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    I spend a lot of time playing upright bass. I like history, biography, and learning about Japanese swords.

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  1. Anybody know what happened; accident or illness?
  2. Interesting. Fred mentions ayasugi hada in Jitsu'a den blades here: https://www.nihonto.com/jitsua/
  3. JT, you might get a better response by posting the registration photo in the translation assistance section. I'm not able to do much, but the left most column appears to start with Showa 29, which would be 1954. Looks Ko-Gassan to me. The nakago is a mystery. BTW, the Curtiss designs are terrific.
  4. Congrats Adam! You must be living right. Just curious; what are your six favorite numbers from 1 to 54?
  5. I switched from at least an 8yr old (may actually be closer to 10) Sprint 3G to TMobile 5G. Wow! Photos load much quicker now.
  6. There's always some incredible firearms coming through RIA. Makes me wonder what might be changing hands privately that doesn't get listed.
  7. Don't know if this info is valuable or not, but a Nio Den with Tanobe sayagaki was just listed here: https://nihontoantiques.com/project/ko-nio-den-katana-fss-899/
  8. Terrific story, and the 1951 registration paper is fantastic! Congrats on that one!
  9. I think you're right about file size contributing to the problem. Other forums I frequent limit the file size that can be posted. I thought I'd do my part and delete my attachments that weren't needed, but I couldn't find a way to do it.
  10. It looks fine to me; however, I don't trust myself on tosugu, so I don't buy w/o papers. An since it's in Japan, why wouldn't it have papers?
  11. Yep, congrats on that one; the yasurime looks nice, signature looks nice, and the late date is great. I often wonder with dates like that what the maker was thinking. The handwriting was pretty clearly on the wall when that one was made. I suspect he might have wondered if it would be the last sword he'd ever make.
  12. Once upon a time I had a Tamba no kami Kanemichi with Type 98 mounting. I think it was about 50cm. Wish I still had it. Got a photo of it somewhere. If I ever run across it, I'll see if I can digitize it.
  13. https://www.tulsaarmsshow.com/ claims to have more tables than http://www.nationalgunday.com/
  14. Nice ones Richard. The mum petals trick my eyes. They sometimes appear convex and other times concave.
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