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  1. If it helps the discussion along I collect debts ... Perennially... Still, you should see my (small, somewhat insignificant in the big picture) collection... I also collect because my wife lets me... BaZZa.
  2. Russ, its true there is a lot of nonsense on facebook, but at this link you will find the writings of a fully qualified togishi (sword polisher) Andrew Ickeringill: https://www.facebook.com/toukentogishi Andrew spent 6 long, hard years in Japan learning polishing from Sensei Takushi Sasaki who in turn was taught by the Living National Treasure polisher Nagayama Koukan, also author of the book mentioned above The Connoisseurs Guide. Go here for a good video Best regards, BaZZa aka Barry Thomas Melbourne, Australia
  3. Peter, very interesting collection indeed, thanks for showing it. I'm instantly reminded of a battered, mumei hirazukuri blade I have that Mother wouldn't have in the house. A mate close by has another blade of the same sort. I'm motivated to get these together and post them here FWIW, but don't hold your breath. We're still in lockdown here for a few more daze and I haven't had my second AZ shot yet. BaZZa 'Gunnadoo' Thomas.
  4. Friends, I've been sent a link to a most fascinating book. Sadly, it is out of my league, but I thought it worthy of a mention here "just in case". It would seem to be a rare book: NAKAMURA YASUO MAKI NAOMI; NOMEN NOH MASKS.pdf The same bookshop also offers a set of Hawley's old 'Blue Books'. BaZZa.
  5. Ian, if anybody deserves a horidashimono its your good self. Congratulations, looks a real winner. I haven't seen much cloisonne in my time but those I have seen went from the extraordinaire knock-your-socks-off to the Meiji gorblimey stuff. Looking forward to details of the blade and photos of any other fittings. BaZZa.
  6. Hmmm, I an still "see" everything. I'll copy and paste it and put it up here as a document... Watch this space. BaZZa.
  7. Luca, I like the look of the menuki - are they solid gold??? Can you show us the backs, please?? BaZZa.
  8. Well Bruce, that's fascinating. I just clicked on the link above and I got all the detail and discussion. Anyone else??? I wonder if one has to have "signed on" to academia?? BaZZa.
  9. We may also note that the uragawara (strip across the bottom of the 'little knife' pocket) is en suite with the koiguchi (band around mouth of scabbard). The uragawara is usually plain, black horn so it is a nice touch. The kashira appears to be horn and is not an unusual feature. BaZZa.
  10. You have to be on a life-long 'trip' to collect Nihonto. If I worried about the money I have unwisely spent I'd never get any sleep, but the knowledge gained in the process - about swords, values and people, especially people - has been priceless. At 77 yo and 55 years in collecting I have realised that one ideally needs to have sh-loads of money to do it well, but great satisfaction can be had at the lower levels of collecting far down from the stratospheric levels. We see this here all the time... BaZZa.
  11. Tom, I hate it when I do that!!! Having a Hirata utsushi tsuba and a Haruta kabuto mis-spelling is an easy trap for the tired and unwary. I should go to bed earlier ... Thanks for the correction. BaZZa.
  12. Good evening All, A friend who is usually an Indo-Persian collector with somewhat eclectic taste and who does like Japanese arms and armour recently sprung an iron kabuto in a general auction minus the shikoro. It was 'painted' a golden-brownish colour, which on judicious cleaning turned out to be a red-lacquered kabuto. In conversation he asked if I had any idea what it would cost to restore the kabuto, and indeed whether it was even worth restoring it 'as is', or restoring with a replacement shikoro. Having myself a russet Momoyama Hirata Yoshihisa Zunari kabuto I have wondered myself about costs. So I turn the question over to the Board for anyone with knowledge of 'ball park' restoration costs. The first two pictures below are of my Zunaru kabuto and the next two are of my friend's red-lacquered acquisition. The ukebari is intact in the latter red helmet, though just hanging on in a couple of places. No mei can be seen anywhere. To me this kabuto almost looks 'top heavy', but perhaps that perspective is altered by the very small fukigayeshi. With thanks, BaZZa. aka Barry Thomas.
  13. Very nice, thanks for showing. Could we please see the nakago both sides without habaki?? BaZZa.
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