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  1. Hi yes sword bag included, no Shirasaya. Yes the blade really has the wow factor, very nicely forged too almost flawless a bit of an opening on the mune. Yes shame it's suriage, but this makes it alot more affordable :-) Also a well rated Smith: https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/TAM193
  2. 26.5" nagasa suriage signed mutsu no Kami with NBTHK papers to 2nd gen Tameyasu. Kanbun Shinto Ishido Bizen school. In good Japanese polish, full mounts with good signed tsuba. SOLD Link to post with pics http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/27151-kii-ishido-mutsu-no-kami-tameyasu/ Will email more pics if desired. Located in the UK
  3. Hi John, It would be best if you post a photo of the nakago (tang)
  4. Certainly some similarities to Ishido with the tobiyaki, muneyaki, choji ko nie hamon. Boshi and the lack of O-hada would suggest otherwise though
  5. mfarrar

    Muromachi Sword?

    Looks to have some age to it but there are some large patches of what appear to be umegane in the shinogi. If you could post a pic of the full length of the blade that would help.
  6. Yes the hamon is quite different in style to other examples I have found online. I saw your thread from last year about Ishido swords, did you find yourself one?
  7. Thanks Steve, thought it would have said 2nd gen somewhere but I guess they dont really need to say.
  8. Thanks John, very pleased with it. Excellent service from the seller Daimyou54eb
  9. I believe that Tameyasu did have a reputation for flamboyance :-)
  10. http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj119/mefarrar/nihonto/IMG_20181110_191130_zpsweru4blw.jpg
  11. Hi all, It's been quite some time since my last purchase but couldn't resist this one. It's a suriage Kanbun Shinto Katana signed Mutsu no Kami and attributed by the NBTHK to Kii Ishido Smith Tameyasu. I believe this to be 2nd generation Tameyasu as I don't think the Shodai signed Mutsu no Kami? I am not sure what the papers say other than Tameyasu. As always difficult to take good pics, but here are some so far. Mark
  12. Not sure it could take another polish... Maybe submit to shinsa first
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