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  1. The first one has got a mino feel to it IMO The wakizashi is interesting, signed Aizu Motooki with a cutting test.
  2. First one looks like 玉栄 - Tama'ei Not sure about second one maybe 菊陽 - Kikuyo
  3. Terrible! Was insurance taken out on the package?
  4. There were 4-5 generations of Inshu Kagenaga, but from my references they all kinda signed in a kind of large blocky character style like Jacques's example from Iida Koendo, not like this one.
  5. mei reads i think 因州住景長 Inshū ju Kagenaga
  6. Big fan of the suguha Hizen work. My first blade was a Harima Daijo Tadakuni!
  7. 寛文三年霜月十二日 山野加エ門 (Abbreviated 山野加右衛門) 弐ッ胴裁断銘 Kanbun 3, November 12th Yamano Ka'emon two body saidan mei
  8. Hōki kuni jū Maeda Yoshiteru saku 伯耆国住前田義輝作
  9. This area is called the 'Mune-saki/matsuba-saki’ iirc So you could describe it as a thick munesaki
  10. Just found this thread Great story and great result! Would love to see photos of the Masayuki when back in hand.
  11. 関住毛利圀元作 Seki ju Mōri Kunimoto saku
  12. My initial default thought was that the Ichi meant that the work is a Bizen/ Ichimonji utsushi or style work I recall several Hizen smiths (e.g Yukihiro) also inscribed Ichi as well signifying 'in the Ichimonji style' Edit:. Here's an example https://yuhindo.com/hizen-yukihiro-4/
  13. The peaks I'd describe as koshi-no-hiraita (late Bizen style)
  14. Hi Barry I'm fairly certain it's just 十二 with no second 二 Maybe it's the photos but the nakago and inscription does look remarkably fresh and well preserved almost like it was done in the last century!
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