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  1. It seems to be a tachi, yet katana mei?? A very handsome looking sword that needs top-level evaluation. BaZZa.
  2. The sugata is a nice looking koshizori. Hanging on seeing the nakago... BaZZa.
  3. Pietro wrote: > [P.S. besides, this book must have been stored in a damp basement for decades, it smells really bad] Without wanting to start a course in paper conservation, can anybody link a good website that discusses this problem and what the "home hobbyist" and Nihontophile might be able to do to ameliorate bad paper smells etc etc??? BaZZa.
  4. I certainly agree with this notion of a 'tuition fee'. Over the decades here in Australia where I lived it was uncommon to find a good sword amongst the also-rans - at least to my eye. My early strategy was to buy anything in reasonable condition that 'looked good' and to learn from it. My collecting philosophy has never been one of an 'investment' profit/loss mindset, but really to have the view that 'the journey is priceless', as Piers' tussle with a Sukenaga amply illustrates. Over my 55+ years of collecting this outlook has given me insights that reading all the books in the world simply does not give. Even if one is of moderate means you gotta dip your toe in the water!! BaZZa.
  5. Well, unless my late night blinkers are still on (hic!) this looks nice if a little rustique! The small kogai hitsu suggests OLD to me??? I like the tsuba and perhaps the mei will always be 'intriguing'. BaZZa.
  6. Having said that, the engraving on the koshirae looks well done, especially the kojiri. It has more than a passing resemblance to late 19th/early 20th century engraving on Naval swords. The blade and its signature is NOT Japanese as has been said, but the koshirae looks as if it has been made by a talented hand IMHO. BaZZa.
  7. Terminus asked: > Also there's some strange tiny square indentations on it. Does anyone know what those are? An indenter hardness test???!!! BaZZa.
  8. Ron, Loved reading about your stories and offerings, but regrettably was unable to participate in the buying thereof, your teppo especially. I sincerely hope you will keep in touch with the Board as your future endeavors unfold. You will be missed in this space. Best regards, BaZZa aka Barry Thomas.
  9. Thank you all for your responses, and to Thomas for pointing me to an older thread I should have remembered!! Best regards, BaZZa, aka Barry Thomas.
  10. BUMP Just a bump to bring my question to the attention of the Board again. I miss questions and I'm sure others do too, so if no response this time I'll just let it wither away... Thanks BaZZa.
  11. Stunner Mark, stunner. Congrats on the ranking. As Ian said, draw attention to the head of the animal - what does it mean?? BaZZa.
  12. WOW... Thanks Da Man. BaZZa.
  13. G'day Adam, Like GregF I am a devotee of copper tosogu and I do like your koshirae very much. I see absolutely nothing wrong with having a koshirae with a wooden tsunagi and no accompanying blade in shirasaya. None at all. And I do agree that the simple tsuba is best for this koshirae as it doesn't distract from the fittings. Is it iron or soft metal - shakudo?? How about both sides pic. It is my observation that simpler iron tsuba do "go well" with soft metal fittings. I have such myself and a friend has a katana with very nice soft metal fittings and a simple round iron tsuba. It takes my breath away every time I see it. Now if I might make an observation on something of (usually) little note about the mekugi. It correctly and very nicely inserts from the ura side of the koshirae such as to be invisible to an "outside" observer. It is a nice touch and speaks to me of a quality koshirae. Is there no kozuka with this koshiare?? Its not clear to me from the photos and it is not listed as "missing" in the original sales blurb?? Finally, please excuse this pedant for an observation that you have no doubt discovered for yourself - the tsuba in the above photo is back to front... *** Best regards, BaZZa. *** Here I am presuming that you are holding the koshirae "edge up" as worn??
  14. Well, Johan, guilty as charged!! I appreciate your explanations about your past Nobuyoshi threads and will dig further, but I must say I have a devil of a job keeping up with anything. Just ask Ian, a friend and fellow collector locally. Ian?? Oh, and don't talk to my wife!! I seem to recall (faintly) that my photos of my Nobuyoshi and koshirae were probably woefully inadequate. I'll try harder to keep up and will go and look for your earlier threads and update myself . BaZZa aka Barry Thomas.
