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  1. Gendaito, are Traditional. You will never know if this was the ACTUAL sword, that was entered in the Comp. What you have is, a Traditionally made sword by a competent smith. Be happy with what you have.
  2. David Flynn

    new kantei

    Sukenao, Nidai.
  3. Check out (under links) The Japanese Sword Index. Also, in Military Swords, look up Star Stamps.
  4. John, the SNLF were navy, so they didn't have Colonels.
  5. Nambokucho, Mino Shizu, Kaneuji.
  6. I have to concur with Neil. That sword definitely appears to have an amateur clean up. Going by the colour, it looks like acid was used. I don't believe the sword is ruined. Depending on your budget, you could consider having it assessed by Woody Hall.
  7. Japanese swords with a Star Stamp, are true Gendaito. That's it. Yes, this going round in circles.
  8. The only thing that's really going on here is, about being able to tell the difference between a Showato and Gendaito. Stamps aside, one must learn to differentiate. Whilst discussing such, some information comes to light, however, it still comes down to one being able to examine a sword and being able to tell the difference. The only way to really learn this is, to examine as many swords as possible. As with all Nihonto, judge the blade first.
  9. I suggest you study "What makes a true Nihonto". From there it's a matter of examining as many swords as possible. I for one don't understand what you are after? RJT were Army registered Smiths, who were contracted by the Army ( and supplied with Tamahagane) to make X amount of swords. Other than obliging the contract, the smith could make however many swords he liked. One may find two swords made by a Smith in the same year, one has a Star Stamp and the other does not. As for Emura V Nagamitsu. Both made similar swords and in a similar manner. These are true Gendaito. Because of the similarity, these two Smiths were often considered the same person. This has proven to be false. It's now time to study.
  10. Re think, Nabokucho Taima.
  11. There are other smiths who signed Nagamitsu, besides Ichihara Nagamitsu.
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