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  1. Thank you Stefan.. I saw the other Post by Winchester ( Brian ), that had a link pointed out by ChrisW ( Chris W ), that was sorta related to the windows.. ( Madoaki - Thanks Stefan for the proper term. ). Thank You.. This thread can be closed.
  2. Hello Mark, Thanks for showing us this book. I just found / bought one in "like New" condition for 15 dollars . I did not think of a book of "commentary" for this samurai classic. Had one copy there that was in "acceptable condition " for little over 8 dollars . There is so much to learn/gain in these commentaries. On DVD Videos, THE CRITERION COLLECTION 's Seven Samurai ( and many other Kurosawa movies) has audio commentary, too... , and, are quite informative and is time well spent. Amazing details can be learned. Thanks for posting... Edited/Added on 9/10/21 - Did you know, even though Akira Kurosawa had Toshio Mifune at TOHO Studios, Akira Kurosawa never made a " Miyamoto Musashi " Movie. It was Hiroshi Inagaki that made the movie ( Trilogy ) based on Eiji Yoshikawa's novel "Musashi". Just a trivia about Kurosawa.
  3. Thank you for posting Steve. You're such a helpful guy.. Guys, I can "see" the dilemmas when looking to obtain/renewal an old blade. The risk maybe costly, rewards may be wonderful. I was thinking, it might be better to just buy a Blade that's polished, in a shirasaya and has Origaml. Since I'm here.. Polishing Trivia : I was reading "THE ART OF Japanese SWORD POLISHING" ( Taikaiwa,Yoshihara, Kapp) Chapter 4 - History of Polishing - Had this.... Blades excavated in the 6th century and 7oo's had some preserved sections that has a polish similar to the Nagura stone, which was said to often " bring out most of the details of the Hamon". Thanks for viewing.. Alton
  4. Hello forum/Guys.. 1st. - I did not want to bother any Togishi with this question, because they are busy Polishing/working , and they must have many important e-mails / messages to reply/answer. I was wondering... If there is a blade that people might want a small section polished, ( Window ) to see " what the blade has/shows " What if , or can we, ask for the Kissaski is Polished, to see the Boshi 1st? I remember Steward Ueno. said , the Boshi can be unique, showing the Swordsmith's or School's traits.. If so, isn't that want the window was trying to do? 1) I don't know if it is a "cost" factor, as, many be a window is cheaper to do? Or, any other reasons, like the finished Kissaski might get scratched if the rest of the Blade is "worked on/polished " later. 2) Another thing is, if there is a window made, and the blade is not worth polishing: Would the blade look odd with a polished section? And, would it be more acceptable and still look O.K. if just the Kissaki was polished and the rest of the Blade was not? Here's the link to the video. The whole series is time well spent. "Beauty of the Blade" - Episode 2 6:40 timeline into the Video:
  5. Hi Christian, Hello all... I watched Akira Kurasawas's Biography, and, the Seven Samurai with commentary , and, The Technical Advisor for the Seven Samurai was Muniyuki Myochin , the 51st for the Myochin Family. But, as you say, since it is a fictional.
  6. Is this a good example? Mifune with a Nanbokucho Sword with a big Tsuba?
  7. Oh, sorry.. 4:45 Timeline into the video. Mr. Shizuka Tokuyuki starts the lecture.
  8. Hello.. I am not a knowledgeable Nihonto person.. I did watch this part of a good Nihonto Lecture about what I think Rich is mentioning. Just trying to help.. 6:54 Time Line ... into the video : Added 9/2/21 : 4:45 timeline. Sorry
  9. Hello, Hi John, Thanks again. For me, this thread had many post that lead to lot of readings that seem to connect, and form part of the Nihonto world (Blade history and smiths). I enjoyed the articles. Time well spent. Also, the worn/tired low cost Swords I have must be one of the many made throughout the times. There was more Kanesada Schools/smiths, too. Hachiya Kanesada, many Seuseki and Ganmaku School students that many have been Kanesada.. I was going to try to get the blade "re polished" and into a shirasaya , but, .... I do have other blades to look up and read/learn more. This post is over.. Thanks all . Alton Added : Ohtani Hits 41st Homerun ..
