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  1. Hi, I like to offer the book by Joly: the sword and samé henri j. joly , inada hogitaro the condition is good as you can see on the pictures. my asking price is 100,- € plus shipping. best sebastian
  2. Hi members, i am offering 16 auction catalogues from Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Some very rare Samurai auction catalogues, see the picture. if you have any questions please feel free to ask. asking price is 280,- € plus shipping or best offer. Best sebastian
  3. Hi Darrel, I cant find the article- post. Please be so kind and post the direct link to the article. Thank you and best regards Sebastian
  4. Hi, I am still looking for a tetsu sabiji haidate. Best Sebastian
  5. Hi, i have two sets of the Fujishiro translations. best sebastian
  6. Hi members, I am looking for a haidate and a suneate in tetsu sabichi. Please offen if you have one. Best Sebastian
  7. Last price is 190 Euro plus shipping
  8. Hello Alan,


    sorry for late reply and thank you for your offer. Your offer is just a little to less. My counteroffer would be 450 Euro plus shipping.


    i hope you can accept it. Please let me know.


    best regards 



  9. Last price is now 120 Euro plus shipping.
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