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  1. Sorry Trystan, I edited the post after the fact. The pictures posted by @cplnorton above are upside down and need to be rotated 180 degrees so as to see the company logo correctly. Thank you for transcribing the kanji characters on the tsuka.
  2. @BANGBANGSAN Tsuka markings. @Bruce Pennington 山本 company logo. Edit: Turn the pictures upside down to see the characters properly.
  3. Is there more than one Mitsunobu 光信? A Mitsunobu registered with the Seki guild on 1943-02-22. Below is the actual text. 刀匠名: 光信. 氏名: 岸・光弘. 受付年月日: S18.02.22 [S = 昭和]. Attention: @mecox
  4. Now I am second guessing the first kanji! So I think you are correct, it is just too blurred to really know. As always, thanks for all your assistance.
  5. @Putu The arrow in your picture is pointing to the kanji character 伊. This is not unusual for this swordsmith. 伊奈波 = Inaba. Stamp Alert! @Bruce Pennington
  6. Is the scabbard painted black or is it some other color? Is the scabbard serial number matching to the blade serial number?
  7. I have identified the following kanji characters in red ink 陸軍X and in black ink 七四二 so far. @BANGBANGSAN can you pitch in and help with the third kanji character in red? 陸軍? = army ?. 七四二 = 742.
  8. I think the kanji character inside the logo is 田.
  9. I found another one, serial 695 with no inspection mark. Help with inherited Sword The picture is out of focus but maybe 阪 2205? WW2 Japanese Katana Mystery Additional pictures of 阪 3490. Nagamitsu For Sale
  10. The serial number range for these is as below. It is unknown if this was only used on Nagamitsu 長光 or for all production from Ōsaka Arsenal. 0 (zero) series: 阪 1867 to 阪 3991. 1st series: 阪 イ313. Three of them can be seen at this link Stamp Survey while 3991 can be found at Nagamitsu Type44 Mounting. New Today ! . I have one Gassan Sakakatsu but the order is reversed, 1 and then 阪. In addition, it is star stamped unlike the swords above so it could be unrelated. Star Stamped Sword Gassan Sadakatsu Rikugun Jumei Tosho
  11. Is this sword, serial number い142, the same as the one pictured in his book that you illustrate at the link below? Attention Mantetsu Owners: A Survey, Page 17
  12. The sword is a typical commercial sword sold to civilians during this time frame. Civilians wanted "samurai" style swords and not guntō style swords. Many of these swords ended up getting "drafted" [conscripted] into the military at a later date. 寿命十六年
  13. Cross-reference to the same sword. Help with Shigetsugu Mei, Please!
  14. @3rd Wave It is hard for me to tell from the pictures, but is the scabbard painted black? Also, is the scabbard matching to the blade serial number?
  15. Sharp eyes you have there! copper-handle NCO sword questions
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