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  1. Looks very well done James, I like it a lot. A few hanging scrolls would go nicely. Thanks for sharing with us.
  2. Best get a professional tp mend it. Not only does it need to be glued but the koiguchi needs to be replaced. Its a nice saya I hope you get back to its former glory.
  3. Hello Maxime this video was originally was going to follow the story of the Australian togishi Andrew Ickeringill. Great watch though
  4. Seen plenty of ok wakizashi on ebay for around that price. Must tread carefully though, plenty of sharks.
  5. Youd be lucky finding something real in bad condition on ebay even for $500. You can get hanwei on ebay.
  6. Thanks for the explanation George , makes sense. We learn something every day.
  7. Thanks for the pm Paul. An extremely nice blade. Man that hada !!!
  8. I dont remember seeing these before. Interesting.
  9. Beautiful blade. A shame we cant see price though. More pics?
  10. Condolences to everyone close to Fred. RIP
  11. Thanks for sharing this Guido. What a place to visit. That Japanese maple is amazing in the second pic BTW.
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