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  1. (Koto) Kongobyoe Wakizashi for sale. New NBTHK Hozon $3500 + shipping from NYC - please click pictures to see in full resolution Nanbokucho-Early Muromachi periods (1360-1428) 52CM Nagasa (21 inches) Brilliant hadamono jigane with abundant chikei Suguha hamon is fully present A few kizu - check pictures Chikuzen province, Kyushu Island Before this wakizashi was sent to the USA it was brought to shinsa with the NBTHK. The green kicho paper attributed the blade to Ryumon Nobuyoshi. The shinsa team attributed it to Kongobyoe, a Koto school in Kyushu, which was active from the Kamakura through the Muromachi periods. Most of their blades appear to have been created in the Nanbokucho and Early Muromachi periods. Kongobyoe swords are known for their strength and functionality as front line weapons. My favorite part of this blade is a very large chikei formation that looks like a star fish in the shape of an "X," with flowing tentacles running up toward the boshi and down the blade toward the ha machi. I'm happy to take more pictures for you if you would like or to answer any questions you may have. -Jake
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