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  1. I wouldnt think Mino but could be Mito imo.
  2. In a sword fight anything can happen so it could very easily be fight damage. Its not like in the movies where its all choreographed. Tsuba are mainly for protecting the hand from sliding up onto the blade and from an enemies blade but there would be countless times tsuba were hit by blades producing these type of scars.
  3. Excellent tanto Alex, sorry you have to sell but hopefully it will be back in your collection one day.
  4. At first I found it distracting but now I dont mind it as long as the forum is going ok financially. I vote yes but if we struggle financially I think it could be removed I guess.
  5. Grev your tsuba pics are my favorite part of this thread so far.
  6. Bazza the world needs more good blokes like you mate, well said. Alex sorry about your job, I really hope things look up for you asap. I only read this thread now and it was very frustrating to see the comments about your sale. Unfortunately some people that have an abundance of cash have a lack of people skills, character and even less heart. Brian thanks for turning this thread in a better direction. Threads like this make it very obvious how difficult running Nmb must be. In my job I learnt you cant keep everyone happy unfortunately.
  7. Its a lovely sword Alex at a good price. Say well mate.
  8. All good now thank you Brian. You do a great job of running Nmb.
  9. Hi Adam, ive had quite a few positive experiences buying from them over the years. My Zunari Kobuto was from them actually and that was a great deal.
  10. Ive just gone through many posts and i cant find a single signature name.
  11. Hi Brian at the bottom of each post members names are not showing up for me for some reason?
  12. Good job Adam, I thought I saw your kobuto still for sale. Hopefully they will get whats coming to them.
  13. Adam I think your armor will look a little bit less peiced together when all togethef under the same light. When the dou finally arrives I sill make a stand share a pic of everything together. The dou looks like it will match my kobuto and menpo, im looking forward to getting them together.
  14. Dale the black iron daisho look like they are the iron daisho I was talking about. I thought about getting them. Colin that patina really looks nice. Ive mounted mine on a nice Ichimonju Wakizashi for now.
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