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  1. Francois posted this link in one of your other threads. Good info on the rating system used in the Toko Taikan and other systems.
  2. That's amazing. USPS should get into design-your-own; it would probably be a money maker.
  3. I don't get it , but I don't watch demon slayer; so I presume it's a replica of a fantasy sword? It slays me, too
  4. I'd use nothing more than a dry Q-tip gently on those wet looking areas and see if it will remove whatever is giving that appearance.
  5. I like it. Looks interesting. Is there masame in the shinogi-ji ?
  6. To me there's kind of a garden vibe
  7. Went browsing and found this seller has had a few: https://www.samurai-nippon.net/SHOP/list.php?Search=tadatsuna Four of the five have horimono.
  8. Your phone takes way better photos than mine. I'll bet that blade has some heft. Any idea what it weighs?
  9. I know you'll enjoy the book, Bruce. I think it's a must-have for anyone considering the purchase of a Yasukuni blade.
  10. I've done the same, but if there's advance notice the end is near, I'll try to sell them myself. If not, I want her to sell them and spend the money on what she enjoys.
  11. MB recently listed this: https://nihontoantiques.com/project/hizen-masatsugu-daito-fss-882/
  12. Is the jiri an indication, or did he make several styles of those, too?
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