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  1. US$1100. Still open to offers.
  2. The Fuchi is, L 33mm x W 23mm x H 15mm
  3. I believe so Mal. Fittings aren't my forte' Maybe Kenjo School?
  4. Nice Tsuka, with matching Fuchi Gashira and Tsuba. My guess, late Edo or Meiji. US$1400. Sorry about the photo's. If more photo's needed, I can email them.
  5. I go to Japan, almost yearly. Occasionally, I only go mainly for the DTI, however, I have travelled extensively through Japan. The reason I travel around Japan is for two reasons, first, to find sword shops, Secondly, I enjoy Japan an love the tourist aspect. My favourite sword shop is Wayy out of Tokyo. Now for my point. I have seen many swords for sale in Japan, with Green Papers. I still believe, that unless one is just a cheque book collector, one should do the research on the blade. Does it match the school? Does it match the work of the smith? With todays internet, one can just type in the smiths name and examples of the smiths work will be there to compare, as well a signatures.
  6. This is an International Forum. Each country and each person has their political systems and leanings.. This is not a forum to push what Americans believe is their rights.
  7. The last gimei orikaeshi mei I saw was, Sue koto Kaneuji.
  8. I began like Paul, collecting anything that took my fancy. Later, I decided I would concentrate on Gendaito. I believe I learnt much from Gendaito, as I believe most are just a continuance of Shin Shinto. However, now my tastes have changed again. I still like Gendaito, but have now branched out to all era's
  9. I believe these type of put togethers, are post war. If it was done in Japan, why not just another military Tsuka?
  10. Field re- fits, didn't use antique handles (as far as I know).
  11. If it doesn't have a stamp, reasonably safe to assume it''s a Gendaito. As for using Tamahagane, Unless it's a Star Stamp or Yasukuni blade, there really isn't anyway to be sure it was used. Unless there is a record of which smiths outside the RJT or Yasukuni (Minotagawa) who used it, one would never know. Also, how would he know it's pre 1939? There isn't a date on it. Also, it appears to be a put together.
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