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  1. I will look at "satsuma" and "Okashi to", thanks Dave!
  2. I Impressive, you can work in pyramids! Thank you Ray
  3. Thank you babu, it's already something, I'm happy with the satsuma rebellion! I didn't about the Maekanagu or tobacco pouch... are they different from menuki? in size, design???
  4. Hi Ken, I didn't know and unfortunatly the sword is not with me for more photos...
  5. Hi guys, Encouraged by your kind responses and expertise, I decided to post the last Japanese sword I have... Again I have no idea about it, it looks old to me but to me old is 19th c... There is a signature but extremely difficult to read I guess? Thank you for your help Kubur
  6. Thanks guys, it's very kind, now I have a lot of good tracks to start!
  7. Hi Guys, I had the bad idea to Google "good books on Japanese swords" and the amount of results/responses was a bit scary. Do you have any recommendations for good books with a lot of pictures, a kind of top ten if you wish. Thank you Warmly Kubur
  8. Thanks all!! Then O-tanto or ko wakizashi? To me it looks more like a short sword than a dagger, but i know knothing about Japanese vocabulary...
  9. Dear Peter, Thank you very much indeed for your very useful message. Yes it's a lovely sword that I got with another sword from Vietnam. In fact I was biding on the vietnamese sword and it was a good surprise when I saw the Japonese tanto(?). Kubur
  10. Hi Guys It's me again. I found another sword, a wakizashi or a tanto, I don't know... The blade is really cool, as the hilt. The tang is signed and I would be very gratefull if someone can help for the translation. And if you have any information about this sword... Thanks Kubur
  11. Kubur

    New Sword Needs Help

    I'll do more photos. About restoration, my main problem is the ito very dry, i would like to put some wax or a cream on it. But I would to be sure to not make it worse.
  12. Kubur

    New Sword Needs Help

    Dear All, Thank you very much for your very kind comments and very useful information's. Kind regards,
  13. Kubur

    New Sword Needs Help

    Dear All, I did some photo of the menuki and the tang. The signature is almost erased, I'll be happily surprised if someone can read something... Thanks
  14. Kubur

    New Sword Needs Help

    Thanks for your comments guys Actually i bought it for the tsuba. I will open the sword later, I prefer to be cautious... Thanks for the link about etiquette. Is it normal to have two pegs holes instead of one??
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