  10. Hi, Is that Dave, that used to live in Honolulu? I think I met him once. He was in the JSSH Hawaii .. He had lots of good items.. Sorry for the redundancy. Was there a name? Shodai, or Nidai ? I, too, was looking, but, for Nidai. I read Nidai had two sons, too.
  11. " Life is a Fractal" - Alton When I saw "Parallel Universe ", in his post, it made me think Chris H had Star Wars in mind.. ' Some of it lives on in Hizen in a parallel universe. " - STAR WARS Episode IV : A NEW HOPE " Smashes the right tail of the distribution of geniuses , which would have turned grand-masters. " - STAR WARS Episode V : THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Suishinshi Masahida Revival - STAR WARS Episode V! : THE RETURN OF THE JEDI
  12. Hello Forum/Guys. John and Michael , again, thanks .. John, About the 1591 Yoshii Flood. I did not know the details . Thanks for the link.. The flood maps in that link, are known as Flood Inundation Maps. Your 2nd paragraph, Satsuma Grand Kei chi Sugata. Kiechi, in 1596 / deep Sori? I was searching for that part. Paragrph 3 was for this : ' Some of it lives on in Hizen in a parallel universe. ".. " As regards shinto Hizen swords, the core style of the founder of the school, Tadayoshi, was aimed at reproducing the works of the Rai school from the late kamakura and early nanbokucho period and this influenced the works of the later smiths. Swords with elegant sugata, suguba hamon and finely forged ko itame ( konuka hada as it became known ) predominate. " Enjoyable post. The attention to detail for your kind of explanation really does paint a better picture. and Thanks Michael.. You guys " Point the Way ".. I read that there was no record for the 5th to the 8th Generation . And , there was Kazu uchi mono, made/imported in the "Millions"? The hamon saved me? Alton
  13. Hello , Thank you Michael. I got Yuri's book on order / in transit. I have the Blue "Connoisseur's' Book and the Red Book ( Facts and Fundamentals). Just received both books, "THE ART OF" Polishing and Japanese Swords .. Kapp/Yoshihara versions Markus books in transit. $$$.. I got Ian B. and Clive Sinclaire books. I got a J. Yumoto book, and, it is signed. Y. Kubo / P. Martin Book (signed too ) I do read a lot, but, poor Random Access Memory.. Not to be or sound arrogant, but reading is passive memory. (No to sound negative, as, it is very important) I do notice, a lot of times, you guys explain something and I remember reading/seeing it and now it all falls into place. ( Most times...) Recognition and Recall.. Active part of Memorization? John, Thanks for the good reading /post. Lots of the asking , could be related to the things I am going through with this Kanesada Blade I have and am "Going over". It seems to be Gimei, now. At first, I thought it was a type of Sanbon-sugi, but, I read about Gunome with Togari-ba. no photos to compare mine to. then, I read about Gunome-Madare swings on Notare line and has Togari. Sugata / Sori looks to be Tensho, but, could be Tenna . Blade seems Mino, but, could be Nara mono from Osafune.. Or, Satsuma Shinto smiths started by Ujifusa of Mino. The Tograi lead me to Satsuma. If the blade is Kanesada.. Akasaka Ju Kanesada, Aizu Kanesada in Iwashita, Izumi no Kami Kanesada ( Name change from Kanemoto) None of their Mei matches the mei on the Blade I have. Thanks for viewing guys, Alton
  14. Not sure if this is your friend's post..
  15. Thanks Alex, Guys, I forgot to mention, it was mainly questions #'s 1, 2 , 5, 6 and 7. Like question #2, ' Some of it lives on in Hizen in a parallel universe. " Question #5 had, " smashes the right tail of the distribution of geniuses which would have turned grand-masters. " Question #6, Suishinshi Masahida Revival ? Search feature gave me this link: https://yakiba.com/tanto-suishinsei-masahide/ Question 7 Was it a Split the Kabuto Test? Question 8 I saw "Amadeus" .. Thanks.. Alton
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