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  1. Seems something went wrong in the registration link, this should work: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_GOJxDCjOTgyTSUPBcdZigA Jo
  2. Seems something went wrong in the registration link, this should work: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_GOJxDCjOTgyTSUPBcdZigA Jo
  3. Malcolm, I have a scroll somewhere with similar drawings but no idea about the date... I checked in a book of 1952 where the Honcho Gunkiko is printed and could not find any such drawings. I have somewhere a complete and old Honcho Gunkiko, but I can't remember where I put it.. Somewhere in a box as I live small and everything is in boxes So I can't check it to be 100% sure. I will try to ask around as several years ago, this book was used in an armour meeting here in Japan to introduce sode, so somebody may have an idea what the real origin is, before 1833/4... Jo
  4. Malcolm, Excellent find. Small correction though, the title is "shōko gaishoku ichiran". The original (as in your Waseda link) is from 1833 (very rare now as you can also see in your link to the one for sale). The reprint is from 1901. Are you sure about the link with the Honchō gunkikō? (I mean the original, not the one from H.R. Robinson) Jo p.s. The title of the ashigaru book is 雑兵物語
  5. Uwe, I'm really glad you like it. More things will normally change over the coming year or so. As you know, things take time to change here in Japan, but I'm proud with the progress we have made so far... This weekend, I will see the NKBKHK president and Takemura san to finalize the final article for the next year book, so it can go to the printer. We are already discussing with them possible articles for the Yearbook after that, as they really like what we do with this... Jo
  6. JoA

    Nishioka Fumio

    Thank you Guido. Nishioka san is an amazing armor maker, one of the very few left. I was lucky to visit his workshop multiple times. His very kind wife makes the odoshi by hand so she can exactly copy what is necessary during the restauration process. See another short article here (it has been shown here before I believe): http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2012/10/23/people/samurai-armor-restorers-chizuru-and-fumio-nishioka/#.WXCkcyN95GE and a feature (with video also) on google Arts and Culture: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/exhibit/QQLyljF9vJsuLw Jo
  7. Hi Barry (Randy, Thank you for the heads up) I work for an international company that is already active in the 3D printing industry for almost 27 year (I'm with the company for 23 years). Our HQ is in Belgium, but I'm based in Japan (where Im involved heavily in Japanese armor). We have about 140 professional printers, all kinds of printers: plastic, nylon, metal etc... The key will be indeed to scan the part as accurate as possible/needed (I will ask you in private to send me a picture so I can ask my colleagues if it is possible or not). Scanning a shiny object is also always a potential problems, but there are ways around it. There are indeed some freewares that seems to be getting very good (like the one from Autodesk), but it all depend on the details you need. In principle however I think it is possible (for your purpose), and would indeed be helpful for a lot of people who don't want (safety/restrictions etc) to send over their pieces. We are able to print big pieces (or biggest printers, developed in house, can print things that are 2.2 meters (let's say a car dashboard or bumper) in one time) so a sword would also be possible (in plastic). Resolution wise etc probably good enough for shirasaya. But as a sword is long and thin, it could start to bend if not properly stored/shipped etc... (if you want to see such a printer at work, have a look here. This documentary was shown on NHK a few weeks ago, but probably last year in the states and it is online on youtube. Have a look from minute 9:30 where you see a mummy being manipulated on the screen and then also printed on one of our machines in Belgium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUEJwKGM1DY) Concerning the possibilities of 3D printers in general. It is still a technology in full development. Many things are possible already, but the key is to aim for an application where you can use the strength of the 3D printers at this point (we make a lot of medical things, big companies like GE have invested heavily in metal 3D printing the last years so things are moving). Would I say you can print a sword on a 3D printer? At this moment there are no commercial 3D printers available (as far as I know) that could print a full sword in metal. Maybe in the future that will be possible. But then I would never print a sword, because part of the beauty of a sword is how it is (hand)made, and that is impossible to replicate with a 3D printers. But you can do many, many other cool things.... A nice example, and I think I posted it here a long time ago is how this replica was made for a museum... https://i.materialise.com/blog/3d-printing-historical-artifacts-nils-anderssen-created-a-perfect-replica-of-a-6th-century-sword/ Anyway, I will contact you Barry for a picture, and then will ask my colleagues in the US if they know somebody who could scan this in Canada or US for reasonable price and then print it. We have some printers also in the US, but it could be it works out better for you to print closer to your home, so let's see what is best for you. Sorry for the long post. Jo
  8. JoA

