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  1. Finally I managed to sign up! I just had to uncheck the automatic renewal...
  2. Thank you! Concerning Myochin, I thought about it after reading this article from Robert Haynes' and Elliott Long's website: http://www.shibuiswords.com/haynesTsu35.html
  3. Please help to identify a tsuba with gourd design. The plate is mokume ji, and the design is made with takabori and zogan. Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 0.4 cm. I've read that most of mokume ji tsuba were made by Myochin craftsmen... Does anybody seen something simillar?
  4. You are right! I didn't notice it before, but looking at the photos from the museum now, I see that many tsuba are placed the ura side out. That's strange!
  5. Thank you, Florian! Now I remember this tsuba from V&A Museum, I saw it several years ago I found the photo, I've made:
  6. Yes, the lower part is probabli tsuki-boshi (月星) - moon and star, I think... I've found an interesting explanation of the san-ko design in the description of an Richard Turner's tsuba in his old blog here
  7. Arnold, thank you for your opinion! Didn't know about san-ko (三光, right?) design before, very interesting!
  8. Thank you for good ideas! Mauro, great reference piece! No information about its age? Piers, thank you for the picture, never seen a kasane style of a three star kamon! Interesting site/databese - I should study it deeply So, the description could be "suhama ni mizutama" or "kasane mitsu-boshi ni tsukiboshi". I doubt whether we'll know, what was the tsubako's thoughts The question is its age... As Patrick said, some signs indicates, that it could be a Ko-Tosho thing, but the main point is the quality of iron and patina, I suppose. Maybe someone with a good experience with an old iron could give his opinion, please? If it really possible to make any conclusions just by photo...
  9. You mean the suhama, Grev? I thought about it, but it's usually more space between the "ears of Mikey Mouse", I think
  10. Hi, Please, help me with this tosho style tsuba. Diameter is 7.6 cm, thickness - 3 mm. 1. Is it possible to tell something about its age basing on the photos? Does the shape of kozuka hitsu ana could be a sign in this case? 2. I'm not sure about motif: it could be a kukurizaru, but it seems to me that it is moon and star on the bottom, and 3 star mon on top.
  11. Here is a simple, but nice tsuba with a traditional Musashino design: moon and grass. One more reason why I like this kind of design: it could be named Sogetsu 草月 - like the name of the modern Ikebana school, that my wife belongs to The size is: 7.5 x 7.4 cm, thickness - 0.6 cm What school could it be? Akasaka? The design seems to me a little bit rough for Akasaka, the rim is squarish. Besides, does Akasaka tsubas have suhama gata kozuka ana? Any opinions about school / age will be highly appreciated
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