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  1. Thanks for the kind words George, thank you! I should upgrade the website, and add some more tsuba, but never have enough free time I hope someday I'll do it.
  2. John The information about the swords I have: 1. Hidemitsu Osafune, Bushu province, 1388 year. 2. Yamashiro-no Daijo Fujiwara Kunitsugu, 1615-1628 3. Tsuguie, Bitchu province, 1185-1332 That is all, I even do not know who is the owner. He is very modest About the tsuba I chose for display. Very few people here know what is it, even among the Japanese culture lovers. So I triyed to show maximum diverse items, various schools, variuos technics, and most decorative. I was limited by the fact that I prefer iron with plant motif Here is the full list: If interested, here is the link to the photogallery of the exhibition's official photographer, Alexader Dvoriankin: https://realbigant.com/chronicle/sey-ryo-chistota-i-prohlada
  3. Let me boast a little bit "Nihon No Bi" is an annual exhibition in Moscow devoted first of all to Ikebana and Suibokuga arts. This year it was expanded and included other Japanese arts like kimono, temari, kamono and origami. There was a showcase with three katana as well. I had an opportunity to participate with several tsuba, so I had two small showcases.
  4. Dale, Not sure if it's powder coated, but it's definetly very modern. Your example is very similar: the color, and the surface texture. And it's made for Hiroshima Lions Club too. Mine is 30th Hiroshima Youth Kendo Tournament, yours - 22nd Another one "tsuba object" - cufflinks, found on a fleemarket in Tokyo:
  5. Hi Dale, I have a kind of commemorative medal shaped as a Yagyu tsuba. It is large - almost 9 cm: It is a commemorative for the 30th Hiroshima City's Youth Kendo Tournament. Thanks to the community I identified it - https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/6309-i-need-help-in-translation/
  6. andreYes

    Tsuba Material

    Me too I have a similar one to Rob's I thought that it's shibuichi... I have another one, that I suppose to be made of shibuichi too, and its color is very similar. I made a photo of the both. I think the goose is made of shakudo, the difference in color is obvious. So the plate is shibuichi, isn't it?
  7. The inscription is Kofu Ju Namitoshi (江府住並壽) A very simillar tsuba was on sale here: - number 9 One more very nice Namitoshi tsuba was sold by Grey Doffin: https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/tsuba-%26-kodogu/q125-signed-iron-tsuba-namitoshi
  8. Finally I managed to sign up! I just had to uncheck the automatic renewal...
  9. Thank you! Concerning Myochin, I thought about it after reading this article from Robert Haynes' and Elliott Long's website: http://www.shibuiswords.com/haynesTsu35.html
  10. Please help to identify a tsuba with gourd design. The plate is mokume ji, and the design is made with takabori and zogan. Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 0.4 cm. I've read that most of mokume ji tsuba were made by Myochin craftsmen... Does anybody seen something simillar?
  11. You are right! I didn't notice it before, but looking at the photos from the museum now, I see that many tsuba are placed the ura side out. That's strange!
  12. Thank you, Florian! Now I remember this tsuba from V&A Museum, I saw it several years ago I found the photo, I've made:
  13. Yes, the lower part is probabli tsuki-boshi (月星) - moon and star, I think... I've found an interesting explanation of the san-ko design in the description of an Richard Turner's tsuba in his old blog here
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