  15. Gentlemen, Firstly, congratulations Johan on your Nobuyoshi katana, dated too. The koshirae looks very nice indeed. I am fascinated by the nerikawa tsuba discussion, but as I too have a Nobuyoshi katana in handachi koshirae I would like to see some good pictures and details of the blade, probably a separate thread would be the go?? You show me yours and I'll show you mine!!! Secondly, I can't see the whole koshirae clearly enough to give a considered answer to your question about which tsuba to use. In any event, I'm sure there are far better people than I to comment on this. Best regards, BaZZa. aka Barry Thomas Melbourne, Australia.
  16. I've just stumbled upon this photo and thought it worthy of showing on the Board. This is a somewhat ragtag group of three samurai standing guard. It is interesting to see that the katana are worn upright through their obi rather than "Old Samurai" style, though the tanto are worn in the older style. Interesting to see also that they are carrying muzzle loading percussion guns (?) with bayonets attached. Someone will no doubt identify the guns. The hats they are wearing look more like chamber pots than any kind of protective headgear!! And what would hanging on the Sam Browne??? Seen at: https://fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode.tumblr.com/post/138748533045/peashooter85-samurai-guarding-the-dutch-embassy There may be other notable photos at the link, but I'll move on and hope someone else will look at that. BaZZa.
  17. Surely there is more to this than meets the eye??? Dale??? It looks like the Christian version of Hell (or a Macbeth performance, even a Hieronymus Bosch utsushi!!) dressed up in Buddhist clothing!! Perhaps a Ghost story for children?? BaZZa.
  18. Well, to add to the fun and games here is my Kutani bowl with the same theme. See original NMB thread and discussion here
  19. A gun collector mate of mine has asked me as "the Japanese collector guy" whether I can help him find some information. I've done the all-ways Dr Google searches using keyword combinations from his question, but sadly no 'hits'. I did find that DAI NIPPON is a publishing company and no doubt had a vast number of publications. I can do no more than pose his question to the Board to bring their collective knowledge and experience to bear on the subject: > I'm trying to find some information on Japanese newsletter, Dai Nippon published in the > late '60s or early '70s, concerning Francotte rifles and swords made for the Melbourne > military 1892 plus any other info on who received this consignments, thank you. This has been mentioned some time ago and I knew a collection that had a sword made in Japan for the Melbourne Town Hall Militia, I think it was. This is Melbourne in the State of Victoria, Australia. If anyone is interested in this particular sword send me a PM and I'll dig out the article for you. Thank you all, BaZZa. aka Barry Thomas
  20. Piers, This old bloke is using more modern stuff than you and your Troupe!!! BaZZa.
  21. I'm having a shot that this blade is early Shintou, or Shoki no Shintou (初 期 の 新 刀) is I believe another way of expressing it; say early 17th century. BaZZa.,
  22. Bazza

    Tsuguhira Katana

    I see it has the THICK Shinguntou tsuba, which no doubt somebody can comment further on. BaZZa.
  23. Scumbags are everywhere - it shouldn't happen to nice guys like Larry. Lyme Disease is a vastly under-rated and misunderstood disease, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'm saddened to read that Larry was burdened with Lyme for 16 years. Thank you Ray for letting us all know and thanks to Chris Bowen for a heartfelt Obituary. Stephen's story underscored for me that good people are what is the best about Nihonto collecting. RIP Larry. BaZZa.
  24. Bazza

    Echizen Sadamichi

    The taka-no-ha yasurime suggest a Mino influence. I know clumsy kanji is not necessarily definitive of gimei, but your pics to me indicate a "rustic" if not gimei blade. How does the quality of the blade stack up?? The sugata and general finish of the polish etc etc. BaZZa. PS: Oh, and on embarrassment, the word is my alter ego middle name after 'Gunnadoo' ...
  25. To give some perspective on the sword, how about shots of the bare blade both sides and tang both sides plus closeups of the boshi both sides???? The hada seems to be genuine enough to me, though. BaZZa.
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