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  1. my new sword book 1 message Robert Cole <yakiba@sho-shin.com> Has anyone else seen this, and if so, whaddayatink?
  2. 1kinko

    Spare Change?

    Sure, but for $80,000 you could spend a few months doing it. Not me, but check out Radovan Stofcik. AOI provides a lot of different views and I wonder if there are scanning programs capable of getting half-way there.
  3. 1kinko

    Spare Change?

    AOI 4/4/21. This is the stuff to forge! https://www.aoijapan.com/menukimumei-yu-jyo53th-juyo-tosogu/
  4. 2022! Why not go to the San Francisco Japanese Sword show this August? It’s the largest in the US and there’ll be plenty if temptations.
  5. 1kinko

    Fukurin attachment

    The fukurin is normally formed in place and then soldered in place. The patina is added after the soldering is completed. Sometimes one or the other is masked to prevent the patination solution from coloring the other part(s).
  6. YAS.A- fmyi- do you know if there is any other kosherae where the shitodome is absent from the kashira?
  7. Very nice katakiri work.
  8. Lots available on e-bay if you just google Buffalo horn.
  9. Bjorn- I don’t think you get much satisfaction using ETOH for cleaning. My experience suggests you could probably extract DNA from old pieces! I have used surfactants with much better results and they won’t affect patina either. There are various strengths of ultrasound and I haven’t had much luck with low strength units used for jewelry. On the other hand these low powered units haven’t removed any uttori either. In some cases I’ve used bamboo toothpicks to soften the grime but you have to be careful. Menuki weren’t often made of brass so they could either be gold or fire-gilded. In either case they should clean up nicely. Look underneath the ito to see the original color.
  10. Following the Iron Brush had just about passed away but if you look in the Discussion Board section you will find plenty of old posts that address just about everything you’ll need to know.
  11. I go the SF show every year but I take my Optivisor and I know what to look for. If you know there are bad apples at the show you should name them here and save others from making the same mistake. It’s sure easier to evaluate tosogu in person than online.
  12. Huh? You blame the SF sword show for your lack of diligence? There are plenty of good people and objects at the show and what makes you think you wouldn’t had made the same mistake in Chicago?
  13. I think only ivory and maybe walrus are prohibited. Both have obvious characteristics that are different from bone. It would be much easier to show what you have isn’t ivory or walrus than to prove what you prove what kind of bone you have.
  14. Definitely not walrus. Walrus tusks are not hollow, are filled with very dense crystalline structure and are not so long.
  15. Nor have I. And once the sword has shipped it arrives in a few days. Great service, no extra fees.
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