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  1. Hello, Yes,thanks for sharing.....Can’t expect to get paperwork with all war trophies...most have mine have oral history from veterans family etc.........Quality package like that from respected dealer...good enough for me... Regards, Paul...
  2. Hello Bruce, I remember this topic from the past......I talked to a veteran many years ago who painted his nco gunto silver ,luckily his son managed to get off with acetone without damaging the remaining paint...I know have the sword......also, many years ago I turned down a white painted copper hilt nco only to find out it was 100% and probably painted for winter use... Regards, Paul.
  3. Hello JP, Best Regards to you ,your family and pets....keep going ,seldom are things easy that are worthwhile but you will get there... kind Regards, Paul....
  4. Hello Nigel, As above ,reproduction 100%.... Type in on a search engine - WW2 Japanese Officers sword for sale and you will find a photograph of a similar sword ,copy it and send it to the auction house with these reports and it should be enough.....If not ,report them to their governing body or local trade description officer.....Be careful not to damage ,alter or clean the sword...Best if it is returned untouched in original package.... if possible ? ......If you alter or damage it you are stuck with it ! Good luck.. Best Regards, Paul..
  5. Hello Bruce, Thank you,.....altering it now....Knot is a replacement I have had for years but very good quality....nearly all the nco knots I come across are really fragile so I just use this one for effect. Regards, Paul..
  6. Hello, A couple more of the hilt and with a knot for my new “best friend”.... Regards, Paul..
  7. Hello, Thank you for the information and comments....Some more photo’s attached and if anyone needs more just let me know.. Regards, Paul..
  8. Hello, Yes,you could be right there ? Tsuka does have slight distortion to the rear and the blade shows noticeable use on the first 8 ins or so..... Regards, Paul...
  9. Hello and thank you for the comments, Nice to share information and hopefully prevent someone being “tucked up “ especially with the increased value . Some interesting points about the first model include for instance the hanging rings are 3.5 mm compared to the later 4.5 mm which may be a good indication the sword never revisited the arsenal or workshop for update or repair....Also the tsuka has a pronounced “ kick” to it reminiscent of ancient tachi , a feature that does not seem to appear on first models.. Regards, Paul..
  10. Hello, Picked this one up recently and maybe of interest to someone interested in the serial numbers....Sword has not been on the market and was on the wall of an old gents house then subject to house clearance and for the last twenty five years in a wardrobe...Interestingly the blade and saya numbers are only out by twenty so would hazard a guess they left the arsenal together....Lovely overall patina with wear around the saya where a hand has gripped and distortion to the hanging ring where the sword has been suspended.. Regards, Paul...
  11. Hello Chris, It’s a fake..100%... Regards, Paul..
  12. Hello, For comparison here are two I picked up lately...The one without the knot was unwanted by the family of a veteran of the Burma campaign who served with South Wales Borderers and found the sword in the luggage compartment of a train during the conflict....The one with the knot was bought at a Militaria fair recently...Both have matching numbers... Regards, Paul..
  13. Hello , Nice display Thomas... Regards, Paul...
  14. Hello Gareth, Very nice sword and a nice find ,well done....I have a similar shin gunto with fish skin saya and custom fittings including a bronze tsuba that looks very similar to the one on your sword.... Regards, Paul...
  15. Lucky opportunity for you Geoff and a fantastic sword....thanks for sharing.. Regards, Paul..
  16. Hello, Sword is now sold and thank you to the new custodian for prompt payment.. Regards, Paul...
  17. Some very nice items.....keeps the mind active and the wallet empty.. Regards, Paul..
  18. Michael,your wife has impeccable taste...Charles Lancaster...very nice....Luger artillery also nice... Regards, Paul.
  19. Hello Bruce, Pleasure, Yes I greed my guess was late 30’s when comparing to dated swords from the past... Hello Chris, It did go fast and hope the new owner gets pleasure from owning it... Regards, Paul..
  20. Hello Bruce, have added some photo's as requested...not the best but hopefully should suffice ... 1.original lining paper visible under ashi.. 2.saya is correct colour with textured paint.. 3.matching numbers on seppa and tsuka ( tsuba has the original leather washer / seppa either side and left undisturbed ). Sword is now on hold pending payment but thank's to everyone who showed interest.. Regards, Paul..
  21. Hello Bruce, Thank you....Yes,will take some photo’s when I get home.....It’s only when you look closely you see the attention to detail on the earlier swords ie thin leather washers the same shape as seppa either side of the tsuba and on the saya fine paper under the ashi.... Regards, Paul...
  22. Hello, Paint on saya is all original....I'm not the best photographer but have added a few more photo's....IF anyone want's clearer pics send me your email address and will try the I-pad Paul
  23. Type 98 Japanese officers sword in superb condition....Hilt with original binding has a lovely patina, nice quality fittings as used early on in production with a locking clip working perfectly...Blade is undamaged with undulating ( o-notare ) hamon , nakago has a Showa stamp and signed Seki Ju Ishihara Kanenao Saku . Overall a very nice sword that displays well and ideal to start off any collection...U.K mainland only £950 plus postage....Regards Paul ...
  24. Hello Volker, Very nice acquisition.....well done and thank you for sharing.. Regards, Paul..
  25. Hello, As above.....100% fake / reproduction.. Regards, Paul..
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