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  1. Its Nihonto collector Pete. An explanation would be nice. If anything I think its only hurting his sales. Down voting good deals for nice items like this is just silly. I don't care if my comments are down voted for speaking the truth , water off a ducks back.
  2. The blade is a nice example of 1st gen. Would be nice to have with my 2nd generation if I had the spare funds.
  3. Its the same person that down voted the book sale. Mr Nihonto collector please explain.
  4. Whats with the negative reaction with no explanation? Seems very petty.
  5. These negative reactions like this seems very inappropriate without explanation. Not just here but with another tsuba sale too.
  6. I've messaged him a few times over the last few years and he always plays dumb or the victim. Today I messaged him about the ka bar and told him there's a lot of discussion in the antique weapon community about his dodgy sales and he said he knows people aren't happy with him and he's ok with it. Low life .
  7. Another great find Dale. I haven't seen the double version either, very unique.
  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely tsuba collection with us Bob. Some beaties there. The tsuba made by Ford is great. When was it made?
  9. Heres my Nobuiye tsuba with 2 cord ana.
  10. Greg F

    My armor so far

    G'day Mark that's very nice thanks mate. I enjoyed meeting you and the everyone in Boxhill and hope to catch up for another meeting when possible.
  11. Greg F

    Hamon style opinions

    Gunome , not quite toran from the pics. A little too aggressive with the hadori.
  12. Hi John Im definitely keen to see this after restoration. I hope you choose the best possible experts that you can afford to fix the koshirae and a professional polisher to do the blade. The tip should be fine after a good polisher is finished with it. Good luck and please keep us up to date with it all.
  13. I'll get you estimate in a few days.  I'm traveling now.




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