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  1. Hi John, Are your 2 volumes of tokubetsu juyo token nado zufu still available? Also, do these contain the fittings that passed in the same year or did they release a seperate book for fittings? Respectfully, Matt Tokubetsu Juyo Token Nado Zufu
  2. I have the Natsuo Taikan which has a complete book dedicated to Nagatsune skecthes and rubbings. Private message me if you would like something specific looked up.
  3. Rambutan grow in clusters like this, and have large leaves, but I don't think they are common to Japan... Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks BaZZa. I will remember that if I ever need a kidney...
  5. 7th page - soya beans 8th page - water hyacinth 9th page - branch of willow tree and moon 10th page - bamboo shoot 11th page - persimmon 12th page - two pinecones
  6. 1st page - water lily 2nd page - two water skippers 3rd page - a crane chick hatching from its egg 4th page - arrowroot 5th page - rindo (Japanese rendian) 6th page - an ear of wheat
  7. Ok, so these aren't the best pictures, but they will do for now... picture 5 shows a unique aspect of the book, that being the lack of a binding. The book is constructed almost like an accordion. More interior pics to follow.
  8. I have found another very exciting Natsuo piece recently... it just arrived today, so I don't have many proper pictures to share, but here's a quick sample: First picture to show scale: And 4 more from the seller: The sketchbook consists of 12 original sketches of small animals and plants by Natsuo with hakogaki by his 3rd son Akio. The book was created in 1866 and the hakogaki was done in 1920. Translation follows: Hakogaki 家父夏雄壮年作 - Made by our father Natsuo in his prime age 大正九年初冬 - Taisho 9th year (1920) early winter 加納秋雄 - Kano Akio Sketchbook 丙寅小春月 - Yang Fire Tiger Perod (Feb 15 1866 – Feb 4 1867), 10th month (Nov. 1866) 夏雄 - Natsuo I will do a follow-up post when I have proper pictures of all 12 sketches, they are fantastic. Probably my favorite is a sketch of a willow branch and crescent moon.
  9. Thank you Robert, really glad you like it. I have to say, these are both so much better in hand. You can create a shimmering affect in the water on the moon kozuka with the right lighting, which really gives it another dimension... like it has come to life. It's really hard to grasp the combination of skill and vision of Kano Natsuo, and I am hooked to say the least.
  10. .... and a newly escaped Natsuo kozuka from Japan.
  11. Here are a few more pics. One with the Natsuo in my care next to the sketch in question, one from the MET and another from Boston MFA.
  12. Hello All. Just thought I would pop this up here for discussion... Came out of hiding last year and was papered directly to Tokuho in Reiwa 1.
  13. Hi Mike, May I ask... what ever happened with this piece? Still in your care? Do you have more pics? Matt
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