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  1. Unfortunately I never met him. But his articles are incredible… !!!! My deepest condolences to his family. RIP Darcy
  2. Many thanks Thomas, highly apprecitated!!!
  3. Hello, I recently aqiured here on NMB (from a very nice member) a Noshu ju Kanehisa (dated March 1943) gendaito with star stamp (even somebody tried to hide them) and a Nagoya stamp. Additionaly it has a stamp (slightly above the Nagoya stamp), but here I am completely lost what is is... Any advise would be great. Many thanks in advance Klaus
  4. Hello, yes these bags are really very nice and the quality is exceptional . I am already planning to buy a second bunch of bags... but need some more blades as well greetings from Austria Klaus
  5. Hello, very few information English sources available. As I know Markus Sesko is working on a Gendaito book but as I know not finished yet. Most of the sources are in Japanese. Yes WWII blade.
  6. Hello Luis, any plan to sell it without polish (as I am looking for a "cheap" blade)?
  7. from Markus book: SUKESADA (祐定), 8th gen., Meiji (明治, 1868-1912), Bizen – “Bizen Osafune Sanryūshi Sukesada” (備前長船 濽龍子祐定), “Biyō Osafune-kaji-seitō Yokoyama Gennoshin Sukesada saku” (備陽長船鍛冶正統横山元之進 祐定作, “made by Yokoyama Gennoshin Sukesada, legitimate main line smith of the Bizen Osafune school), “Bishū Osafune-jū Yokoyama Suketada” (備州長船住横山祐忠), “Bizen no Kuni Osafune-jū Yokoyama Suketada” (備前国長船住横山祐忠), real name Yokoyama Gennoshin (横山元之進), son of Yokoyama Sukeharu (祐春), gō Sanryūshi (濽龍子), he studied also under the Bunkyū-era (文久, 1861-1864) Sukekane (祐包) and counted himself as 60th gen. Tomonari (友成), he signed first with Suketada (祐忠) and is considered as the last of the Sukesada smiths, even if his younger brother died two years later than him, Gennoshin Sukesada died in 1930 at the age of 75, gunome-chōji with tight nioiguchi and a sugu-yakidashi, chūjō-saku
  8. Luis, Any possibility to show us the blade which belongs to this Shirasaya?!
  9. Hello Manuel, Hello Didier, ah of course you are right!!!! Many thanks for advice!
  10. Hello, currently there a great blade from Ono Yoshimitsu here http://www.touken-matsumoto.jp/en/product/shousai/KA-0278 But I have never seen such Hamon. I am sure that this was intentional, but....?! Any comment would be highly appreciated. many thanks Klaus
  11. Daniel, see also: https://nihontoclub.com/view/smiths/meisearch?type=All&mei_op=contains&mei=Iwami%Kunisuke
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