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  1. Super work John, well done!
  2. Hi Kyle, lovely set and subject. Pm sent thanks. Best, Andy
  3. AndyJP

    New Kabuto

    Hi Mark, yes that would be interesting to see. There is a chochin kabuto on the web with a very similar shaped top to yours. Cheers, Andy
  4. AndyJP

    New Kabuto

    Hi Mark, just to my eyes it could look like a converted chochin kabuto? Cheers, Andy
  5. Ed, thanks for the link - beautiful stuff, love the Aritsune Suaka Tsuba. Cheers, Andy
  6. Hi All, I am trying to identify and then source a particular book/ publication for which I have an extract and I am hoping someone here knows of it. I have attached a couple of images of what appears to be a binder publication entitled THE KOETSU maybe from 1978 and possibly one of a series (#20 ) ? Interestingly there are page numbers in English even though the text is all in Japanese. Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and kind regards, Andy
  7. Hi Peter, PM sent. Best, Andy
  8. Now that's just mean Alex Very nice too, thanks for posting. All the best, Andy
  9. Super Jean, thanks for sharing. Forgot how much I liked the Fuchi/Kashira
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, I have a couple of kozuka in my collection already but always on the look out and just thought i'd see if someone out there might be thinking of selling a piece. Jean, I loved the ferry boat Kozuka you posted some time ago, mine is similar but without the reverse detail and unsigned. Came from a board member here. Bazza, yes a good fuchigashira would be nice Best, Andy
  11. Hi All, I'm interested in work by Hosono Masamori if any members are considering parting with any pieces. Please pm me with details. Best regards, Andy
  12. Thank you so much Morita San. The tags were attached to a 64 plate helmet and the translation for the second tag supports what it was listed as. Not sure what the #9 refers to but I will be especially careful to try to preserve the older looking paper tag which is already quite worn and delicate. Thanks again for taking the time to help. Kind regards, Andy
  13. Hi All, Can anyone help translating either of these images for me? First one on wood is hopefully nice and clear. The second is on a lot more delicate, thin paper so apologies for the quality of the image. Any ideas? Any assistance on either piece would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help here. Kind regards, Andy
  14. Thanks Tom, looks very interesting and definately worth a trip. Andy
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