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  1. Here is a large high quality Tokyo School Japanese bronze. Dick
  2. As a metalworker for over fifty years I find this work more than amazing. Dick
  3. Tonkotsu

    Boys Day Armor

    I have this suit of Boy's Day armor that I bought at the Baltimore Antique Arms Show about ten years ago. I thought it was a fairly large decorative example with a neat box. I paid $75.00 for the piece. I found the almost identical suit of armor that sold in 2010 at a Bonham's auction for $3,483.00. Why the high price?
  4. The material on the inside of the piece is pitch which allows the piece to be chased and chiseled from the outside. The piece may be die-struck but it does have hand work on the front. Dick
  5. Tonkotsu

    decorated habaki

    The rats are a companion to Daikoku on this netsuke. Dick B
  6. This is a wonderful film. Very highest of quality craftsmanship. Very much like slip casting in ceramics but with molten iron. Amazing. Thank you!
  7. Here is a period Japanese print from the Sino-Japanese war with a few naval swords.
  8. Is this sword worth being polished since it is not signed? Since the shinshinto period seems to be the Renaissance of making Japanese blades why would the smith not sign his blade? What period is the tsuba? Thank you for the information. Here are the menuki. I forgot to post them. Dick B
  9. I have a sword with a 28" Nagasa, total length of sword blade is 36 5/8", silver Habaki, silver dragon Fuchi, Kashira and Kojiri. Iron Tsuba with raised gold dragon and a wavy Hamon. The tang is unsigned. Total length of sword from Kashira to Kojiri is 40". I have no idea of the age of this sword and any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Dick B
  10. I love the rabbit theme. Beautiful. Dick B
  11. Here is a Japanese Tobacco Pouch made of Kinkararawa leather with the mixed metal kanemono of Fujin and Raijin (Wind God and Thunder God, respectively) who are one of the oldest pairs of Shinto religion gods. Fujin is said to have been present at the creation of the world. When he first let the winds out of his sack, it cleared the morning mists which filled the Gate between heaven and earth so the sun shone. RAIJIN, on the other hand, is believed to control thunder. He creates thunder by beating on small drums attached in a large ring. The metalwork on this pouch was made in Tenpo 13, or 1842, by Masachika of the Yanagawa school.
  12. This wakashaki is unsigned and the tang does not taper. I think it is a cut down long sword. It has three holes in the tang from being mounted several times. Do you have any idea of the date? The tsuba is iron with what I believe is a temple bell. Is the tsuba signed or are the marks just random? I would very much appreciate any information you can give me on this sword. Thank you, Dick B
  13. Thanks to everyone for the information. It is a nice quality little knife not the junk usually meant for souvenirs and definitely not a kamikaze dagger. This knife is very sharp and could do some damage as a weapon. Thanks again to everyone. Dick B
  14. Be careful what you buy. The first piece has an ivory netsuke and ojime. Most auction houses will not sell pieces with ivory. Often it is illegal to sell ivory out of the country. If you buy the first piece you may never be able to sell it. It would be a terrible investment. Dick B.
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