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  1. Thank you for your reply Curran. Probably not the nidai, there are too many differences in the mei.
  2. Hello members, What do you think about this tsuba signed "Ichiryu Tomoyoshi" ? Gimei or not gimei ? I don't have enough references on this artist to be categorical on the subject. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  3. Steve and Piers, thank you very much for your replies. Steve, your translation seems to be good or almost good. A little doubt on this one : 怒 I also didn't find a match with a name... Nothing in the Haynes or Kinko Meikan.
  4. Hello members, Do you have any idea about the translation of the 3 last kanji ? First ones (right side) are "Nagato", and the last one (left side) seems to be "Kore" or "Yuki". But the other two are a real problem for me. Thanks !
  5. flo06

    WTB : Maedate

    Maybe a ring if that doesn't hide the "shiwa" and "mayu".
  6. flo06

    WTB : Maedate

    Nothing for me ? Also, maybe a maedate "Kuwagata" could be suitable.
  7. Hello members, I'm currently looking for a maedate that would match well with my armor (see picture attached). A fairly thin and long maedate so as not to completely hide the front decorations of the kabuto. Maybe a ken, or something else in this style. Regards
  8. Jacques, your opinions are not welcome in my topics. Thank you in advance to respect that. Manuel, indeed there is a notable difference in the last kanji. This certificate really seems to be a fake. Thanks again for your help.
  9. No problem, no hard feelings. You have better eyes than me then because I can't see the hada well with these bad pictures. And personally, unlike you, I have not yet been able to see all Muramasa's of the world despite my many books on the subject (sorry for this little irony ). I posted this topic because in more than 20 years of passion for the Japanese sword I have never seen this kind of Fukunaga Suiken. I was interested to know if it was true or fake, just for my information. Thanks anyway for your reply Manuel.
  10. Manuel, with all due respect, your comment is presumptuous. These pictures don't allow for a clear judgment, too bad quality. If you refer to the hamon, know that Muramasa also did hitatsura. You should be more modest before looking at Japanese swords. And the subject is the certificate, not the sword.
  11. Thank you for your comment Jussi. I agree with you, it's very suspicious. I was surprised when I saw this curious Fukunaga Suiken on a Meibutsu, hence my question.
  12. Hello members, Do you know this type of certificate ? Fukunaga Suiken ? What do you think about it ? Fake or real ? Many thanks in advance for your replies.
  13. Hello Adam, I've already found an Ichiryu tsuba that matches well, but I'm still looking for the F/K. Could you send me a picture of your fuchi ?
  14. Hello Marco, Just a question : Why you don't buy the set of your example attached ?
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