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  1. I would also recommend Joe Bott's "Sword of Japan"...very good! John Weeks
  2. How about some contact info for future meeting, etc? I live in north central PA and know there are other PA Nihontophiles that might be interested. Thanks, John
  3. I believe, according to tradition, that in oorder to demonstrate "peacefull intentions", the handles(tsukas) should be displayed on the left side.
  4. See attachment on original post. Thanks, John
  5. I have an o-tanto(sunnobi?)/ko wakizashi that is mumei and has a sanbon sugi hamon. I have been told it is Bizen and shinshinto. Anyone out there that can narrow my search down some? Sanbonsugi.bmp
  6. Ron, I've used Jaap Koppedrayer at Yumi-bows.com for refurbishing a 19th century yumi and to make a couple war arrow reproductions and he does good work. Unfortunately I can't seem to enter his site on-line? Try Krackow Co. LLC, in Pa. They have dealt with Jaap and may be able to help. Good luck, John
  7. We seem to be in about the same class of Nihontofile and since I live in North central Pa., was wondering if we could connect somehow and compare notes, etc.? I usually make it to Timonium MD. for the Antique weapons show in March. Let me know, John
  8. I also recommend J. Bott's book...I wish I had this book when I first started my Nihonto studies. Lots of terminology and useful explanations that would have saved a lot of time!
  9. I believe modern Bladesmiths refer to this process as "annealing". John
  10. O-Yumi

    Big Same

    Looks like coral to me?
  11. Does anyone else notice the "notches" filed into the nakago in the second pick under the 7and 8 inch marks on the tape? Just wondering as I have a wak with similar notches and would like to hear other's opinions on what they may be? Would a samurai put notches on his tang like you hear gunman of the old west to represent "dead men"? John
  12. More photos....blade, tsuba, etc? It would be nice to see more details of the "package"! John
  13. Ryan, do you know Dale Garbutt? He is in the Baltimore area and has lots of experience with Nihonto. John
  14. Greg, I'm back with more info for you on Nobuyoshi II.(from various sources). Hawley's #NOB 592, 60 points, worked 1673-1704, Fujishiro rated Chu-Jo Saku. Also signed "Shinano no Kami Fujiwara Nobuyoshi". Civilian name, "Takai Kinzaburo. Also worked in Osaka. Also lived for a while in Kyoto's "Aburanokoji" region(stomping grounds of the Shinsengumi)(see the movie, "When the Last Sword is Drawn") They were the military police under service of the shogunate. His father, Nobuyoshi I worked in the Mishina school style. He also worked on joint works with his brother(or other son?), "Echizen no kami Nobuyoshi". (Back in Feb. there was a wak by Nobuyoshi II "on sale" for $5500 at "Japanese swords & Asian Arts", Netherlands.) Hope this helps you out some, John
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