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  1. This is my listing and the Emura has sold. Thanks for the shoutout, Bruce. This one had great activity. This is a rare, better hamon IMO that Emura did. The other one I have posted has what I typically have seen on Emura examples. I was actually kind of hoping this one didn’t sell. I’m just upgrading, looking for top gendai smiths now - Shigetsugu, Yasunori, Yoshimune, Akihide (and students), Okimasa, etc, etc. preferably polished.
  2. Great find, Tim! Pretty rare variation.
  3. The group of 5 are Yasunori. The 2 are Tomita Sukehiro & Imai Sadashige.
  4. Didn’t know about the membership here. I liked the old raffles where you could donate tsuba or jssus memberships. I really would prefer to sell through NMB and donate the 10% eBay would take but tbh of the hundreds of swords I’ve gone through since being a member here, I can’t think of a single sword I’ve bought or sold through NMB. Wish it were a different story. Met lots of great people though!
  5. Jim, you really hit this forum with a bang with your first 2 sword posts! Very nice examples and I imagine everyone here would love to have this Akihide in their collections, I know I want it!
  6. I recently picked one up and saw this thread. Was going to list for sale/trade if I ever got a chance to get more detailed photos. It’s a little more difficult these days to find the time to play with swords with the kids.
  7. Showato. I believe there’s a thread out there about him possibly making Mantetsu-to given the w stamp but not sure whatever happened to that theory.
  8. Those are my pics from one I used to own. It was a wakizashi. from the lock mounts I’ve seen, the blades tend to be Imai Sadashige. Is that what others have observed as well?
  9. These are two of my favorite blades. Not exactly high class gunto mounts, but top notch smiths and both with a nagasa of at least 27”. Top - Imai Sadashige. Bottom - Tomita Sukehiro.
  10. Many thanks, I only had the masa down.
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