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  1. Yes Jacques, I know that you are a great expert, much bigger than Degore and the NBTHK combined. Your knowledge of the Japanese sword has no limits. Thank you very much for enlightening me with your immeasurable knowledge. Indeed, there are of course always exceptions, which is why most historical fields are so complex. It cannot be an exact science. That said, here we can easily see that Degore's "generalization" is not without meaning.
  2. Dear Geraint, The story is relatively simple. I bought this blade on (bad) photos with the help of a Japanese friend based in Tokyo. When I saw it I immediately thought of a pretty Soshu den of course (I love Soshu work). And the reason I took the risk of buying it on bad photos was precisely because it was mumei. So I was hoping for a good surprise, it was simply a bet. In any case, I didn't expect Oyogo Kunishige at all, even if this verdict is not so surprising since the Mizuta school strove to copy the works of the Soshu den with a somewhat different aspect of the nie. Regards,
  3. No problem Pietro. I thank you again for your opinion about the date.
  4. Ok, maybe you right. Thank you for your opinion. But to be honest with you, I don't care. The subject wasn't the authenticity and date of the certificate, and in posting this, I didn't think I would be called a liar. To be clear, I deposited the sword at the NBTHK in September 2020, and received the certificate in early March 2021. An NBTHK certificate is not issued in a week. That's all. End of the story.
  5. Is he wrong ? http://www.nihontocraft.com/japanese_sword_papers.html#japanese_sword_4
  6. You are apparently not be used to seeing NBTHK certificates. The certificate is from September 2, 2020...
  7. Hello members, Who said that it is no longer possible to find master's swords without certificate in Japan ? (The hozon has just been requested by myself.) So, I would like just to share with you this gorgeous blade. A very rare and beautiful example of the work of Mizuta Oyogo Kunishige. Regards
  8. Dear members, For sale, this fine Katana Kake dating from the end of the Edo period, decorated with a very beautiful traditional lacquer work called Maki-e (絵). The decorations take the form of a lion surrounded by peonies with leaves encrusted with mother-of-pearl, sakura flowers on the feet, and butterflies in flight on the branches and the back of the kake. A good addition for your best swords... Dimensions : 47 x 36 x 18 cm 1700 euros.
  9. Unfortunately I haven't yet found a copy of this book... And it's impossible to find the generation of this Tomoyoshi with the Kinko Meikan or the Haynes, for example.
  10. Thank you for your reply Curran. Probably not the nidai, there are too many differences in the mei.
  11. Hello members, What do you think about this tsuba signed "Ichiryu Tomoyoshi" ? Gimei or not gimei ? I don't have enough references on this artist to be categorical on the subject. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  12. Steve and Piers, thank you very much for your replies. Steve, your translation seems to be good or almost good. A little doubt on this one : 怒 I also didn't find a match with a name... Nothing in the Haynes or Kinko Meikan.
  13. Hello members, Do you have any idea about the translation of the 3 last kanji ? First ones (right side) are "Nagato", and the last one (left side) seems to be "Kore" or "Yuki". But the other two are a real problem for me. Thanks !
  14. flo06

    WTB : Maedate

    Maybe a ring if that doesn't hide the "shiwa" and "mayu".
  15. flo06

    WTB : Maedate

    Nothing for me ? Also, maybe a maedate "Kuwagata" could be suitable.
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