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  1. Great to hear Ryo. Im glad people like them as much as I do. The strength and quality for the price really is exceptional. Thank you
  2. No website sorry Bob but she is very easy to deal with through her other contacts. Stephen I really like the last three also. Im sure she would do the the daisho no problem. Ryu thank you for the support. Im glad you like them , 25 wow thats great.
  3. Steve thank you very much mate. Yesterday Tomoko and Kyohei were very pleased when I told them how pleased you are with the bags and service. I couldnt help myself and bought another one yesterday too (my daughter chose the tiger design) and soon I will get a dragon design too. They really are so good and worth much more than asking price. Tomoko is such a nice lady (swings a mean sword too) she made a covid mask as a gift for me out of the khaki mon bag material. Have a great day mate.
  4. JT your collection and display is really quite amazing, absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Very cool car too. What was Leno like?
  5. Sunny this isnt the youtube comment section where little respect is given or shown. Christian had nothing negative in his comment and you call him a troll. What your doing is just acting like a spoilt child and seem to be missing what Nmb is about. Maybe take a deep breath and start over
  6. Sunny I didn't say that you are terrible, I said the video's are. As mention in the other thread Nmb is a place full of people that love Nihonto and want to respect and preserve them. My sword training is with a Sensei and is purely for my own personal development and not to show the world on youtube. I love doing tameshigiri too but with Chinese made katana and tatami and sometimes pool noodles too. Im not a master but it is obvious to me that you havnt had a lot of training with a sensei and this puts your swords and you at higher risk of damage. You say they were made to be used but when they were made I doubt the smith had in mind somebody cutting noodles in their lounge room on youtube. Surely you can understand why people are against this. You said in the other thread that I have a pathetic life but I have a life that I wouldnt swap with anyone and consider myself the luckiest person in the world. Sorry but I care more about the swords that you are unfortunately the custodian of that weather you get more youtube views.
  7. Here's another three beautiful designs that are available from Tomoko.
  8. I have so many bonsai to prune being spring here now but its difficult to get much done with you guys making me get out all these great dvd's to watch. Very difficult to give only a few favorites.
  9. Very sorry to hear this Ben. Postal companies seem to drop the ball more often these days.
  10. His videos are terrible for many reasons
  11. That was painful to watch. Shows the importance of who Nihonto should and shouldn't be sold to if it can be helped. Seeing an old sword being used by someone with no training on pool noodles on youtube is just painful.
  12. Great news. Sounds like its in the same condition it was sent in also. Congratulations and good on you for not quiting
  13. Lucky man. Beautiful sword and koshirae from a great guy
  14. Bruno its a shame you didnt post pics of the process when it happened for others to learn from. Did you let the seller know what showa22 did with the blade they bought. Definitely a seller to avoid (showa22).
  15. I think Brian is spot on that Mike couldve told him straight away bluntly (and respectfully ) but he drew it out for the show. Had to laugh when the owner said the shop had a couple but nothing like his. Thes definitely some nice swords beinv made in China but not as nice as Nihonto and this sword isnt close to nice in any way.
  16. Hi Steve my pleasure mate, theh are great bags and Tomoko is a great person. Enjoy.
  17. Louis out of curiosity can you please tell me what makes you think its likely a scratch caused by another sword?
  18. Hello Gentlemen (and Ladies), I justcontent://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/16297595455091108965447.jpg wanted to update this thread as Tomoko has added some very cool new designs to her sword bag range.
  19. Alex you have some beauties available there.
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