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  1. I did not specify it, this is my fault, but there is no (to my knowledge) any touch-up polishing. Either there is a complete polish or no polish at all. It is a legetime question which I already asked myself at the beginning of my interest for nihonto.
  2. If the blade in question is in good condition, I do not recommend polishing. the process involves removal of material. when we talk about blades that are hundreds of years old. This is not negligible, and will reduce its overall life expectancy. we have to think about the future generation. Can we have pictures of the blade to better judge? And needless to say that I advise you not to undertake yourself (or an amateur) work on this blade. cordially max
  3. The problem is that habaki is almost more valuable than the blade. (market value of course). On the other hand, it is possible that the blade is a beautiful historical value if it is kamakura. cordialy
  4. That's what I thought, they talk about the sword as being an authentic masamune.
  5. this is not a masamune? or is it just a legend?
  6. Can only trust the nakago for this blades. And the patina of the nakago makes me say muromachi but it's not an exact science.
  7. the fingerprints it hurts ... even if the hamon is illegible, the nakago would remind me of muromachi.
  8. it's a pleasure, and I will continue to share more from time to time.. It is true, but one can feel the same passions dear to the students and the sensei. And the importance of transmission.
  9. we can't say too much with these photos, what little can be said about it: nakago with 3 mekugi holes (which rather indicates a long and beautiful life) and a beautiful patina. the hamon seems to be an irregular gunome (with the little that we see) I would say muromachi for the time.
  10. Another interesting video that I have not seen in the selection, probably very well known, but for people who have missed it.
  11. this video is probably very well known but in doubt
  12. apparently the blade was sold for € 33,000, the question is, good or bad deal?
  13. interesting story, I can not help you for the identification, other great master of this forum will do better. But do you have some pictures of the blade? just by curiosity
  14. it is not worth a complete polishing, as a woman has some small defects, you have to learn to live with them. especially when it is small default are perhaps the traces of a valiant fight.
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