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  1. Lucky opportunity for you Geoff and a fantastic sword....thanks for sharing.. Regards, Paul..
  2. Hello, Sword is now sold and thank you to the new custodian for prompt payment.. Regards, Paul...
  3. Some very nice items.....keeps the mind active and the wallet empty.. Regards, Paul..
  4. Michael,your wife has impeccable taste...Charles Lancaster...very nice....Luger artillery also nice... Regards, Paul.
  5. Hello Bruce, Pleasure, Yes I greed my guess was late 30’s when comparing to dated swords from the past... Hello Chris, It did go fast and hope the new owner gets pleasure from owning it... Regards, Paul..
  6. Hello Bruce, have added some photo's as requested...not the best but hopefully should suffice ... 1.original lining paper visible under ashi.. 2.saya is correct colour with textured paint.. 3.matching numbers on seppa and tsuka ( tsuba has the original leather washer / seppa either side and left undisturbed ). Sword is now on hold pending payment but thank's to everyone who showed interest.. Regards, Paul..
  7. Hello Bruce, Thank you....Yes,will take some photo’s when I get home.....It’s only when you look closely you see the attention to detail on the earlier swords ie thin leather washers the same shape as seppa either side of the tsuba and on the saya fine paper under the ashi.... Regards, Paul...
  8. Hello, Paint on saya is all original....I'm not the best photographer but have added a few more photo's....IF anyone want's clearer pics send me your email address and will try the I-pad Paul
  9. Type 98 Japanese officers sword in superb condition....Hilt with original binding has a lovely patina, nice quality fittings as used early on in production with a locking clip working perfectly...Blade is undamaged with undulating ( o-notare ) hamon , nakago has a Showa stamp and signed Seki Ju Ishihara Kanenao Saku . Overall a very nice sword that displays well and ideal to start off any collection...U.K mainland only £950 plus postage....Regards Paul ...
  10. Hello Volker, Very nice acquisition.....well done and thank you for sharing.. Regards, Paul..
  11. Hello, As above.....100% fake / reproduction.. Regards, Paul..
  12. Hello, Its a pleasure Thomas and still looking out Trystan....Bruce , all of the fittings have matching numbers including the locking catch....I only just noticed the nakago has two letters stamped on it as well as being numbered...The saya does not have any numbers or letters on it.. Regards, Paul..
  13. Hello Thomas, I still have it and the number is 510. Regards, Paul
  14. Hello Michael, It’s a fake..lots of them on that big internet site.....If it’s really cheap it’s handy to have around as a comparison until you get hold of the real deal.. Regards, Paul..
  15. Hello Dave, Thanks for sharing ,fascinating insight into the hard manual labour involved in steel production of the time.....I still use many tools made during that period and the steel quality is first class.. Regards, Paul...
  16. Hello Carlos, As above.....Hate to see people getting ripped off so DO NOT BUY IT..........That site is although useful for many things is probably one of the worse places to look for a sword and seems to be getting worse !! ......Check out Militaria dealers they are offering nice swords with a guarantee of authenticity and avoid any type of auction site would be my advice.. Good Luck, Paul..
  17. Hello, Item has been paid for very promptly and I thank the buyer for that...........For some reason I put it in the wrong section ?? Regards, Paul....
  18. Hello, Sold very quickly subject to payment.........It is a friction fit and there are no catches it’s secured with two lugs and fits very securely..The blade has never been removed since it was made and hence no damage to the hilt.. Regards, Paul.
  19. Hello, Nice example of a gentlemans sword cane for sale...Blade in very nice condition 20 3/4 ins and a nice firm fit...overall length of cane is 35 1/2 ins...Obviously no dates on the item but probably Early Meiji with old wakizashi blade ...Very nice with no cracks or splits and a lovely overall patina....Selling on behalf of a friend..U.K postage only...£425 plus P+P Regards, Paul..
  20. Hello Bruce, Well found...very interesting reading...Thank you.. Regards, Paul..
  21. Hello Bruce, I have used renaissance wax for years but only on exterior surfaces...excellent stuff....Blades get oiled with any excess removed before putting in the scabbard...I think any blade coated with any type of wax runs a big risk of trapping dirt particles and potentially scratch the blade.....I only have one “art sword “ in polish and that gets choji only ....full nihonto treatment for that one...! Regards, Paul...
  22. Hello, It’s a genuine Japanese civilian sword blade remounted ( two holes in tang ) for use during the latter part of the war...not in the best of shape but would probably be presentable with a sympathetic clean and tidy up.. Regards, Paul..
  23. Hello, You are correct it’s 100% genuine and a very nice example....I’m sure other members of the forum who are very enthusiastic about these will be able to elaborate...nice find,well done.. Regards, Paul..
  24. Hello, Agree...100% fake.....Not the worst out there and with a bit of fine tuning would be ok for someone who cannot afford the genuine item... Regards, Paul..
  25. Hello Bruno, I own among others , a Mantetsu and a shinbu- to...It sometimes makes collecting interesting when you have examples of these swords and compare them with arsenal made blades and traditional blades...I enjoy comparing the different characteristics...... Regards, Paul..
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