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  1. I have put this one up quite some time ago, but here it is just for this thread. The blade has a short, wide groove with gold characters in it. It is not polished, but on that side I can see the ko nie of a hamon with a full-tempered point area. BaZZa.
  2. The very, very straight bare blade is interesting only because I have a wrecked, beat-up blade just like it. No mei, no nothing, it has been a puzzle. BaZZa.
  3. Bruce P wrote: > I have the nakago photos of yours, Barry, but not of the whole gunto. I didn't know where to find the thread I got the pics from or I'd have posted the link. Here's what I have: Bruce et al I'm beyond shamed as I completely forgot I'd uploaded those photos!! Standard territory for this auld bloke ... I've put it closer to the top of the 'to do' pile in what passes for a brain ... BaZZa.
  4. sugu-midare?? Not mimigata. BaZza.
  5. Well, while this is active I'll simply say I have a Tanrenjo blade in Shingunto koshirae with a mei similar to the one I illustrated back in 2020 (above). The sword is somewhat of a wreck and I've been 'gunna' write it up for some time now (there is a story!), but a certain teppou write up comes before that, so patience Ladies and Gentlemen... BaZZa aka Barry 'Gunnadoo' Thomas, Melbourne, Australia
  6. Nicolas, a good buy indeed. Time and your collecting future and direction will tell you when the time is right to release it back into the world. It took me 15 years to release my first buy, a mumei Sue Kotou blade in a very nice Shinguntou koshirae. That the time was right was decided when a top-level ubu Shintou Hizen katana came into my orbit, also in a good Shinguntou koshirae and with a photo album and letter from the Japanese major surrendering it. I still miss my first, more for nostalgic reasons than anything else, though it did exude a feeling of its time and place in history, and it was a real sword that was deemed worthy of taking to war. Congratulations on your journey so far, but its a long and winding road... BaZZa.
  7. Just in time!!! Jamie better like it heaps as my finger was quivering on the trigger. Now I can put the money back towards my sword 'n' teppou bin!!! I enjoyed this chawan very much. Good one Evan. BaZZa.
  8. Sorry for a slightly off-topic comment, but I thought Ken would enjoy it. I've just heard from a mate in Tasmania who is helping on Old Gentleman move out of his early 19th century Country Mansion to down-sized accommodation. My mate is the Mansion-sit guard until settlement and in his words: "An occasional visitor to the (Country Mansion) shot 16 bunnies with this the other night. Claimed head shots at 40 - 60 metres. He was cleaning them when we arrived." You can see a bunny at the top of the pic "in preparation for dinner". Here is a pic of the implement. Nicest piece I've ever seen in that line! BaZZa.
  9. CELLULOSE??? George, the cellulose 'same' I've seen had a yellow-ish cast. Your example IMHO is real same??? BaZZa.
  10. Ask for help, please. We are all busting to know. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!! BaZZa.
  12. I've seen a case where one child had the blade and the other the nicely lacquered saya and they had been 'going at it'. Pretty sad to see. BaZZa.
  13. Marius, Thanks for the images and elucidation of the motifs. I enjoyed this presentation very much. BaZZa.
  14. It means when I have got my act together and massaged a sufficiently good set of photos of all the features of the teppou. One teaser - the mei has a kao... Another - it retains a feature I have never seen before, but which answered a question. BaZZa aka "Gunnadoo" PS - I will try harder. When I ran the 'Gunnadoo' line to Mal Cox's request for oshigata he wrote back and said "Can you make that 'Gottadoo' "
  15. Yes - BUT - since when did roosters lay eggs??? Hmmmm??? Hmmmm??? The ideal kashira would be - a henpecked hen!!! BaZZa (in a cheeky mood)
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