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  1. Howzit guys. Nice finding Ed.. What a treasure that someone is selling. I , and, I'm sure others, would have loved to see the foot (Kodai). Hey , SteveM.. appurtenance translation please.. Had the other early Edo Oribe for 4500 from Cab. Added: Just seen Steve's post.. I did not think of that.. Momoyama.. That's cheap for Momoyama. Looks like mid Edo.. I forgot, Thanks for posting Ed..
  2. Rotated your photos. Easier to see ...... Just added to the replies below : I did not reduce it.. I just rotate it in "MS Paint".. Just thought I'd help...
  3. Do you guys think that is correct? The blade is not a WW II Blade. So, I "assume", that "it is what it is".. Added reply to Post below: Thanks for the addd post Steve
  4. Gentlemen, Thank you.. Facinating... FOR GIVE AND FORGET Revisited " Now we have a name... " To continue, with all due respect.. This is a WW II Officer's/Gentleman's Sword, was refitted at Kokura Arsenal * by a Gentleman/Craftsman Satou -san or Satora-san** Thanks for viewing and helping..
  5. With Hurricane Olivia blowing thru the Islands, I am looking at Nihonto .. I remember the seller told me there was "signatures" on the fittings. Unless they are "Match marked" for re assembly? Thanks for viewing.. Alton Ken T
  6. Hey Ray, The member's suggestion is pretty good. The gentleman is quite famous on NHK programs. He also got lots of his own You Tube videos. For me, who does not know any Modern Day Japanese Woodblock artist, even I recognized the name.. That would be a big plus for your comissioned Piece. David Bull is recognized by his looks, . and, his quick whit and charming character is 'More well known"..more than his name.. I was just watching one, where he was showing some small Scrapers, given to him by a famous Block Print artist. He discovered, that, to use them, he would have to had to change his way of carving, because his style was too hard, and, would break the Older craftsman's carvers. but, he found he was doing better "fine Hair lines". He also said, That artist passed away that night, or, next day after their meeting. Unreal, yea.. I was going ask, how do artist "Mount Ukiyo-e " on the matting without adhesives or tapes?
  7. How did you guys read and comprehend all that in this short time?? It is amazing, that there is that much more Items that are not seen, or, maybe not known to the people, and, most importantly, the top guys in the fields. So, there is possibilities, that new, unseen, forgotten, or, even undocumented works will be discovered. Something to look forward to. " We have a collection of 5,000 tsuba" - 5000 !!! - Sheees uncomprehendable amount..
  8. Hello Gentlemen, I did get a reply from Brad the other week. Sorry I posting it so late. : To your concern with region playback…our distributor is only making DVD/BD discs formatted for US/Canada (currently). That will change but wanted you to be aware. Until discs are available in other regions, they have the option of digital rental or purchase at any of these platforms below: Amazon Prime Video: https://amzn.to/2v4Hn4x FandangoNOW: http://bit.ly/2M3HjYZ Google Play: http://bit.ly/2mZok70 iTunes: https://apple.co/2svUucM Vimeo: http://bit.ly/2OvjqLu Vudu: http://bit.ly/2v49Uaa Microsoft Movies & TV: http://bit.ly/2AsSU2v YouTube Movies: http://bit.ly/2M9YIiE Brad Bennett Forgive-Don’t Forget www.fdfmovie.com
  9. Hi, Maybe this type of Jointery.. I have no idea, just trying to help. One is friction based,/ interlocking, but, metal would not "snap in like Plastic". so, each metal fitted adjacent piece must be rolled over for "captivtation"..? The other has a cable or some sort of "spine", running thru, and/with "adjustable' tention, would dictate the movement/stiffness.? , but, attaching the legs, arms and other "protrusions".. mmm You are using the coil over wire for the legs.. same principal... coil over wire is the "skin", wire is the "spine" Please note: I do not know, I just look and tell what I know, to help.
  10. There is a new posting asking the same, in the Jizai Okimono Thread in the Japanese Arts section. Posted this You Tube video link here and there:
  11. Hi Sabius, You and John (Shogun8) are both looking for a "How it's Made" type site for Jizai okimono ( Articulated Display Objects) Dragon/snake.. I, too, was always interstd in Jizai Okimono. Found this other infomation just now: https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/9QKSX9qsa8CjJQ Reposted a photo of my "Low Level" Jizai Isi Ebi (Spiny Lobsters) , and, other Ebi Okimono. Rick, does the parts "Move"? Just wondering, as, it looks like a solid casted Lobster. The little paddles are attached with metal rings, not "Jointed". If the parts do not move, It is not considered "Jizai".. Jizai refers to parts that move/adjustable. LIke Jizai Kage = Adjustable Pot hook . No disrespect intended.. Just the "catagory " is different. If it does move.. = $$$$
  12. Hi John, I'm not sure if You Tube has your answers, but, try searching jizai okimono , myochin jizai oikmono dragon. Had several videos on articulated dragons. The Crab one is interesting.. Dragon : Snake : Crab, how it's made: Ise Ebi ( Spiny Lobster) :
  13. Good Morning from Hawaii. We just took a heavy downpour about 3:00 a.m. I got a small leak in my Chawan Room. Ahhh. lucky, water drops from the ceiling drips just pass the shelf, and, on the floor. Only had to wipe up rain water. So, on rainly days, 1) don't take your blade outside. even unnoticed droplets can cause havoc. 2) In Japan, where there there is considerable amount of rain, moisture, swords were shown to be a bit more robust. 3) In Japan, some items are not "Brought out" in rainy weather. 4) Sword Shows do display swords in other locations that have detrimental humidity . 5) In a short time, (two hours), exposed blades can develope surface rust. 6) Sweating from the sayashira can moisen the surface of a blade, if left in the sunlight, even/especially in enclosed spaces. 7) Ken-Hawaii is O.K. on the Windward side of Oahu Just added: Before, when viewing blades at the sword meetings, I wore a paper resperator type mask, so I do not expectorate on the blade when I am talking. Blades are "Failsafe" Treat you blades as if it was your child. Anything you do wrong, can, or, will have unchangeable, permanant results. Thanks guys. Alton
  14. SAMURAI SWORDS by Clive Sinclaire Page 182 I was looking at Sword books today. Watching LA Angles baserball too. Shohei Otani going bat now..
  15. Hi Charles, Sorry, I should have mentioned, in the house (Indoors) . but, good point. Had that in that other post with rain drops on the blade. Dave.. I was thinking ( well, at my level, Wondering ) the same thing Dave.. I never seen any Samurai keeping their blades dry at Sekigahara. I was going put the Tsubas back on the Blades today, to hang up. I made a Wall Rack, and, found a Waki in a bag I forgot I had. Supposed to be Koto Blade. I will post later.. Thanks guys.. Alton
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