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  1. Hello, for comparison a papered one: https://sword-auction.com/en/product/4914/as21085-刀:肥前国住人忠吉作初代-忠吉/
  2. Yes great idea!!!! 出羽守法橋源光平 Dewa-no-kami Hokkyō Minamoto Mitsuhira
  3. Hi, from Markus book: MITSUHIRA (光平), Meireki (明暦, 1655-1658), Musashi – “Heianjō-jūnin Heki Dewa no Kami Minamoto Mitsuhira Bushū Edo-shō Akasaka ni oite tsukuru” (平安城住人日置出羽守源光平於武州江戸庄赤坂造, “made by Heki Dewa no Kami Minamoto Mitsuhira from Heianjō [= Kyōto] in Edo´s Akasaka in Musashi province”), “Heki Mitsuhira tsukuru” (日置光平造), “Heki Dewa no Kami Minamoto Mitsuhira” (日置出羽守源光平), “Minamoto Mitsuhira Nyūdō Hokkyō” (源光平入道法橋), “Taishin Hokkyō Minamoto Mitsunobu” (泰信法橋源 光平), “Dewa Nyūdō Taishin Hokkyō Mitsuhira” (出羽入道泰信法橋光平), Edo-Ishidō school, he came originally from the Gamō district (蒲生郡) of Ōmi province but moved later to Kyōto and subsequently to Edo, we know date signatures from the third year of Shōhō (正保, 1646) to the third year of Tenna (天和, 1683), one blade with the date of Shōhō five (1648) bears the signature “Bushū Edo ni oite” and the information “made at the age of 29,” this calculates his year of birth as Genna six (元和, 1620), regarding his honorary title Dewa no Kami, the earliest extant blade which is signed with that title is dated with the eighth month Jōō two (承応, 1653), he entered priesthood in the third year of Kanbun (寛文, 1663) and took the gō Taishin (泰信), he also signed his priest rank hokkyō, he focused on the Bizen-Ichimonji style, the jigane is a dense itame with a clearly visible midare-utsuri which comes quite close to the original, only the masame in the shinogi-ji identifies the jigane clearly as shintō work, the hamon is an excellently hardened chōji in nioi-deki which can also show ko-nie and which can be quite densely arranged, the bōshi is sugu with a ko-maru-kaeri, he signed occasionally with roundish characters and the family name Heki in a kind of seal script, he was the older brother of Tsushima no Kami Tsunemitsu (対馬守常光), jō-saku
  4. Hi, might be a nice blade. From Markus book: SHIGEFUSA (重房), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Tokushima – “Zuihō Shigefusa” (瑞峯重房), real name Kojima Kameta (小島亀太), born 1887, he used the gō Genbusai (玄武斎) and was the son of Kojima Kunitomo (国友), he founded the forge Genbusai Tantō Jo (玄武斎鍛刀所) and also worked as rikugun-jumei-tōshō, kihin no retsu (Akihide)
  5. Hello, Ordered some special Katana,- and Wakizashi bags (different sizes and without the leather bottom.. based on my request - see attached pictures) from Tomoko-san via eBay and from here shop directly for a very good price. I was quite surprised on the quality of these bags and the professionalism Tomoko-san is working. I can fully agree Greg, these bags are great! Communication was also very good - despite the big time difference. The whole transaction was very smooth and reliable, same the delivery. I am really happy. If somebody is also interested in, here the contact details: eBay: futtmk_047omvqpw FB: Kokoro Heart Sewing So finally, I just can really highly recommend the service from Tomoko-san and will for sure order additional bags and many thanks to Greg for introducing Tomoko-san´s business here. See also: regards Klaus @Admin: I added this in the Izakaya section as well, as I am really happy. If it´ not allowed, please delete it here.
  6. Hi Ian, Do you have pics from the blade - would like to see it. thx Klaus
  7. I guess not from Sugita Yoshiaki, even Habaki seems completely wrong!
  8. would like to see some pics form the blade!
  9. Hi, I guess it is from WW II area and the damage seems not from a fight - maybe somebody tried to cut something to see how sharp the blade is (or from Tameshigiri).....
  10. Hello, most probably this smith (from Markus book): KANETSUNE (兼常), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Gifu – “Kanetsune” (兼常), real name Nishimura Kazufumi (西村一二三), born 1910, he worked as guntō smith
  11. Hi Alex, our famous Nagamitsu: http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/naga.htm Is this blade for sale?
  12. Hello, many thanks for information! Does somebody know or have some information about this smith Yoritaka? thx Klaus
  13. Hello, a well known eBay seller is currently selling a blade signed with: Hattori Tantosho saku 服部鍛刀所作, Hattori Yoritaka kore sotsuba 服部頼隆之埣刃 and dated Showa Jukyu-nen Fujihana tsuki (May,1944) 昭和十九年藤花月 I have no plan to bid on it, I am just curious (even the blade looks not so bad). I can´t find any "Yoritaka". Therefore I would kindly ask if the translation is wrong (but it seems right from my point of view) or if somebody has information about this smith. I am also not sure about his description - it is known that Enomoto Yoshiichi signed signed Sadayoshi and I think sometimes with Yoriyoshi as well, but I can´t find any information that he signed with Yoritaka... but of course I could be wrong. Here the link to the auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-WWll-Army-officers-sword-in-mountings-hand-forged-Hattori-Yoritaka/363211713363?hash=item54911aeb53:g:nWAAAOSwlvpfzuMV Many thanks in advance Klaus
  14. Hello, I am looking for an English Index or Translation for the Book - Shōwa tōken meibutsu chō 昭和刀剣名物帳 Many thanks Klaus edit: typo
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