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  1. Chris Bowen is not infallible. I saw this post on FB. His whole argument for Kunimori swords being Showato, comes from some very old articles and hearesay. I do however think that like a lot of us, we were given a lot of mis-information in the old days. Many myths and erroneous information has now been found out and altered. But here we are 2021 and there's those who still endorse these myths and erroneous mis-truths. Ikkansai Kunimori, are Gendaito. The have proper Jihada, they are water tempered and have a distict Nioguchi. Also, they get papered.
  2. The Blade is Tired. The Jitetsu is weak towards the Hamachi. It wouldn't take a polish. I believe, the weak area of the Jitestsu would open up a lot more.
  3. Every Ikkansai Kunimori that I have seen ( I've probably seen 20+) and except a few that were too dirty, all had a distinctive Nioguchi and quite noticeable Hada. These traits, I have never seen on a sword that was Oil Quenched.
  4. It looks like the Kissaki has been re-shaped.
  5. Gassan Sadakazu. Brother to the one in the Minatogawa Book (which is from the Shinshinto Meikan).
  6. Ed, the only reference to these early Mei, comes from Chris Bowen. I have received info from Chris saying that, his info on this comes from Token Shibata May, Showa 53 edition of Token Shibata's monthly catalog, "REI", There is an article from Okimasa's Polisher talking about his early signatures. There aren't any other documents concerning this. Token Shibata's catalogue is basically just a sales catalogue , including some relevant info on smiths. Chris, also commented that this claim was confirmed with Okimasa's nephew. To me ( also by definition) , this is hearsay. The are absolutely no other references available to confirm these claims. This reference in Token Shibata being the only one, now may not be contested. However, one must consider, why there has never been another reference?
  7. I believe Markus acquires most of his Gendai info. from Chris. I have found his listing of Shigetsugu, is directly from Chris.
  8. The only record of this being an early signature of Okimasa is that of Chris Bowen stating such. There is no other record, unless Chris has some direct reference material.
  9. Hi Anders, what's your price range? I have a Kawachi (no) kami Kunisuke (Naka) Nidai , with Tokubetsu Hozon Papers.
  10. Naval Ranks, Lieutenant = Captain, Lieutenant Commander = Major, Commander= Lieutenant Colonel, Captain= Colonel, Comodore= Brigadier etc.
  11. A way around this could be, I'm intending to sell this sword, open to offers. Please PM with valuations or offers.
  12. Considering that the people who ask the value of their swords are usually beginners, this could cause problems. First, we're going on photo's, next, depending on where one lives, there are variances. I believe, it would be better to just ask for this via PM, because, as said earlier this is subjective. For an example, Say I go to all the sword and gun shows and only look for absolute bargains. I pick up a Akihisa for say, 1500 and I comment that the sword in my opinion is worth 1500! People would probably jump all over it. Then after opinions are given, the range would probably be something like, 1500 - 3500. Then there would be opinions on condition, location etc. In my opinion, it would just open a can of worms.. However, by using the Pm, the Poster, will see the differences and then make up their own mind.
  13. I don't believe one should give valuations here. Too subjective. Via Pm, though.
  14. Gendaito, are Traditional. You will never know if this was the ACTUAL sword, that was entered in the Comp. What you have is, a Traditionally made sword by a competent smith. Be happy with what you have.
  15. David Flynn

    new kantei

    Sukenao, Nidai.
  16. Check out (under links) The Japanese Sword Index. Also, in Military Swords, look up Star Stamps.
  17. John, the SNLF were navy, so they didn't have Colonels.
  18. Nambokucho, Mino Shizu, Kaneuji.
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