF-8&f_adv=1&fr=auc_adv&f=0x2 I run a proxy bidding service. PM me here or at: https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions/?ref=bookmarks Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions
  15. Thank you, Gilles! Always my pleasure! But I think I am regretting selling that rare hitai-ate to you! I'll never find another like that! Enjoy!
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