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  1. Ahhh, the Vandals are alive and well... BaZZA
  2. Bazza

    Strange menuki theme.

    Too hot and the wax in the wings will melt ... BaZZa.
  3. Bazza

    Strange menuki theme.

    Ahhh, unagi, also very delicious to eat... BaZZa.
  4. Saddened to hear that a good and honorable man has taken his final journey. I had never heard of Ron but I do know his gentlemanly and sharing manner amongst the Nihontophiles in my friendship circle. RIP. BaZZa.
  5. Bruce, which Sadakazu?? If the first in late Edo through Meiji then the context of the Kikusui mon is completely different. Please explain (as we say here in Australia, with apologies to a certain controversial politician here!!). BaZZa.
  6. Do I? Dare I?? I don't at all think this thread has been a train wreck, at least not entirely. As a modest level collector of no great knowledge or skill compared to some I have learnt much by the Shinsa discussions especially. For this the thread has been valuable and IMHO gives newer collectors a perspective base to further their studies and collecting. Through numerous of these discursive threads I have restrained myself from pointing out immutable truths of the World of Nihonto that would highlight the elements discussed at length on the Board AND ruffle feathers, but sadly without being able to offer any resolution to what is essentially an existential problem to all areas of collecting. A Nirvana has been shown that is not at all achievable to most here, yet most here do enjoy wherever they are "at" and strive to advance themselves, otherwise they would not be "here". To conclude, Nihonto is one of the most difficult fields of study and collecting for Westerners and this Board under Brian's and Moderators' guidance is the place to be. For native Japanese collectors it is no doubt a completely different experience and I would love to hear that side of Nihonto in the Homeland. BaZZa.
  7. I have only one Kaigunto for all my years of collecting and it has a mon on one of the menuki. The other menuki has been swindled out so I cannot comment on that one. There is also a stamp on the seppa against the habaki that I'll include here for interest. I'll post the entire sword and suite of photos in the "Show us your high quality gunto" thread when I can find the right Round Tuit. BaZZa.
  9. Bazza

    Tachi Bringback

    Another way of maintaining the hamachi is to polish the blade down a little leaving the hamachi intact. In other words, in-curve the ha in a new polish. We have seen this feature in a recent thread. It usually indicates a Koto sword, but I once had a hirazukuri wakizashi signed Bizen Morimitsu and dated to Oei that was a Shinshinto utsushimono. It had an in-curved ha to make it look old... And the kasane was also thinned relative to the nakago to make it look old. BaZZa.
  10. Yasaka san wrote: > BaZZa san. Please make up for a little confusion and unclear understanding of terms, and I want to ask for forgiveness with my weird English. Yasaka san and all, please forgive my confusion - I'm old and often put my keyboard into gear before engaging my brain, in other words I thought without thinking!! Even having an asymmetric katana with shinogi tsukuri/kata shinogi tsukuri I still get confused... Here is my sword: BaZZa.
  11. If I could simply ask - are the pictures above of a wakizashi?? Looks like a katana nakago to me and I've never seen (that I can recall) a wakizashi with two mekugi ana spaced so far apart?? What is the nagasa of this wakizashi?? BaZZa.
  12. Bazza

    Tachi Bringback

    Kawa wrote: > Second, on the hamon, looking at this hamon it seems to clearly end right on the hamachi, if the sword was osuriage then i would not expect that in most cases. If it ends right on the hamachi then it surely is a re-temper. The odd-looking hamon tends to suggest that. The odd little bump at the hamachi is how some smiths end their hamon (my Gassan Sadakatsu, for example). Georg did say that the hamon continued into the nakago and I looked very carefully at this feature at the hamachi. I cropped the image (attached) and it appears to me to continue into the nakago... Whatever the hamon looks like at present, when a fully trained togishi has finished the blade I'm sure the hamon will look completely different... BaZZa.
  13. Bill, thanks for the note. No collector who has been "bitten by the bug" should pass from this world without a tribute from a fellow collector. A nasty disease and to hear he was "only" 68 is a sad note, but it puts my 76 into perspective... RIP. BaZZa.
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