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  1. I reckon it has all the hallmarks of a fake... BaZZa.
  2. It would seem to me that Acxel has stumbled upon a horidashimono that is well worth professional evaluation. Looking forward to more revelations. BaZZa.
  3. I've been back and forward over this sword for quite some time. This certainly isn't Daimyo stuff, but has a sort of "reserved dignity" about it. Stretching my neck out here - does anybody think the saya could conceivably be 17th century lacquer???? Possibly the original koshirae for a Shinto blade?? The tsuba looks like the lacquer and the tsuka, simple and old. The handle binding is in an unusual style but appears undisturbed and old. I think the blade is Shinto, but that chip is a real killer. I would have a window put in it. Just thinking out loud - swish??? BaZZa.
  4. Congratulations Jeremiah, thanks for sharing. BaZZa.
  5. Hello and welcome Kevin. To give another perspective of a Japanese sword collector I have been on the Forum since 2008 and have been collecting for 55 years... I hope you will enjoy our company for a long, long time to come. I have a simple question - why Dotanuki??? I have an answer, but I would like to hear yours. Best regards, Barry Thomas aka BaZZa.
  6. Jumping in as the thoughts occur to me. Any Yasunori I've ever seen (a few! And I owned one at one time) are suguha and all about 25 - 26 inches long. Oh, and only one mekugi ana. Longer blades may be special order, but this certainly isn't one. BaZZa.
  7. Well, FWIW I think it is a Shinshinto blade, but have no clue as to what it is "dressed up" as. The main indicator for me is that the mune flares out where it meets the koshinogi. Not so easy to perceive, but it seems so to me. Jack, the habaki is knackered beyond repair and not worth any effort to try and preserve it. My suggestion would be to run boiling water over it (use rags around the blade to prevent your hand burning) and tap (heavily?) with pieces of wood to drift it off. BaZZa.
  8. Shane, If you google "Ota Chikahide" you will find lots of information, much of it on this Board. You can find the latter by entering "Ota Chikahide" in the NMB Search window in the top rhs corner of your screen. Best regards, BaZZa.
  9. I beg your pardon Malcolm, I thought you were pointing us to a video with a different handler. BaZZa.
  10. Good grief, he doesn't even know how to draw or handle it properly... BaZZa.
  11. Vitt, This seems to be a long blade?? What is the length please?? BaZZa.
  12. Bob, With a 144 piece collection I hope you realise it could be said that you have a Gross of Tsuba... BaZZa.
  13. Ahhh, Jean, thanks for that AND the Happy Birthday wishes. Forgive me, but somehow I read In a deep valley as somewhere in the USA... Gomen. BaZZa.
  14. I kept my first sword for 15 years, a shingunto with a worn out Koto blade. The fittings were stamped with number 2 and the blade would have been good in its ubu state. I sold it to afford a high-class Shinto blade in a Shingunto koshirae. That sword immediately showed me what a first class blade should look like and most of my collection at that time went because the dross had fallen from my eyes. I like John's phrase "... it will be interesting in 30 years time to see where it began and how well I've done since then!" If the occasion warrants I sometimes ask a beginning collector "Where would you like to be in 5 years time?" Its good to measure one's progress even if money is tight in one's life circumstances. BaZZa.
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