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  1. Hi Barry, The mei eventually reads: MORI ( 守 ) SADA saku. There was a Bungo Takada Katana with a similar mei in the Compton collection. It was papered "koshu tokubetsu kicho token" in 1975, so the mei can be considered genuine. It was sold at auction by Christies as lot Nr.306 (Part I) on March 31, 1992. The two mei are not precisely identical, but pretty close.
  2. Brian, I really do appreciate your efforts to keep this site alive. I'm just wondering if this is going to work in a long run by celebrating links to unchecked information. I'm aware of growing popularity of "youtube-learning" in these days, but this is not how you should approach Japanese swords and fittings. A few of these links might be guidances to better understanding, but finally you have to see objects yourself, have to understand basics. What I wanted to make sure is: Do not confuse easy entertainment and breaking news for a way to understand the real thing. It will not work. Anyway, I'm watching your project from a distance and wish you well. I really do. best regards - reinhard
  3. Do you really think approaching Japanese culture is possible by sitting at home and studying bits and bytes and pixels?
  4. Really? Is that all it takes? Feeding you with links to unchecked information?
  5. "Nuns, no sense of humour!" (Clancy Brown as Kurgan in "Highlander") reinhard
  6. Just checking how predictable NMB still is. Thank you mods. I could have chosen this pic as well. No bare bottom, but the message's still the same. Sorry for the confusion, Joey. reinhard P.S. Great source for pics and wallpapers: http://www.fotomonitor.ru
  7. Joey, You are trying a silly stunt. Don't. Keep on learning. Buy later. reinhard
  8. Simple questions can be answered. Stupid questions can't. reinhard
  9. How many of Masamune's famous blades did you see in hand? Let me guess. None? Well, I did. Quite a few of them. They are neither "outlandish" nor "rugged" or just "bold". They are simply the best a lover of NihonTo can imagine. Reinhard
  10. Leave your armchairs and check reality. reinhard
  11. Well, it will definitely not be the NTHK for obvious reasons. reinhard
  12. That's correct. It looks like Koson's mei and Kao around 1955....Unfortunately his attributions are of less to no importance nowadays. reinhard
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