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  1. I somewhat disagree as there are two sizes of 関 [Seki] stamps and they should be studied by the size of the stamp and not all lumped together. It seems the large Seki stamp is a guild or association stamp and hence the lack of date markings on some, but not all, swords. The smaller Seki stamp that came later is a Nagoya Arsenal inspection mark and since inspected by the army will be dated per regulations. I have inserted the kanji characters for the two different organizations mentioned in the quote below.
  2. I like the picture of the Suya stamp. As to the characters, the white piece of paper pictured above shows what they are. In this case, they are 二代 源良近作之. 二代 = second generation. 源 = Minamoto. 良近 = Yoshichika.
  3. Collectors in the United States back in the 1980s and 1990s used a product from Pecard Leather Care Company. There could be other alternatives though as I have not kept up with all the advances since then. https://pecard.com/
  4. george trotter See posts #615 to #629 below. Any thoughts on this other one? Do you know if the other side had a scabbard release button? Arsenal Stamps.
  5. 家紋 = kamon = family crest. 駐爪 = scabbard release button. BangBangSan, I have no idea what it is or what it is for but here is a link to another. Smallest mon?
  6. marsel (Samusamu) You can find pictures of the nakago [tang] and mekugi [peg] locations via the two swords linked below. Hope this helps your friend. Shin gunto(?) for review Identification help
  7. That is the 1986 F&G book. In the back of the book, there is a handful of oshigata. Fuller, Richard, and Ron Gregory. Military Swords of Japan, 1868–1945. London, GB: Arms and Armour, 1986.
  8. Stegel is the source for this picture and has posted it on several forums. Senior NCO Sword, Post #25 Was There Any Type Of Production ..., Post #29
  9. Well, what do we have here from the Netherlands? Take a careful look at the mekugi. Also take note of the remnants of the leather scabbard retention system. Shin gunto(?) for review
  10. Those are coming from below. That is one of the better marked examples of the Java-tō. An Appraisal on Some Japanese Swords Please Sword Number 3 marsel (Samusamu) Thank you for sharing pictures of this interesting sword. I am of the personal opinion that these swords were intended for use by Pembela Tanah Air (PETA). The top picture that Shamsy posted above is coming from the Pembela Tanah Air [Defenders of the Homeland] Museum in Indonesia. Possibly you can contact them for more information about those two swords. http://www.disparbud.jabarprov.go.id/wisata/dest-det.php?id=398&lang=id Here is an English link to the same museum. Pembela Tanah Air Museum Keep us posted if you should learn anything more about this sword variation.
  11. I am only aware of two examples of the 治-guntō. One of the two was found in the Netherlands. I think more examples would be needed for study to determine if they are real or reproductions. In regards to the markings, I agree that 治 is not an abbreviation for 明治. The Japanese would use 明 and not 治. It is hard to say at this time exactly what the meaning of the 治 character is. Me thinks Trystan needs to find one and show us many pictures of it!
  12. Private message sent for number 3.
  13. Amazing! And now they are showing up in the country in which they were made in. The Japanese arsenal was headquartered in Bandung and the commanding officer was Major General Ando Shoichi 安藤・ 正一少将. He was appointed to the position on 1943-09-13.
  14. The closest Japanese word for arsenal or armory (armoury) is 工廠 [kōshō]. The army used this term until 1940 and then changed to 造兵廠 [zōheishō]. Even though zōheishō is translated into English as arsenal, it would be better to think of it as an arsenal complex.
  15. Better known to sword collectors as Suya! 株式會社・壽屋商店 = KK Suya Shōten
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