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  1. My memory has gotten so bad that I have fun finds all the time.
  2. I've heard they're the only means available right now. And the pricing makes UPS look like Usual Profiteering Scheme.
  3. 1. What interests me is a matter of perspective, and since I initially view blades as a whole (e.g. from a distance, relatively speaking) sugata comes first. I'm either attracted by the overall shape or I'm not. It's when I zoom in closer that I'm looking at hada, hataraki, utsuri, etc. 2. Everything is difficult for me. Foreign language, reading kanji, the schools, the schools within schools, the blends of schools, the history, genealogies, time periods... you name it. When I first got into nihonto, I was interested in Showa/Gendaito, because that's a time period I can relate to. Five uncles fought in WWII. I know the battles, etc.. And because much of it was recorded on film, I even know what it looked like. It's not as easy to relate when we're talking 3 or 5 or 7 times that long ago. 3. If I were to sit down with a smith, I probably wouldn't ask questions about sword making because I know I'll never have a chance to do it myself, much less make a career of it. I'd probably ask them who their hero's were. Who did they consider the best, and why.
  4. I have very few tsuba and like them all, but my favorite is this iron work by Tosho Sadayuki depicting natto in warazuto (I think). There is one very similar in the Ashmolean.
  5. Doh! I meant Peter. Can't even keep my apostles straight anymore.
  6. Here's one for you, Paul. https://www.samurai-nippon.net/SHOP/N-112.html
  7. DRDave

    I love it!

    I would not have thought it possible. Did you get a photo before you received it back or did you have to pick yourself up off the floor when you opened the box?
  8. DRDave

    Viral tsuba

    Quick, get the Clorox!
  9. Just saw this thread and was stunned. Praying for you, Ford. Please slow down and rest up! Everything will be okay. Fully understand your proclivity to work too hard. If I could do what you can do; I'd overdo it, too! Life is a marathon, you've got to pace yourself.
  10. At the top of this page under Research, click on JSL Index in the drop down, then Sword Smiths, then enter Naomasa in the search field and click apply filter. Hover over the double-alpha prefixes to see the publication name.
  11. DRDave


    I'd be thrilled with just the habaki.
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