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  1. 早乙女 法螺貝 花透し Saotome Conch shell + flower sukashi
  2. ~17th century, Shinto Need close up of mei and pictures of rest of blade for us to give opinion on legit or not
  3. Ichi - Hizen kuni Dewa (no) Kami [Yukihiro] 一肥前国出羽守[行広] Personally a fan of this side branch of the Hizen line
  4. Ah I misunderstood in my translation - Saito Makoto actually tempered the blade himself when he visited the Nihonto Tanren denshu-jo Very interesting
  5. That TokuJu Norishige on Darcy's site at the moment looks With a nice issaku koshirae too
  6. Kurihara Hikosaburo Akihide kitae kore Showa 8 (1934) October 栗原彦三郎昭秀鍛之 昭和八年十月日 tempered for Prime minister Saito Makoto 内閣総理大臣齋藤實 焠之 Looks to be a potentially historically significant blade Any more pics of blade up close?
  7. Could the second one be 侯 Edit: on second look agree with 保
  8. At this level of nihonto, you have so many amazing works to choose from. If this is your first foray into nihonto it would be wise to take a breather and look around more broadly to determine why it is you want this particular blade and not others, lest getting buyer's remorse.
  9. The internet does make the world seem much smaller...And the NMB certainly is the Nexus of the nihonto world online outside of Japan! I'm certainly no expert (far from it), but Ishido works are quite popular I think due to their style that is reminiscent of the Ichimonji schools. The proportion of shinto blades going Juyo are much smaller compared to koto. There are some resident experts on Juyo here that will be able to give you the numbers of Ishido that have passed Juyo. By the way, if the sword is still in Japan it may be worth asking Aoi to submit for NBTHK papers (I'm sure it will be fine)
  10. Looks to be authentic nihonto Signed Kanenobu 兼延
  11. It was one of the swords I recommended in another recent thread ("advice on some options please") to give you an idea of the price range of swords that was being discussed.
  12. I thought it looked like Sukeie (助家), but only reference to this smith is Iwato, so more likely Sukemune
  13. The Japanese description for both swords also has them in error both as Heian ~1180s
  14. Ah you're right Jussi - should have read the text rather than take Aoi's word. Setsumei states - Bun'ei era ~1264 It will mean that the Toshitsune will be a slightly older but essentially contemporary blade - dated Bunryaku ~1234 according to the Hon'ami Nisshu sayagaki, even though Aoi stated that it is a Heian period blade again... Certainly sugata appear of similar period https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-mumei-kobizen-toshitsune-19th-nbthk-juyo-paper/
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