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  1. Looks like it's signed Sukemune
  2. Ordered for a Sagawa Akira (佐川晃)
  3. mywei

    please kill me

    Maybe it was worn by the Japanese version of Two-Face
  4. There will be many here who are much more experienced in the nuances of what determines market price. In my understanding these would be the key variables (one may outweigh another depending on sword) Age of blade - koto>Shinto>shinshinto Popularity of school/maker (there is a heirarchy) Condition/attributes of blade - ubu, suriage, signed, nengo, cutting test, polish Papers attained (Juyo + will generally not go below a certain price as stated above) Provenance (daimyo owned etc) As to how important each variable is in relation to each other is where nuance and experience comes in
  5. mywei

    Echizen Sadamichi

    Hi Brian, The only similar smith I found that worked from Echizen was an early signature of a Shimosaka smith- Sadatsugu, but he signed with a different Sada (貞道)
  6. I'm getting Shinto Mino vibes
  7. May be an undocumented Shinto smith According to the Sesko compendium, there was a Ujisada 氏定 that worked in Settsu, Kanbun era. Maybe this one was related
  8. 攝津国源氏重 Settsu kuni Minamoto Ujishige
  9. I'm not 100% of the last three characters (mb completely wrong), but could be 塚原殿 謹作 Lord Tsukahara, made with care
  10. Yes I think shinshinto era There doesnt seem to be a documented smith with the exact "yoshi" According to this https://asahitoken.jp/contents/01_token/details/token-D/D008_sold.html - your Tsuguyoshi would most likely have been related to another Etchu Toyama Tsuguyoshi who signed with a different 'yoshi' 継義
  11. Etchu Toyama ju Minamoto Tsuguyoshi saku
  12. Sukesada The other side appears to say Sanjo Awataguchi Kagemitsu 三条粟田口景光 but I don't think there was a Kagemitsu of the Awataguchi school that I'm aware of.
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