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  1. Hello! I'm an acupuncturist and a long-time practioner of martial arts, and started collecting Longquan swords; but late last year acquired a gunto from patient who had bought it form a local WW2 vet, who'd taken it from a battlefield in Okinawa. The hamon was absolutely gorgeous, but there was no signature on the nakago. from pictures, Ray Singer believed it was a gendaito. Recently, I bought an unpapered Nobusada Wakisashi. I had no idea if I could trust the seller, but I loved the polish job on it so much, I figured what the heck. Then within days, I bought a late muromachi katana from Aoi-Japan, just because I liked the longer nagasa and deep sori. Now that I've put the horse before the carriage, I'm here to learn more. Hoping to either find or organize a group in my area (Richmond, VA), and I will be at the Chicago show later this month!
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