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  1. Hello, I am selling all my collection, keeping only one tsuba as memory. As you can see all are daito size and no hitsu ana, that was my collection theme, I also liked the modified or foreign origin modified things. I will create other thread for tosogu sale tomorrow. I also have several swords but feel concern to ship abroad as the only koshirae I sold (to usa) has been lost. vietnamese nanban tsuba, modified ana for Japanese market 78mm high 600€ lame muromachi horsebit tsuba, made from modified horsebit 93mm 1100€ katchushi 84mm and 3,5mm plate, some abrasion on two side holes, i don't know why, maybe second hand iron part?! 400€ Tokoken Yukitada 84mm 450€ Kinko, shibuichi, silver, gold 79mm 480€
  2. Chidori f/k set sold, thanks to the buyer. Both iron f/k sets sold, thanks to the buyer. fuchi 37,8x22,1x12,9mm kashira 34,8x17,4x8,5mm 320€ Menuki: Copper, shakudo, silver, gold, 35x16,5x4 mm, 150€ kinko, gold, 31x14,3x5,6mm, 130€ Copper, 38,5x15,3x5, 180€ dragon sho, kinko, gold, 37,8x15,8x5,9mm, 160€ Dragon, dai, kinko, gold, 51x14,7x5,5mm, 180€
  3. s**t,I got crows and water, but now they are on a sword...
  4. My fuchi-kashira sets. Measured outside, without the relief carving. Fuchi 37,8x20,6x8,3mm ,kashira 34,8x15,95x7,3mm ,signed ,120€ Fuchi 37,8x22,3x10,3mm kashira 35,5x17,3x9mm 180€ Fuchi 38,6x22,5x14mm kashira 34,11x16,5x9,5 120€ Fuchi 38,5x21,5x10,7mm. kashira 35,8x17,5x9,25. 280€ fuchi 37x21,8x12,75mm kashira 32,8x16,8x9,2mm 280€ Fuchi 38,5x20,5x9mm kashira 37,9x18,3x9,7mm no holes 80€
  5. The hoteil menuki are finally available. Here are some tsuba I finally decide to offer for sale, keeping only 4 in collection. Tsuba 79x76,5x5,7mm ,ana 27x7mm, 250€ kinko gourds, 79,5x73x3,5mm ,ana 27,8x8,2mm 450€ Tsuba, I think ko katsuchi, 84,5x84x3,3mm, ana 27,6x7,5mm 350€ Plain iron tsuba, 80,8x5mm ,ana 25,8x7,5mm 100€
  6. I missed a terrific bowl shaped daisho tsuba with that pattern, close to karaigi glaze.
  7. one of these is on yahoo right now, sezller has a legit nice tsuba, and this fake one in same time.
  8. Finally received my daisho set, all is quite good, the daito blade is in good condition, no blister no core visible. the shirasaya both are good, same for the koshirae, there is a seppa issue, we can see the seppa of both are not original, I will have ot replace them. Other issue are the both tsunagi, definitely not original ones I think I will make new tsunagi by myself, to get daisho perfect match, like my munehisa uchigatana set.
  9. Sold items have been shipped, I have other items to list. Last menuki set not available, these are not for sale, but those on my katana mount, my mistake...
  10. Selling some of my collection Tsuba Soten 82mm 750$ Tsuba Tokoken Kukitada 83mm 450$ Tsuba shakudo 74mm 400$ FK norimichi, (not signed but attributed) fuchi is 39x24 if I remember., 450$ Menuki hotei 350$ 50mm I have other items for sale, but I have to picture them first, most are daito fittings as I collect only daito fittings.
  11. I purchased to old polishing stones from same seller, probably 2 nagura, not sure yet, the seller sold about 15 old stones, from arato to uchigumori, all were used, some damaged, he sold a set of 3 old samekawa, sadly I missed the bid, was in the garden, and sold other sword related stuff. I saw this too, did not purchase, but interesting, the brown color and the clean section for tsuka use.
  12. I found this old samekawa. What is interesting is the inner side.
  13. I think hole has been added yes.
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