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  1. Many thanks for that Ray,much appreciated... Paul...
  2. Hello, Appreciate a translation of the attached... Regards, Paul...
  3. Hello Stephen, Crowns don’t that tightly knit and material looks very bright so will hold on to my instinct and still say reproduction.....thanks for getting me thinking again... Regards, Paul...
  4. Hello, As Bruce points out ,tassel is a reproduction and saya looks to be have been repainted but still a very nice sword.. Regards, Paul.
  5. Hello Stephen, Without seeing the crowns I would say a very well made silk reproduction.....Only my opinion and not a tassel expert just a collector.. Regards, Paul...
  6. Hello Geoff, As Chris pointed out it’s a fake...100%...all of it is fake ! Regards, Paul..
  7. Hello Tony, Good luck...Unprofessional and ignorant fools have infiltrated the system everywhere and as Stephen highlighted the two police officers are the epitome of unprofessionalism... Regards, Paul...
  8. Hello Erwin, Well done,Very nice all round package and good photo’s.... Regards, Paul..
  9. Hello, Yes,thanks for sharing.....Can’t expect to get paperwork with all war trophies...most have mine have oral history from veterans family etc.........Quality package like that from respected dealer...good enough for me... Regards, Paul...
  10. Hello Bruce, I remember this topic from the past......I talked to a veteran many years ago who painted his nco gunto silver ,luckily his son managed to get off with acetone without damaging the remaining paint...I know have the sword......also, many years ago I turned down a white painted copper hilt nco only to find out it was 100% and probably painted for winter use... Regards, Paul.
  11. Hello JP, Best Regards to you ,your family and pets....keep going ,seldom are things easy that are worthwhile but you will get there... kind Regards, Paul....
  12. Hello Nigel, As above ,reproduction 100%.... Type in on a search engine - WW2 Japanese Officers sword for sale and you will find a photograph of a similar sword ,copy it and send it to the auction house with these reports and it should be enough.....If not ,report them to their governing body or local trade description officer.....Be careful not to damage ,alter or clean the sword...Best if it is returned untouched in original package.... if possible ? ......If you alter or damage it you are stuck with it ! Good luck.. Best Regards, Paul..
  13. Hello Bruce, Thank you,.....altering it now....Knot is a replacement I have had for years but very good quality....nearly all the nco knots I come across are really fragile so I just use this one for effect. Regards, Paul..
  14. Hello, A couple more of the hilt and with a knot for my new “best friend”.... Regards, Paul..
  15. Hello, Thank you for the information and comments....Some more photo’s attached and if anyone needs more just let me know.. Regards, Paul..
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