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  1. Also, depending on the buffing, but it generates heat. I would suspect that the Hamon on some buffed swords has been affected.
  2. I don't believe one should post a Kantei, without authentication.. This should have been for opinions on whether or not it was Shoshin. So if this sword, comes to be Gimei, it then throws everything into confusion. I'm not saying this isn't shoshin, it probably is.
  3. I have to disagree with Bruno on the Hamon. The Hamon is a good example of Gunome Choji Midare. I believe the polish lets it down.
  4. Swords don't need to be Juyo to be Museum quality. Even some Gendai Smiths are in Museums
  5. John, what do you class as an "Average" income. Also, Australia's Tax system is on a sliding scale.
  6. Not classic "Soshu" Hada per se. More it's a copy of Norishige.
  7. True, but most collectors class Shinken as just a Sharpened sword. The term Shinken, is mostly used by martial artists.
  8. Is this a Shinken (non traditional) or a Shinsakuto?
  9. Don't forget, what we call Showato, the Japanese call Gunto. What we call Gendaito, the Japanese call Showato.
  10. Dimensions: Nagasa 39cm; Motohaba 3.3cm; Sakihaba 3cm; Kasane 8mm. Hada, Ko Itame. Hamon, Notare.
  11. More photo's upon request.
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