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  1. I meant to add if it’s worth having this scabbard repaired and by who
  2. Hi you all wanted opinions for this sword I have the blade is mint scabbard a little split on top but sound I normally see 2 hangers where mine has one don’t know if this hurts the value and what is the value for this sword steve
  3. Any one hav info about this smith ?? when made Gendaito How good this smith is and is it a custom order
  4. Any one hav information about this smith
  5. Thanks guys for all your help I didn’t intend this thread to be so long but I got good information by good people thanks 😊 so much
  6. Thanks for your assistance I will try to ignore the sarcasm I’m having a hard time just had shoulder replacement I’m in enough pain I don’t need another pain in the ass from someone else
  7. Firstly I believe Eric sells good swords based on persons on the forum and what I know. I I have talked with Eric and found him to be honest and easy to deal with! I know the difference between Arsenal and traditional -Gendaito I always thought tamahagane was used only on star stamped and older Swords I did not know all Gendaito used tamahagane !! I think some people are in a hurry to make assumptions and act like they know more than everyone! I shouldn’t have used the expression sitting on the fence not what I meant! yes I own a couple of books and know I should read more! I believed the forum was a place to get information not to be criticized! However I did get good feed back from others and that I am thankful for!! steve
  8. Oh I forgot to add about your comment of hair in the soup you don’t know a dam thing about this sword and keep your comments to your self
  9. Hi At first I was sitting on the fence about this sword but now I love it For it being original polish it’s beautiful with out flaws however if the price is right I may sell it but no trades steve
  10. I did not know all Gentaito used tamahagane star stamped began in later 1942’ unless is older sword Because my sword was made in early 1942 star stamped wasn’t used not until later 1942 by RJT means tamahagane was used! That said it was probably sold privately I hope it’s made with tamahagane Again It’s based on what I hear from others steve
  11. I wanted to thank everyone for there info And time spent I was stressed earlier but I love this sword! It’s probably the higher end of my collection! Anyway a couple of people on the forum said it was made with tamahagane? How can you tell? steve
  12. Nothing is easy but good info So the way it’s interpreted or how I see it as you said earlier 1942 there was no RJT no star until later 1942 as you pointed out he made high end sword to private persons Another person said that smith used tamahagane?
  13. From what I got out of this was since the star stamped was instituted in the later part of 1942 by the RJT mine would not have it because it was made in the early part of 1942 no star stamped or sold privately out side of RJT so to me it’s a little confused as to which one Steve
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