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  1. Klaus and Paul thank you both for the positive feedback and Im glad you like the bags as much as I do. Tomoko really does deserve all the great feedback she is receiving. I look forward to seeing her tomorrow to tell her about it. All the best
  2. Glad you like them Tony. Tomoko really appreciates the feedback.
  3. I like it Adam, a big fan of red copper fittings. Ive got some of my best tsuba from that seller over the years.
  4. Dale thats a gorgeous pup mate. One of my favorite breeds. So far my Amstaff is more interested in my daughters toys than mine .
  5. Very interesting thread , much appreciated Alain.
  6. Wow just wow. Thanks again Pete
  7. Thanks for another interesting find Pete
  8. Stephen the down votes by sunny were just childish reaction because I didn't like his YouTube videos of him playing ninja at the expense of antique Nihonto. I just thought it would be more appropriate to use Chinese repro and he obviously took it personal. Water off a ducks back for me.
  9. Francis surely theres a simple explanation to this.
  10. Hi Mike, If it was in Melbourne I'd be happy to attend and submit an item or two.
  11. Congrats to the new custodian, a nice sword.
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