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  1. Hello, Agree,it’s a fake 100%..The design on the kabutogane is all wrong as is the hole for the sarute...leather looks too thick and new....same has no trapped dirt and looks too clean... Regards, Paul..
  2. Hello, Excellent piece of history and a great find..Thank’s for posting. Regards, Paul.
  3. Hello Akitombo, Agree with above..Don’t use “ weapon” or “sword” in the description...Not to be deceitful but to avoid complications or theft....Have always used the Japanese word for sword or blade and emphasised “traditionally made and over 100 years old ( if it is )”...This accompanied by the correct customs code has always worked for me... Regards, Paul..
  4. Hello, Excellent..thanks for posting...glued to it all morning and done none of my chores...Regards Paul
  5. Hello Dave, Yes,not the neatest of signatures although I like the shape on the nakago.There is one on Gunstar for sale by the same smith...a better value sword in far better condition when compared to the one in this topic.. Regards, Paul..
  6. Hello Michalku, I hate to see people getting “ tucked up “ or should I say ripped off... so be careful on that site..or better,don’t use it until you are a bit more experienced....You get some fantastic buys on the for sale section here and even reputable Militaria dealers will match that price...Only my opinion of course and collecting is a big learning curve.. Regards, Paul..
  7. Hello Chris, Well done,nice research and excellent photo’s as usual. Regards, Paul..
  8. Hello, Very interesting...A lot of effort to make a decorative sarute but the casting is very rough and ill-defined...not your normal attention to detail for Japanese workmanship....Only my opinion of course... Regards, Paul
  9. Hello, Not a total loss..Looks like island made for souvenir hungry troops at the end of the war....The Ito has been added recently but the rest of the bits seem to have some age to them...If you look at the metal fittings they all have the look and patina of “island brass”,same looks old as does the leather and finally the blade is terrible but shaped correctly ie kissaki ( tip of blade )..... Regards, Paul..
  10. Hello, Many thanks to Kyle..Superb items and a pleasure to do business with.. Best Regards and Merry Christmas, Paul..
  11. Hello Ron, Agree with Chris,it’s a real one.I would hazard a guess someone in the past removed the screw,or broke it trying to remove it to look at the tang( nakago ) ...Wouldn’t bother me at all about that aspect..Nice to have the added bonus of the engraving...good bit of history...Altogether a good find.. Regards, Paul..
  12. Hello, Nice photography there Chris... Regards, Paul...
  13. Hello, Thank you Matt...much appreciated.. Regards, Paul...
  14. Hello, Assistance appreciated for the mei on a shingunto.The nakago has a Sho stamp above the signature but not dated.I think I have some of the characters but would appreciate help with the rest. Seki Ju -- -- Kane-- Saku ...... Regards, Paul..
  15. Hello, The first photo is a French 1st Empire Cuirassier Ensemble and the second photo is a Scottish basket hilted sword with a very long Elizabeth 1st blade. The house is full of stuff !.I have tried collecting lots of things but keep coming back to and cannot seem to let go of...shin-gunto ... an "itch I cannot scratch !!! ", Regards, Paul,,,
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