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  1. Hi I know we have been through and am much more educated about this sword and the signature which now i understand isn’t fake ok I think it was made earlier 1500 from what i here I read I believe that the flood destroyed most of the bizen in 1590 where the Sukesada s were made dose that change any thing? Also dose anyone know when this sword was polished after it was made? And was it a heirloom from a Japanese family member added naval mounts for war or done later post war ? Steve
  2. I don’t think you meant to dish my sword I’m open to opinions as for the signature not faked yes I believe that but what confuses me it the signature wasn’t faked then who signed it?? Jonn thinks because the hamon and was elaborate and jigane not a inferior blade? hamon Anyone else agreed not that I don’t believe you it’s always good to hear other opinions John you made sense that why would a sword 500 years ago In polish only worth 2000? It may be mass produced but still had to take time to make plus the polish and later add pristine navy mounts makes it all worth while!! I believe it was a Family of a Japanese heirloom who added navy mounts for war It’s not be a custom sword but a one of a kind 500 year old with history in good polished add pristine Navy mounts I should be happy! Thanks guys
  3. Hi just to clarify the fake signature So quote me if I’m wrong they would fake a long signature to gains more money but a 2 character is ok? Who signed that one and what exactly the interpretation of the 2 characters ? steve
  4. Firstly I’m fortunate I have help from others abomination sword so from what I read I’ll start with this from another sword enthusiast This sword was made during a time in Japan called the Sengoku Period in the early to mid-1500s. At this time, sword making was a very localized industry. One of the larger sword producing regions was in Bizen, and they supplied many of the swords during this Sengoku Period. The Sukesada name can be thought of as a company name in today's context, and not a single smith churning out thousands of swords, which is impossible. Therefore, each Sukesada sword, regardless of the signature, should be judged on its individual merit. The mei on your sword is not considered "chicken scratch" writing. The characters are properly formed. I know because I read and write kanji. It's hard enough to write properly with a pen and paper, let alone chiseling it into metal. You can see some Sukesada mei online that have many characters, but are indeed "chicken scratch" because the strokes are poorly made with uneven depths and overlapping strokes. However, I can say that your sword is not a Sukesada that would be considered as a high-art sword that was made by the master smith himself. These go for much, much more money. What you have is mostly likely a mass produced sword, but it still shows very distinct Sukesada characteristics such as the Bizen hamon and grain, and the graceful curvature of the blade. This is Steve , my take on this Because Every sword is judged by his own individual merit and Because so many persons signed these mass produced swords some were made better or worse depending on the smith! Also I’m not sure what I got from this feed someone said that the mei wasn’t copied or forged or they would have used the long signature? And If someone isgoing to make a gimei copy, this name probably would notbe chosen, as there simply wouldn't be much, if any, profit. As quoted by John V Again because so many smiths signed this sword it should be looked at as quoted in this feed qualities? Sugata? Jihada? Hamon? I’m hoping my sword reflects all of the above as one of the better swords that was made by the smith Can anyone elaborate for this feed and what there opinion is by looking at the pictures of this sword I know it would need to be in hand for a accurate assumption but I will take any opinions !! Note: If I misrepresented any one wasn’t my intention Steve
  5. John Got it I was trying to see gimme was used to fake sukesada which was on in my case! You are right Its a lot to take in! Who’s sword were you talking about because the hamon and was elaborate and jigane not a inferior blade?
  6. Hi John I know you were trying to play down the negatives whith I appreciate but I aim a little confused regarding this paragraph if you don’t mind elaborate a little more about sukesada as gimei Steve
  7. John I thought you said it was a great sword ? As you said regardless of it being low grade. I’m also new but have bought some sold some And and I know there’s a lots to learn so what my take for what it’s worth It’s a 500 year handmade sword that took time to make and more time to polish ! Next added Pristine navy mounts Fake signature yes but I’m sure many were faked to drive up the prices. I’m guessing it was family heirloom had custom made to fit navy hardware added for war. I believe the officer who had it took great care of it ! It’s not a massed produced stainless or other late war traditional made with defects but a handmade with tamahagane regardless of inferior metal s If any body wants to add additional information or dosnt believe any of this to be un true please let me know ! John you have a nice signature older sword with paper to me is much nicer than a later low grade traditional or arsenal made sword Steve
  8. Yes very informative not sure what gimei stands for myself is also new to the sword world and the more I hear about my sword the less I like it ! I guess the scrap metal nails etc did it for me! I had high hopes buying an older sword and with pristine mounts! But now I’m thinking maybe not!! I did read about being mass produced but also read they were wrong wouldnt break and sought after ?regardless of it’s negatives Having been polished 500 year old sword with pristine navy mounts I would think it was a good price Now I just might return the dam thing and start over again
  9. Good to hear good things rather bad to me it’s a 500 year old sword in good polish and pristine navy mounts to me it would be hard pressed to find another despite the negatives steve
  10. Probably a fake signature however the value is in the swords merit individual The sword is extremely undervalued because of the Bizen area and being a fMei Sukesada smiths in Kototimes made for strength in battle also excellent polished with pristine mounts hard pressed to find another like it Enjoy it it’s a great sword
  11. Explain crap sword it is in doubt Faked signature but still a nice 500’year older sword and I hope well made using tamahagane
  12. Hi no sure what that means can you explain? Also you said my sword was under value I’m guessing it’s worth more than 2700 what I paid even with the ware and one small nick and a rough spot however it’s 500 years old and been polished? Can anyone elaborate of mass produced fake signatures etc where dose my sword fall into I would think is still a good handmade sword steve
  13. Good to hear some positive feed H i It’s good to hear something positive I’m new to the sword world so not sure what you mean Dose it take one month 2 people to make a only one sword another week for polish I’m assuming they used Tara ovens to make tamahagane and the Navy mounts took time to fit this sword good information Thanks
  14. Thanks for all your feed back I just realize this swords been on this form before and who ever bought it didn’t like the negative feed back and was returned to the seller ! so I guess I’m the second owner ! My concerns I believe there were 60 smiths that used his name sukesada most were faked and his swords were mass produced? Is there any way to tell where my sword falls in by looking at the kaji? is one of the crap swords I hear about ? To me It was a family hierloom mounted in Navy hardware and used by a desk jockey officer whitch would explain the pristine mounts ? that I can live with I paid 2700 and Hope I didn’t do too bad?? any feed back about any of this would be greatly appreciated steve j
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