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  1. Ive had the pleasure of purchasing a few items from John over the years including my first wakizashi and he was very patient and extremely easy to deal with. Happynew year John.
  2. I dont have a problem with a sword used by a Japanese martial artist thats made for them in Japan as much as I do a westerner trying to feel mord like a Samurai by using Nihonto when they can get the same results practicing with a repro. I spoke with my Sensei about this who is Japanese and when I asked him if he thinks its ok for westerners to use Nihonto for training he laughed and shook his head.
  3. I know that but if newbies think its ok to use shinsakuto because guys on Nmb do it a whole range problems are likely to happen. I get it , I got a low quality shinsakuto years ago because it was very cheap and used it for iaito for a little while but now I think even that sword deserves preservation, just my opinion. My Sensei is Japanese and thinks repro swords are suitable for cutting and iaito for iaido. I also understand that sword smiths make part of their living making swords for this reason but I'm not sure Nmb is the best place for this, again just my opinion. F
  4. Michael this place is about preservation of Nihonto not the destruction of it. I don't believe there is much of a difference in feel apart from knowing your cutting with Nihonto. There are excellent cutters made in China that do the job just fine but we are probably wasting our time trying to change your mind as it sounds like you've done it already. You say you can find swords made for training if you know where to look. Well if you know where to look why ask here where you know its about Nihonto preservation. Ultimately your going to do what you want but I hope you change your mind.
  5. Adam pm's aside I would suggest you may not have this issue if you treated everyone as you would like to be treated. In the little over 5 years that I've been a member of Nmb I can only remember one or two new members to cause so much drama while being so rude and spitting the dummy everytime you dont like what hou read. So far we've had to put up with you and it seem's your too spoilt to put up with others so you want people banned from your threads and now you want to block people from pm's. Theres a common denominator with all these issues. You catch more flies with honey.
  6. Greg F

    Part 1

    Some lovely tsuba Jean, if covid restrictions weren't stopping me from working I would be choosing from 1, 5 or 6 . You've really collected some excellent swords and tsuba Jean.
  7. Alex you have some very fine items for sale indeed.
  8. Hi Peter is the kinko tsuba still available? 



    1. peterd
    2. Greg F

      Greg F

      No worries thanks anyway. 

      I appreciate your reply. 



  9. Well done and congratulations Jason. Its definitely good to see someone start off with a nice blade like this. The only thing I think is good to start with a lesser sword would be to learn how to care for and handle Nihonto properly before risking damaging a good sword but as long as they learn the necessary care its all good as im sure you are. Enjoy your lovely sword.
  10. Georg thank you for sharing this wonderful journey your on that all of us envy. I've really enjoyed the progress from the beginning and really looking forward to seeing lots of pics when your treasure is returned to you. I hope you have koshirae made for it too but not as important as what you've had done already. Congratulations on such an amazing enrty into the Nihonto world. Brian well done steering this along. Long live Nmb.
  11. I love number 1!!! Beautiful tsuba
  12. Hi Mauro, I see what you mean. Thanks for info mate. Im happy to leave them up if people think it ads to the thread in the way of learning. Regards
  13. Being the owner of one of the rain dragon tsuba at the top of this thread (tsuba with blue background from Grey) im enjoying this thread. I collected quite a few images of similar tsuba including some in this thread but unfortunately I deleted them. Thanks for your efforts Dale and Yas. Regards
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