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  1. I always thought traditional made was handmade or water quench but the star stamped added tamahagane however when I read John slough book it said it only signified traditional made I did not know they went together I know this sword was already mentioned in the thread But Thanks for helping to clear this up Steve
  2. I was concerned about the star stamped dose that means tamahagane or just traditional
  3. For got to mention about this smith He’s listed 5 the seat in the John slough book If he was 1st 2nd 3rd it would be more appealing but I already have a sword that’s 5 th seat but not star stamped All that really means is it’s a gendita according to the book
  4. Yes I saw that to my only concern was the tip has something pitted or other can’t be sure what or if its worth worrying about steve
  5. I would be interested can I get some pictures ?you dropped price 1000 ?? steve
  6. Hiyall I’m a WW2 Japanese collector mainly swords I don’t go to sword shows or know many people in the sword industry I have bought swords from others and haven’t had much luck finding one that I’m looking for! Not sure if this is is the correct place on the forum so here go’s Im looking for a nice ww2 even older is better by a known smith excellent condition know nicks but one or 2 tiny is ok would like military mounts 2000-3000 steve
  7. Really nice sword I saw pictures maybe one day I Will find a higher end sword like that steve
  8. Very nicely said great information thanks for that dr bob..,as far as it being a Gendaito that was in the description from the seller who I have to believe is honest and much more knowledgeable than I will ever be ! So I would have to believe that part is true! Yes the seller didn’t state in the description that this sword was the same one in the exhibition but that’s a story for another day As far as the nie and hataraki, I don’t feel confident to determine if it has tiny crystals or not But now it’s in the hands of a known polisher And should get all th answers I was looking for! So you can understand my concerns other wise I wasted a bunch of money! Steve
  9. Hi Brian Thanks for your help! I agree with you how ever how can they say most were not considered to be Gendaito , isn’t that contradictory ? as far as the list of 200 smiths were there more than one yoshikane using this name? steve
  10. Hi I don’t want to keep repeating my self but wanted to verify if , yoshikane is mentioned as one of the smiths on list of 200 smiths according to the book of John slough is he the same Taniguchi yoshikane? My concern is that he made Gendtaito or traditional swords however it is mentioned that most of theses smiths produced low grade Showato and were considered not to be Gendaito ?? So to me that contradicts him making traditional swords Also low grade can anyone shed some light on this?? Thanks Steve I thanks Steve
  11. Yes I appreciate your feedback I wanted to be sure and you answered all my questions I had another that said it wasn’t gendaito and needed more confirmation it was yoshikane is on the list is he the same Taniguchi yoshikane thanks Steve
  12. Yes I appreciate your feedback I wanted to be sure and you answered all my questions I had another that said it wasn’t gendaito and needed more confirmation that it was Also I found this in book of John slough under the star stamped smiths stating there were 200 SEKI smiths making swords for the army and his name was one of them it also said most produced low quality swords and were not considered to be Gendaito This was my concern thanks Steve
  13. Hi everyone I wanted to confirm that this sword is in fact Gentai or traditional made as indicated in description Also if this sword was in fact a in the 1941 exhibition or another one made by this smith? Since these swords were probably mass produced for the army did others use his signature or were they made by the same smith smith steve
  14. Hi everyone I started a thread about this smith and after getting different answers I wanted to confirm by other’s Is this a Gendai or traditional made sword? He did make 5th seat in the 1941 exhibition held in Japan so again here are pictures steve
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