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  1. I have been extremely busy the last couple months and have missed a lot and just saw this. My thoughts are with you Guido. Nmb is missing you mate.
  2. My deepest condolences to all those close to Darcy. He has shared an amazing wealth of knowledge here and I'm grateful for his dedication.
  3. They look great Paul. Tomoko is very strong and doing better. We have continued our weekly iai practice in Kyohei's honor. I'm looking forward to buying another bag from Tomoko when I purchase a new iaito in the near future and I think I will go with the blue and white crain bag, great choice Paul.
  4. Thank you all for the well wishes and kind words. The funeral will be Saturday. Hasnt been a nice way to start the year. I cant beleive he is gone.
  5. I write this post with great sadness as on Thursday evening Tomoko's husband Kyohei was taken from us after battling covid for a number of weeks. Kyohei was one of the kindest and most honorable people I was lucky enough to meet. We practiced iai and kenjutsu together regularly and I will always see him not only as one of my dearest friends but as my brother and sensei. We also enjoyed bonsai together. Today I am getting together with Tomoko to help with funeral arrangements and I will give the best wishes and condolences on behalf of Nmb and the members who have dealt with Tomoko in regards to her excellent sword bags. I dont know if anyone has any orders placed with Tomoko at the moment but im sure she will honor any business transaction but if there is any small delay please be patient . Thank you
  6. Klaus and Paul thank you both for the positive feedback and Im glad you like the bags as much as I do. Tomoko really does deserve all the great feedback she is receiving. I look forward to seeing her tomorrow to tell her about it. All the best
  7. Glad you like them Tony. Tomoko really appreciates the feedback.
  8. I like it Adam, a big fan of red copper fittings. Ive got some of my best tsuba from that seller over the years.
  9. Dale thats a gorgeous pup mate. One of my favorite breeds. So far my Amstaff is more interested in my daughters toys than mine .
  10. Very interesting thread , much appreciated Alain.
  11. Wow just wow. Thanks again Pete
  12. Thanks for another interesting find Pete
  13. Stephen the down votes by sunny were just childish reaction because I didn't like his YouTube videos of him playing ninja at the expense of antique Nihonto. I just thought it would be more appropriate to use Chinese repro and he obviously took it personal. Water off a ducks back for me.
  14. Francis surely theres a simple explanation to this.
  15. Hi Mike, If it was in Melbourne I'd be happy to attend and submit an item or two.
  16. Congrats to the new custodian, a nice sword.
  17. Great to hear Ryo. Im glad people like them as much as I do. The strength and quality for the price really is exceptional. Thank you
  18. No website sorry Bob but she is very easy to deal with through her other contacts. Stephen I really like the last three also. Im sure she would do the the daisho no problem. Ryu thank you for the support. Im glad you like them , 25 wow thats great.
  19. Steve thank you very much mate. Yesterday Tomoko and Kyohei were very pleased when I told them how pleased you are with the bags and service. I couldnt help myself and bought another one yesterday too (my daughter chose the tiger design) and soon I will get a dragon design too. They really are so good and worth much more than asking price. Tomoko is such a nice lady (swings a mean sword too) she made a covid mask as a gift for me out of the khaki mon bag material. Have a great day mate.
  20. JT your collection and display is really quite amazing, absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Very cool car too. What was Leno like?
  21. Sunny this isnt the youtube comment section where little respect is given or shown. Christian had nothing negative in his comment and you call him a troll. What your doing is just acting like a spoilt child and seem to be missing what Nmb is about. Maybe take a deep breath and start over
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