    Special Book Reviews

    Hi Peter Thank you for noticing my videos! I do realize there are not real reviews (as they are silent), but for most of the books I have a few words on my website, www.katchu-no-bi.com, in particular for the video you showed here: http://www.katchu-no-bi.com/2016/03/07/book-review-nihon-jodai-no-katchu-nihon-jodai-no-buki-by-masao-suenaga/ The main purpose of these video 'reviews' is twofold - I bought too many armour related books myself based on 1-2 pictures I got from the seller, and noticed when I got the book that these were not representative of the real content. In some cases, they showed the only armours in the book... So I want to give people an idea of what is in these books - As I live in Japan, I am lucky to have more access to unknown books or armour, so it is also a way of showing what else exist in the armour world... I also have a small selection on tsuba and swords, and plan to add all my books over the coming months years. I'm at about 15-20% right now. You can find an overview of the books that I have online here: http://www.katchu-no-bi.com/library-sortable/ I have also 'entry points' via author, title or topic... Anyway, thanks again for making time to have a look! Jo
  9. Hi As some of you know, I'm into armour, photography and books. So I decided, after some partially attempts earlier, to make a new website with a combination of these topics. I will post for the time being mainly video "reviews" of armour books, news on armour exhibitions and also news for the Japanese Armour Society. One main feature is a very simple database with books (and video's). Most of them will be about armour, but I have also a small set of sword and fitting related books on there. Many more books are coming in the coming months. Anyway, please have a look if you have a view minutes to spare: www.katchu-no-bi.com and a direct link to an overview of books (other overviews are also available, e.g. author, topic,...): http://www.katchu-no-bi.com/library-sortable/ Jo
  10. Hi I will throw in one copy each of our two books (armour related, so I hope I don't scare people now to join the raffle :-) ) New and shipping from Japan to the winner included. Jo
  11. Thank you for the kind words! Shipping is 20 Euro Worldwide (From Belgium). I want to add that translation is by Markus Sesko, so you are in good hands... (looking at the video gives indeed the best impression of the book I think) Jo
  12. Brian, Alton, Thank you for your kind words. Concerning Myochin Muneyuki. Ishida Kenji made a book 'in dialog' with him. Ishida san also wrote a book on Myochin. See both below. (if you click on a picture a movie should appear if all goes well ...) There were also some nice pieces in the Lundgren collection. See below I know that some of the people in the katchu section here or at Dave's place also are into jizai okimono... so maybe they will add to the discussion... Jo
  13. Hi Alton, There are two nice books on Jizai Okimono, see links and video (Click on the picture). (first one is in English and Japanese, second one only in Japanese) Link 1 to video Link 2 to video I don't know of specific websites, but with this search, you will get some more pictures https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E8%87%AA%E5%9C%A8%E7%BD%AE%E7%89%A9&es_sm=119&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=USkMVcL1JYn18QWAzoHQDw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1626&bih=826 Jo
  14. JoA

    Japanese Armour society

    Barry Thank you. You have a point. I will add that people need to PM me, i prefer not to have my mail in the open to avoid spam bots (as much as possible...) Brian. The 6,000 yen deal is for 2014 (that started in April 2014 and will end in March 2015). 3 of the four magazines have been published so far. From April 2015, the price will be again 12,000 yen for April 2015-March 2016. Gilles, thank you for the kind words! Jo
  15. Hi As I'm not a prolific poster, just a small introduction for the people who don' know me. My name is Jo Anseeuw, I live in Yokohama, Japan since 11 years. I have been lurking on the site for a while (sorry), but my main interest is Japanese armour. If my name would ring a bell, it could be because I was involved in publishing a book on Saotome kabuto (I made the pictures) and also coordinated the translation on a book on armour from Mr. Orikasa (for both, see http://www.saotomebook.com). I also have a (dormant) website were I started to put armour book reviews online as I mainly collect such books (http://www.joanseeuw.com). I do contribute on a regular base to the Nihon no Katchu Samurai Armour forum of Dave Thatcher. My sales pitch: I have been a member of the Japanese armour society in Japan for several years (and actually the only active foreigner in the Tokyo branch), and in August this year, they have asked me to become the official representative for foreigners. Normally the society membership is 12,000 yen/year plus one time 3,000 yen "start-up" fee. But for this year only (April 2014 until end of March 2015) they lowered that to 6,000 yen, without the start-up fee. (From next year (April 2015-March 2016) it will be 12,000 yen again) Members get 4 magazines/year for that amount, each around 30+ pages. To make lt easy and cheap, members pay me via PayPal and I pay via my local Japanese bank. In this short amount of time, I was able to get more then 30 new members, and the society was therefore very willing to allow two important steps forward 1. From the 3rd magazine of this year (#188), published last week, they have added translations of the abstracts of the main articles, and a table of contents in English. (Abstracts are translated by Markus Sesko) 2. They also allowed me to run a self funded translation project. People who are interested can join (this year until March 2015) for 100 Euro and will get for that money the translation of the main articles of the 4 magazines. Translations are done by Markus Sesko. He is now working on the first two magazines. People who become a member before end of March 2015 will also get the four magazines of 2014. However, the first two of 2014 are sold out already but they will get, with permission from the society, a scanned version, plus two printed magazines from 2013, and then of course the two last numbers of 2014. My mission is to find more members for the society, who hopefully want to join also the translation project. In that way I can make sure that the price goes down from next year. Then this should become a sustainable way to get armour related articles translated in English. If interested, please PM me, so I can give my PayPal address, and you can send me your address to send the magazines to. My apologies for the double message for the many armour friends here who have already become a member, but I hope I can reach also some other people who could be interested. Thank you for reading this far. Jo Edited to add a way to contact me, and to clarify a bit 'what year is what year'
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